Chapter 17


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"Well, I'm sure we'll be able to get you back. By what you have told us of your time and how you came to be here, I believe a time inconsistency spell was used. Whether or not it was meant for you or why is unclear. However, a reversal spell shouldn't be that hard to find." Giles told Connor once the Q and A session had completed.

The group of teens sat around the room, quietly talking to one another, still in shock over the revelations they had heard.

Connor nodded as Giles and Wesley moved to pick books off the shelves. He glanced around the room, then moved to sit on the stairs to the right of the large library table. Silently he watched the others, wondering what had changed them so much in the few years that lead to the future.


All heads turned to Wesley as he emerged from behind a shelf of books.

"I think I found the perfect spell. We just need a few ingredients, it's fairly simple." he said as he approached Giles.

"Sage, crystals, ash… I believe I have most of these." Giles moved to his office to rummage through drawers.


~ 2 hours later ~

"Okay, we're ready." Willow said as she lit the last candle.

Giles added the last ingredient to the spell and motioned to Connor to step into a circle painted on the floor.

As Connor moved forward the others called good-bye and safe trips. Angel remained silent, stepping in front of him instead.

"From what I hear we aren't much of a father and son, but I hope in the future we can be. Be careful." Angel added a pat on the shoulder as he moved back to his previous spot.

"Thanks…Dad." Connor moved into the circle and Giles and Willow began to chant.

Traveler of time

Return to your place

Leave here the past

And return to the future.

A bright light filled the library and when it disappeared Connor was gone and only smoke was in his place.


~ The Present ~

Connor groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. He's headache had returned and he felt exhausted. As his eyes began to adjust he risked a glance around, expecting to find the empty street he had been on before his trip to the past.

But instead he found walls. He was inside. A small crack of light streamed into the room, hitting blue curtains, a messy floor, and the dark blue comforter on the bed.

"Connor!" a voice called.

A voice he didn't recognize. The door to the room burst open and something ran at him. He tried to get away, but the movement caused new pain in his head and he was trapped as the thing landed on him.

"Connor?" A new voice asked, another figure filling the door.

"Help." Was all he could manage.

Laughter filled the room and a second figured joined the first in the doorway.

"Bailey, get off your brother."


The End.


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