Simon was currently staring at the grave of his brother Kamina and his wife Nia it has been two years since the final battle with the anti-spirals. Since then he has been keeping his infinite power in check which was hard, while he was staring at the graves he noticed something out of place he saw a girl wear a black dress with an emotionless face she walked up to him.

"Greetings are you the spiral warrior simon?" This caught simons attention is she an enemy he thought .

"Depends on why you're asking."

"I am the Infinite Dragon Ophis the reason I asked is because I would like your help."

"And what help is that?"

"I would like you to help me remove the Apocalypse Dragon from my dimensional gap." Simon looked curious.

"Who's the Apocalypse Dragon?"

"the Apocalypse Dragon is a dragon that's my equal in power he also exists in the dimensional gap."

"And why do you want me to remove him?" he asked

"So i can have my silence." Simon fell over

"Are you for real you want me to get rid of him so you can have silence." Ophis looked at him her face not making any emotion on it.

"Yes he's too noisy." He looked at her as if she was joking but he could tell she was serious.

"And why me?"

"Because your power greatly surpass both mine and the Apocalypse Dragon combined." Simon thought it over well on the one hand this seems ridiculous on the other this seems interesting

"Ok i'll help you."

"Good now come."

"Where are we going?"

"To another dimension with the rest of the team."


"Yes there are others though none of them are even close to your power we are known as the Khaos Brigade."