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*Chapter 1*

The footsteps were heard in all the mansion, a quick pace. The crimson-eyed one could only sigh in desperation. It was the third time that that man had entered his office.

"Natsume, can I come in?", he asked from the other side of the door.

"Do I really need to answer?", he rolled his eyes, knowing he would enter anyways.

The man entered the room without even opening the door, just going through it, like if he was some kind of ghost. "What a way to treat your father", he complained.

"I don't even know why we have so many doors if you can do that", Natsume commented.

He sat in front of his son, this time serious. "Natsume, I came to talk about business", he started. "We used to be the biggest company 100 years ago, look at us now, we are almost in the bankrupt!"

Natsume closed his eyes when he said it. He knew it perfectly well, he knew things had changed and he also knew why.

"I'll work harder…", he said in a low voice.

"No, I've already have given you time enough and you couldn't do it. We need the humans and you know it! We need those connections and you have closed all of them in the last century!"

"I don't want to be allied to them…"

His dad sighed with worry plastered on his face. "I'll decide what you'll do from now on. Please take your things out of the office"

Natsume kept silent, looking the figure of this dad leaving the room. "Remember Natsume, we are vampires, we need those humans."

"Natsu!" , the sound of her sweet voice sounded perfectly familiar for him.

"Where are you? They can't see you here!" , Natsume said worried but smiling unconsciously.

"I missed you so much, that's all!", she grinned stepping outside of his closet, where she was hiding. "It's not fair! I wanted to scare you!"

"You can't scare a vampire", he answered with a smirk.

"I guess I can't", she said slightly disappointed but then smiled again. "But I can make you fall in love for me! I already did", she giggled.

"Who is in love with you?", he asked sarcastically.

"Hey!", she protested while frowning.

Natsume laughed a little, "I love you"

Her frown disappeared, "I love you too!"

"Natsume, wake up!", a voice said, bringing Natsume back to reality. His stupid reality, which he definitely hated.

"Nogi, why did you wake me up!?", he asked mad.

"Nogi, you say? You must be mad", the blond one smirked. "We don't even sleep"

Ruka Nogi was Natsume best friend. He was quite a popular vampire. He had won many science projects and was one of the best scientists in the underworld.

Ruka sighed with a grin. "I've come here because your father wants to meet you and right now", he announced changing the topic.

"Thanks Ruka", Natsume said making his way to his father's office.

Ruka stood in silence, his blue orbs touring the office. He sighed messing his dirty blond hair, realizing the magnitude of the problem. Natsume got fired from his father's company and now he was going to leave to that place.

"Natsume, how can I tell you what I've been hiding from you?"

"Dad, have you decided already what's going to be my duty now?", Natsume asked entering his office.

"I have, please sit down", his dad offered.

"No need", Natsume said coldly.

"Okay then, since you've closed all the connections with the human world…you are going to go and study in an ordinary human academy", his dad stated.

Natsume fell from his feet, landing painfully in the floor. "WHAT!?"

"I told you to sit down", his dad said in amusement.

"There's no way in hell I'll go there!", Natsume said frowning a lot.

His dad only rolled his eyes. "You can't disobey me. A century ago you used to go there very often. Our company was in its highest, I think you need to go back and clear your mind."

"No way, I'm not going", he said angrier, showing his fangs.

His dad laid back a little. "Natsume, there's not a choice. You are going right now, and quickly. In the human world it's almost 7 am. Your classes start in an hour so you better hurry"

"Dad, please…"

"Say no more, Natsume. I want you at home when your classes finish. If you don't I'll take the Hyuuga out of you." His dad said loud and clear.

"Are you going to disinherit me!?", he asked in disbelief with his eyes wide open.

"You left me with no choice", he said with pain in his face. "Quickly, leave. I want the review at the end of the day."

Natsume only left, walking with fast and loud steps. He was angry, no. Angry was a complement for how he actually felt. His crimson eyes looked redder than usual. If fire manipulation was given to vampires, he would have already burned the house down.

"Ruka, you knew it!?", he asked.

"Ah, Natsume…amm yes", he said surprised by his best friend sudden question. "Here's your uniform. All the enrolling papers are already done, please don't worry"

"I hate you both", he said curtly undressing to use his new uniform.

"Natsume, please understand", Ruka begged.

Natsume sighed, knowing he was being too rude to his poor friend. "I know, it's not your fault", he said taking a pair of black shoes finishing the school look. He was wearing the simple Japanese uniform with the black pants, white shirt and red tie.

"You are ready to go. Some things you'll need, you can't say you are 120 years…You'll say you have 17 years old and came from England."

"Got it, see you", he said stepping outside of the window spreading his vampire wings to leave the underworld.

Ruka run to the window to say the final and most important thing. "Natsume, nobody can know your true identity!"

"Yes, mother!", Natsume joked as he left.

Ruka silently wished good luck.

The bell rang for the first time, the students ran towards their classes. All the students but one; Natsume Hyuuga, who only stood clueless covering his ears due to the noise. He had a sharp sense of hearing after all.

He shook his head for a moment until the bell stopped ringing. Natsume started moving his feet following the direction the other students were following. He loosed his tie a little bit, he was sweating. The underworld was cooler and darker, he had forgotten about how different the human world was. So hot and bright, he felt he needed a pair of shades.

I know what you must be thinking, shouldn't a vampire die by the sunlight or shine? Well, that's part of the cinema. Those things don't really happen to actual vampires, the entertainment world really does exaggerate.

He lowered his gaze, turning to see a piece of paper his dad had given him before. "Class 2-A", he muttered for himself but a girl happened to hear him.

"Amm…excuse me, are you a new student?", she asked.

Natsume inspected the girl with his eyes. Her greenish eyes sparkled with curiosity as she tucked her dark black hair to the side. She had a nice figure, leaving nothing to the imagination with that miniskirt.

Natsume rolled his eyes. A century before, girls weren't allow to dress like that. "None of your business", he answered coldly.

The girl frown for a minute but then she blushed, "The class you are looking for is the next one after taking the stairs…I'm Sumire, by the way!", she said and entered to an office nearby.

Natsume sighed again, how many times had he sighed only this day? He really didn't want to be there. He wanted to stay away from the humans. Why his father hated him so much?

He took the stairs and just as the girl said, what was her name again? Suri? Well, it doesn't really mattered to him anyways. He entered the room without hesitating. All the class turned their heads to see the man standing on the entrance. The whispers of the already fan girls and the jealous boys didn't delay.

"You must be the new student", a blond man maybe in his late 20's spoke. He smiled sweetly towards Natsume who just shivered by such act. "I'm Narumi, your teacher. Please introduce yourself to your new classmates"

"Natsume Hyuuga", he answered curtly. A few 'kya's!' were heard in the back.

Narumi gulped, "Class representative, please make sure you give Natsume a tour through our school".

"Yes", a brunette one stood up bowing a little.

Natsume eyes opened widely, a silent gasp escaped through his lips as the brunette turned closer to him. Her voice, her skin, her cheeks, her honey eyes…it was her!

"Nozomi!", he shouted, and with a fast movement, he brought her to a hug.

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