Great news, guys! I found a solution quicker than I thought I would to my little problem. I had a tablet, and I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for it, but soon realized that my hands were way to big for it. I had just figured this out, when my sister sits next to me, and says, "I'll trade you my computer for your tablet."

My mind was blown because, let's face it, I was getting the better end of the deal and I would never do that if roles were reversed. But she insisted that she didn't like laptops (I nearly died when she said that), and she said she was totally fine with that. So we traded, had a trial day and everything to see if it was what she really wanted, and BAM! New laptop. It's the same size as my other one, though hers is pink and mine was blue. I don't favor pink, I actually kind of hate pink, so...

But I've learned over the past few days that you have to be grateful for what you have, and I am, because I now have a laptop, and I can just paint over it or something anyway.

Anywho, I'm almost finished with a chapter for one of these, so...

I'll just get back to writing! Just wanted to let you guys know, and you were all super helpful. All my documents were safe and all there at Microsoft OneDrive, so I didn't lose anything! I already had Three Lonely Souls and Harry Voorhees in Google Docs, so I ended up having everything. This is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me, to be honest.


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