Ah... well, I will get straight to the point. This story is finally, and officially DISCONTINUED.

Yeah, I know. It is disappointing. I did claim in the previous note that I would try to continue this story, by removing the Demon Zetsu Plot and fixing all the previous chapters to make it so that this plot has never existed. It was originally my plan to continue this story, but in the end, I found myself unable to do it. It was mostly because whenever I tried to think of another plot to continue the story from the point that I have left it without the Demon Zetsu Plot, my mind always automatically went back to it and it left me stuck in a loop of writer-blocks...

It is also worth mentioning that many are still not keen on me bringing another character from Naruto into Fairy Guardian FOR A SINGLE ARC (holy hell, and Zetsu is not even going to become a main character or main villain and having his own harem and all that). But yeah, it is very discouraging to be receiving dead threats and all that just because I decided to take the crossover story to a direction where Naruto is going to have to suffer a bit to become the final big bad villain that the whole world itself cannot hope to defeat in this story. I don't think it'll be worth it for me to force myself into doing everything that I can to continue this story.

This note is the last and final note for this story. It is officially discontinued and I think I should put it up for adoption, as I know many will be sad to see it end like this (I know that my sister did her own version of this story called Fairy Guardian Resurrection, but she didn't write anymore to move on with her life). Anyone who is interested in the setup I have made for this story and can write is welcomed to adopt it and continue it how you wish. I will fully support the author and back them up as much as I can!

We had a great journey together with Fairy Guardian, didn't we? It was one of my earliest stories and also one of the most viewed as well, seriously, by this time it has already had over 3million views, so it made me really sad that I had to announce its discontinuation (by myself and not my sister who did it for me this time). However, I feel that if I don't especially after I have announced its continuation a few months ago everyone will continue to have false hope of a new chapter one day, so I feel that this note is necessary.

Nonetheless, I don't know if a lot of you who still follow this story follow my other stories as well, but I have a new Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover called Uzumagi, featuring Naruto as a immortal shinobi/traveling salesman who travels around selling all kinds of magical artifacts, from the simplest to the most powerful and most dangerous with a reasonable price to anyone who wants to buy it, but with no warning or safety instructions (kinda like Lucius Needful from Rick and Morty, where I took the inspiration from to make this story). It is my new take on Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover, and I really hope that it will do just as well as Fairy Guardian. If you are interested in following a new journey, then feel free to check it out and I hope that you will show it the same supports you had for this story if you haven't already. If you don't, then oh well, we have had a great time together with Fairy Guardian, and that's enough for me already.

That will be all! I hope to see everyone who has been here from the beginning in all of my other stories as well. Once again, thanks everyone so much for the wonderful time together with Fairy Guardian. Check out my Uzumagi if you haven't. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Give me a PM if you wish to continue this story~!

Good bye!