Connor in the Past

By: Andrea

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy or Angel characters, they all belong to Joss and various others.

Summary: Connor is transported to the past.

Setting: Sunnydale, Season 3 of Buffy. Probably around the episode Earshot.

Spoilers: Pretty much all of Buffy through Season 3 and Angel up to Reign of Fire. (Note: This story does not include Reign of Fire, which means Cordy and Connor have not had sex.)

Rating: PG, I guess, nothing worse than either show.



Connor walked through the dark streets of downtown Los Angles. Life was really confusing, had been since coming to this world. As he turned down another street he began to think about the people in his life.

There was his fath-, Holtz, who had raised him. And who Connor had always looked up to, wanted to be like. His father had taught him to fight, taught him about demons and more importantly vampires, and had told him of his demon biological parents. Holtz had also given him the bloodlust for killing vampires, thinking his parents and what they took from Holtz, anger at them for causing his father pain.

But then there was Connor's real father, Angelus, or rather Angel now. The demon who killed Holtz's first family and would have killed Connor as well. Or would he? Since Connor had found his way back, he had looked for signs of Angelus in the reformed Angel, but he couldn't find them. At first he thought is was a trick like Holtz told of and when Holtz ended up dead with Justine accusing Angel, Connor believed the worst. But after spending time with the other members of Angel Investigations, Connor began to wonder. When Angel came back from the depths of the ocean and did no more than kick him out, Connor knew that Angel was not the same demon Holtz had told him about.

Connor still felt uncomfortable around Angel, it was hard to adjust to having a different father figure, especially one he had been raised to hate. Another recent issue between them rose with the arrival of Cordelia from the higher plane she had been on. Connor didn't know a lot of women. Justine and Fred were about it. And Justine had lied to him and Fred now hated him. Cordelia was nice to him before, even though he had tried to kill her and she was easy to talk too. Connor didn't want to go crawling back to the hotel, but he knew that if Cordy hadn't come along he would have, because loneliness was something even he could feel.

The thoughts continued to swirl in his head giving him a pounding headache. Cordy had introduced him to the concept of pain killers, and Connor quickly turned towards home to get the magic relief.

As he hurried home, Connor began picking up pace, pounding the pavement with his feet in time with the pounding in his head. He was moving so fast he didn't even notice the 18 wheeler honking at him, until it hit him.


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