Simon and Ophis were currently walking through the dimensional gap.

"This place is pretty cool." He said as he looked around the infinite colors constantly shifting. Ophis looked at Simon.

"I'm surprised that you can survive in here without protection."

"Oh ya."

"The only things that can survive in here like that are me and great red. But I guess being who you are you're just too powerful to be affected." Just then something massive flew by it was crimson red. That must be Great Red Simon thought.

"Ah Ophis I see you're here?"

"Yes Baka Red." Great Red then looked at Simon.

"And who is this? He must be very powerful to be able to survive the dimensional gap."

"This is Simon the Spiral Warrior." she said.

"Oh I see the Spiral Warrior. And where are you two heading?" This has been the first time Simon has seen any sign of emotion on Ophis's face. She had a very annoyed look

"I'm heading to the other dimension. where else do you think I'm going?"

"Whatever." Great Red then flew off after a few moments of silence.

"So what do you think of him?" Ophis asked.

"Well he doesn't seem too bad you two seem more like siblings fighting then actual enemies."

"And as an opponent?"

"He's big but not the biggest I've faced he's about in between the sizes of Arc Gurren Lagann and Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann." Yep once you're big enough to throw galaxies like discs pretty much nothing else compares.

"We've reached our destination ready to meet the rest of the group?"

"I'm ready."

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