Don stood in the Toronto airport, flashing a grin to the camera. Now that Ridonculous Race had ended, it had become a smash hit, rivaling Total Drama in popularity. Because of this, it had been renewed for a second season; one with an extremely interesting twist that would have it become a much different series than the past one.

As the cameras began to roll, he flashed a smile at the camera and began to speak, "Greetings, Ridonculous Race fans! I'm your gorgeous host, Don, and I'm here to announce the second season to your favorite racing reality show, Ridonculous Race: Stranger Shuffle!"

"Why is it called Stranger Shuffle?" Don asked, before deadpanning, "Well, let me explain it instead of you asking me, will you? Yeah. Thanks."

He then began to explain the twist this season had to offer, "This season, contestants will not come in teams! Nor will they even know each other! No, 36 brand new contestants will all arrive, and at the beginning of each leg of the race, they will be shuffled into different teams at random! That's right! Sometimes your worst enemies will become your teammate for a leg of the race! This way, the drama will never stop!"

"So!" he grinned, "Sign up today and get ready for the race of your lives on... The Ridonculous Race: Stranger Shuffle!"

So, I've been enjoying Ridonculous Race so much that I decided to make a SYOC about it. Below are a few rules and information about this fic, before we get started:

1. The application form is on my profile. You can send it in through either review or private message.

2. You may have up to two characters. You don't HAVE to have two characters, but it would help this fic fill up faster and would give you a better chance at winning. However, if you DO send in two characters, please have them be the opposite gender from the other. Don't send in two guys or two girls. Send in a guy and a girl.

3. Your OCs do not know each other and have to have a different stereotype from each other. NONE of the characters this season know each other unlike Ridonculous Race in canon.

4. People who are active in following the fic will have their characters go further. So be sure to keep reading, especially since some questions will usually be at the end of each "episode" out of curiosity (even the chapter where the confirmed contestants are revealed)!

5. Have fun!

Once again, the application form is on my profile, as well as my two ocs for this fic which will be used as examples (they'll also compete, but will not win the competition and will probably be booted before the final 3). I can't wait to see everyone's characters!