Twilight Sparkle had a rough start today. First she wakes up to Spike moaning loudly about a stomach ache and then of a things to happen today, the Elements of Harmony were stolen! The Mane Six all gathered not too long after on request from Princes Celestia herself. As they all made their way to the throne room they couldn't help but wonder who could possibly be the culprit.

"I can't believe each and every one of them was stolen! How could this be possible?"

Twilight asked her friends. Applejack spoke up with what she thought of the situation at hand.

"It's a real mystery for sure! We've gotta find 'em, and fast."

Pinkie Pie hopped along with the group and giggled bubbly.

"Maybe it was a maniac? Or maybe it was a menace from far away, and we've got to go after them!?"

Rarity would usually grin at her friends excited antics, but this was a pressing manner.

"All Six, simply, vanishing? It doesn't sound right at all!"

Rainbow Dash floated alongside the group and spoke her mind as well.

"How'd no one see the guy who did this? I bet it was Discord!"

Fluttershy spoke softly as she glanced over to Rainbow Dash.

"I don't think so, he did say he turned over a new leaf, and hasn't done anything so far."

"I'd still go and knock him around to make sure."

Spike, still holding his stomach and wincing in pain, decided to bring up a fair point.

"Well you can't exactly do that without the Elements, can you?"

Twilight turned and sighed.

"I'm just as confused as anyone, but maybe Princess Celestia knows what's happening, she always does."

They entered the throne room where Princesses Celestia and Luna resided. There the ponies approached and respectively bow, with Pinkie waving enthusiastically. Princess Celestia smiled and stepped down from her throne, the ponies lifting themselves up and ready for to listen.

"I'm glad you're all here. As you all have realized, the Elements of Harmony have vanished. Unfortunately they've been stolen by somepony we haven't seen before."

Princess Luna followed her sister with a slight limp and picked up where she left off. She looked tired and somewhat beaten.

"A gold pony in odd clothing had done the evil deed. He escaped and made sure he left his mark. Many of our royal guards are injured as we speak, even Shining Armor."

Twilight eyes widened at that. Her brother had been harmed by this intruder, now it was personal. Luna continued with a lowered head and a sigh.

"He was powerful, even for a Earth pony. I've never seen anything move like he did. We did receive a name due to his assumed narcissistic nature of boasting in the third-person."

"Dio Brando."

Twilight had a name now, and a feature to go on. Rainbow Dash beat her to the punch by speaking first.

"So we have to look for a gold Earth pony with a large ego and a stage name? Got it!"

"Wait Rainbow Dash, we don't know where he even went."

The Princesses looked at each other with great concern and back at the ponies. Celestia took the lead.

"He left through a portal... It's unlike anything we've seen before."

Everyone followed outside to the plaza. At the center was a green and black swirling vortex that hummed quietly. It looked like it was torn into reality and twitched sporadically every few seconds.

"He leaped in here after tossing each individual Element inside before leaving. It came in bright flash of light.."

Luna looked down somewhat dejectedly.

"I was there, and could have struck him down, but I didn't want to risk destroying this hole and losing the Elements. I attacked, but he defended... Quite well. Even when I did use my magic. He was simply faster than anything I've ever seen."

Celestia turned to the Mane Six with a serious demeanor on her.

"Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, we need to get the Elements of Harmony back. Who knows what vile plans this, Dio, could be?"

The entire gang nodded with Twilight giving a salute.

"We'll get them back in record time, Princess Celestia."

The young alicorn took a deep breath and jumped in, her friends following her, and Spike holding onto her mane as they leapt. Inside seemed a chaotic storm. A mess of dark clouds and odd swirls like mixed paint coming together like mud running down a dirt road as it rains heavily. Then she felt an odd sensation in her body. Everyone who leapt in did. Twilight and Spike could hear the confused and somewhat pained moans and groans of their friends surround them in a echoing effect. The oddness and uncomfortable feeling neared that of pain. Then everything went black and quiet...


She had woken up in some alley in a strange town, feeling quite strange herself. Then she came to a horrifying discovery. She wasn't a pony, she was... Something else. Something different. She looked down and at her strange new limbs, and let out an ear piercing screech. She then covered her mouth as she noticed the strange inhabitants of this awfully deranged world. She came to a conclusion rather quickly that the portal must have changed her appearance. She tried to get up using her new fingers, and leaned on the wall using her wobbly legs to move forward. As she made it to the end of the alley she tripped and was headed to the ground, but something stopped her from making contact with the pavement.

"Whoa~ there. You alright lady?"

It was a young voice, with an odd charm to it. Rather uncanny. She looked up at the person who caught her and laid eyes on a most interesting sight. One of the non-ponies with a well structured face and simply the most unique hairstyle she had seen.

"Goodness me... Yo-your hair..."

"Huh? What about it?"

"It's enchanting!"


He went from giving her a slight cold stare to a warm and cheery smile, even giggling as he rubbed his neck.

"Well, I try to keep it prim and proper, y'know? Gotta stay fresh and stand out from the crowd."

"Oh my, with something like that you stand out like a bright star in dark sky!"

"Aw, quit it- Hey is it me is your hand glowing?"

She did notice that she was holding onto something. A dark green glasslike shard with a black swirling in motion within. Upon gazing at it she saw Princess Celestia inside of it.

"Princess Celestia!"

"Princess Whatsia?"

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash found herself flown from the weird and zany portal, hitting cold stone floor. She felt different. She didn't have wings, or hooves, none of her prized looks from what she could tell and almost went into a panic. She looked down her new body with a frightful tone. She couldn't se much but what she saw terrified her. It was one thing to be in a dark dank cell, it was another thing to have a completely different body.

"Oh no, oh no, no no no, Ohhh no! Where're my wings, where. Are. My. Wings!?"

She then smelled something bitter, smoke, and felt something watching her as she heard a voice with a deep tone behind her.

"Yare Yare Daze. First an evil spirit, then a girl comes flying from walls. What's next, a chicken on fire?"


She turned to see a someone like her. A man in the dark looking at her as he laid back, relaxed on the cell bed, and wearing a hat that seemed to merge with his hair. The blue eyes were cold and lacking in any emotion. There was something sticking from his mouth the tip was burning.

"Oi, girl. You alright? You seem out of it."

"Out of it? I'm completely, absolutely, lost at the moment! Where am I- What am I!? W-What're you?!"

"Huh? What are you, crazy? Then again, maybe I'm being crazy, must be seeing things. Probably that evil spirit."

"Evil what?"

She tries to stand on all fours but finds it difficult. Her hind legs are much longer now. The man spits out whatever was in his mouth and crushes it under his foot. He walks out in the dim light from outside the cell. He's tall, and big, and wears a trench coat that ends at the calves with a stiff collar and a gold chain attached to his left side of the collar. Two belts with a flashy design of tessellated triangles and dark navy blue pants that match with the visored cap and coat. The cap has a gold ornament and a small golden rectangular piece that's designed into a palm. He offers a hand to her as she looks up, struggling still.

"Hmph, you can't be serious. Do you need help getting up?"

"H-How're you standing like that?!"

"It's easy... You don't know how?"

"Okay, okay, I got you."

He knelt down as she grabbed his hand and almost lost her balance completely. He hoisted her up and nearly hugged her. He pushed her away slowly and held both of her hands as her legs shook like leaves. She was not used to anything like this at all. The man shrugged.

"Wow, you really don't know how to stand, that's kinda funny."

"So it's funny to make fun of someone for not knowing something?"

"Only if it's something so basic as standing and if they don't have a disability. See? You're doing fine."

She was getting used to it after awhile. She let go of him and stood on her own for a good few moments before attempting her first step, which led her to fall onto the arms of the stranger again.

"This could take awhile..."

"Yare Yare. And your hand is glowing."


She looked at her left hand notices she was holding something the entire time. The two look into a shard of the portal as Princess Celestia can be seen from inside.


"Is that a horse-"

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie finds herself thrown from above the sky and feeling very not haha funny. She lands in a dumpster and pokes her head cautiously. She looks at her new fangled body and is freaked out about it. She stumbles out of the dumpster and tries to stand up, but then she notices a scene before her. A giant of a person like her, another one but with chocolate brown skin, and two of those non-ponies one the ground groaning. The big one runs over to her. He was pretty muscly and fancy dressed. Hair jutted out like brown soft spikes and had light green eyes. He was curious, and spoke with a pretty solid voice. Not too deep but not at all light,

"Yo~! What's the problem with you? You don't look like you're around here."

"That's cause I'm not! Hey, how come you can walk and run like that?"

"Huh!? That's the stuff you learn as a baby! You don't know how to use your legs? For real?"

"Well not like you! Duh, I'm struggling here, help me out!"

"Yeesh, you're so loud, fine fine. See you have to put some weight on them than balance yourself out. Like this."

He adjusted her legs a bit with his hands than stood back up, holding her shoulders until she could stand on her own, which took a good minuet. Then she grinned brightly and began to hop around.

"Yeah! I did it, we did it, woo!"

She promptly tripped on a glass bottle of cola and fell face first on top of one of the downed folk. She got up with wobbly legs but regained her balance. The giant gave her a thumbs up as the smaller one looked at the both of them like they were loons. Then she noticed her hand was glowing.

"Huh? Oh, what's this?"

A shard of the portal was in her palm. Princess Celestia soon appeared inside. Pinkie gasped as the giant looked over her shoulders.

"Is that a horse with a rainbow mane?"

"Yeah! Princess Celestia, you don't know her since she's from a different dimension."


The boy shook his head and sighed.

"Is everyone in this town plain kooky?"


Applejack woke up in a bed to a foreign room. She felt weird, and attempted to get up but stop as she noticed her new body. She decided to rather than freak out, she would try to think about this, calmly. She glanced around the room confused, her hat on a desk nearby, and then the door opened. A person with a weird hairstyle with two buns and a pony tail of a different color came in with a surprised face on.

"Oh, you're awake at last, huh? Took you long enough."

"I... Don't know what's goin' on here."

The non-pony walks over to her and sits at the foot at the bed.

"Me and Mom and found you out on the road knocked cold about an hour ago. You seem fine and dandy now though. You were mumbling something in your sleep."

"I-I uh, I sleep talk sometimes? It's a bad habit I got, y'know?"

"I hear ya. Hey, Mom's done with making lunch, you wanna come down and have a plate?"

"Well I can't say no to a free meal! Thanks!"

She attempted to get out of bed and managed to keep her balance upon standing up. She even made a few steps before having to lean onto the desk. The host got up and was ready to aid Applejack. Applejack got her hat and put it on with a sheepish grin.

"Thanks for takin' care this! We'd better get on down there for some grub. I'm starvin'!"

"Hey, what about that weird rock on my desk? It was under that hat. We found it in your hand."

"Wait what now?"

She looked back at the desk and sure enough, there was a shard of the portal glowing. As Applejack picked it up there was Princess Celestia inside.


Fluttershy woke up to a frightful discovery. She wasn't a pony but something else. She was on some hill that lead down to a river and was right next to a town. No it was in town. She began to crawl around before she found a frog hopping along. She smiled and spoke out to it.

"Oh! Why, hello there. I'm Fluttershy. Who're you?"

To her surprise it didn't respond, rather, it kept hopping away. She followed it until she heard yelling right above the hill in a park. Two non-ponies were having a disagreement it looked like. One wielded a sharp looking shovel and pointed at the other one aggressively. The frog began hopping up the unarmed one's leg. He had golden hair with three doughnut like holes at the front and a ponytail at the back. He seemed calm, serene even. The other one had a teary eye and noticed the frog.

"What's that...? Stomp it flat!"

"Huh? When did this frog return? Hey! This has nothing to do with it. It just wants to return to me. Please don't be aggressive towards it..."

"I told you to stomp it, and I told you to give me my money! You really wanna resist? You're standing up against Leaky Eye Luka!?"

"The frog can think by itself. It has its own will. You better stop it! I can't kill a frog..."

The one with the shovel glares at the golden haired boy. Then he snaps, swinging it.


He didn't bother defending himself, and took the full force of the hit, as did the frog. However both of them were just fine. The once calm boy suddenly gave a look full of utter anger and even distain.

"But it has its own life, and is trying to protect itself... This doesn't belong to me anyways."

He held up half of an object. Half of the Element of Harmony, Kindness.

"Didn't I tell you to stop? It doesn't follow what I say..."

The one with the shovel, his head begins to cave in on itself, as if he was the one hit with the shovel instead.

"Your attack will be deflected towards yourself. So please don't make me repeat myself a third time, it's..."

He turned away from the falling man. The frog disappearing in his hand as he suddenly had a suitcase.


As he began to walk away Fluttershy was rather shocked by the display, but moreso that this one held only half of an Element of Harmony. She kept to herself and decided to try and follow him around. He stopped and looked dead at her. He began to walk over to her, much to her dismay. She was panicking, and used the hill as cover. 'Maybe he didn't actually see me?' She thought to herself. Then she looked up as a shadow came over her.

"Excuse me, but I feel like... This belongs to you."

He offered the Element of Harmony over and she attempted to work her fingers. She does a poor job of grabbing it, but still managed to do so.

"The frog... It enjoyed your company. You're a good person."


She didn't know how to respond. He stood up and began to walk away. She tried to stand up like him but fumbled and fell on her stomach. She groaned and pushed herself up, but still couldn't stand. She looked up and he was back with a hand stretched out.

"Do you need help?"

She wasn't used to ponies outside of her friends looking out for her. So it was an odd feeling for this stranger of another world to simply give attention to her. She was very cautious. This one was dangerous. But he respected life. Thoughts running through her skull for what seemed like an eternity before she took his hand. He lifted her up as she stood on her own and gained a sense of balance.

"Thank you."

"Your hand is glowing. There's life coming from it..."


She noticed she was holding something and opened her palm. A shard of the portal laid there, with Princess Celestia coming into view. The two merely stared at it in silent awe.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight woke with a slight headache. She rubbed her hands with fingers... Fingers. 'Oh boy' she thought. However she was not at a high school, but in front of a rather large mansion. She felt a hand and weight put on her side and turned. There was a boy in a purple and green clothes that looked to belong in the late 1800's if the high school history books were anything to go by.

"Whoa! Where do you think we landed this time, Twi?"


"Yeah, who else- Whoa, where's my scales?"

Twilight stood herself, having been human before, and noticed her own change in wardrobe. It was no ball room gown, but it did have a violet and pink color scheme. A star patterned long sleeved blouse with white frills around the collar and ends of the sleeves. A short dress that ends below the knees and black stockings with brown leather shoes with no laces.

"This isn't what I was wearing last time, was it?"

"I-I can't remember!"

Just then they noticed a glow inside of Twilight's fist. She opened her palm to see a shard of the portal, and a image of the Princess appearing within, concerned and confused.

"Everyone? Can you hear me?"

Twilight answered as the voices of the other Mane Six were also present with the same muffled echo effect.

"I'm here!"
"I can hear ya, Princess."
here with a guest, friends."
and accounted for!"
here and I don't want to be!"

"This good news. I can communicate with all of at once. It seems you've all been thrown into one different word, but at different times."

"Different times? That would explain the dress..."

"Upon discoveries we may be able to find the Elements of Harmony faster. I can see them from the main portal, like beacons. It looks like everyone but Twilight has them... Fluttershy, it reads you have three of them?"

"I'm sorry... It's in two pieces now. I only found it thanks to this nice stranger."
don't have my Element at hand actually-"
nowhere to be seen either. I'm trying no to look crazy here talkin' into a rock."
in a cell with some really weird mystery guy!"
with some giant two legged person with a lot of attitude!"
"I-I'm sure mine is close by as well!"

"You all have someone with you? Try holding up whatever it is you're all using to communicate with me up to them."

All the Mane Six raised the shards up. Twilight raising it to the mansion found a solid color outlining a body within. They were the same color as the Element of Harmony, Magic. Rarity raised it up to the stranger with the odd hair and found out something rather strange. Through the stone he was the same color as her Element of Harmony, Generosity. Pinkie Pie tells the man to hold still and looks at him through the shard. He was covered in color of her Element of Harmony, Laughter. Rainbow Dash sighed and did as she was told. The man was the same color as her Element of Harmony, Loyalty. Fluttershy also held up the hard at the weird boy and found him to be the color of her Element of Harmony, Kindness. Applejack did the same and looked at the girl through the rock. She was the color of her Element of Harmony, Honesty.

"Oh my... Could it be these people are the beacons I'm seeing. It's hard to tell. Please, do your best to see if you can gain their favor and aid you in finding the Elements. It's important th-"

The image faded and the voices couldn't be heard, Twilight groaned in anger, and plopped down on the dirt road to the side of the gate, hugging herself to keep warm from the snow. Spike gave a concerned look and sat next to her.

"Well, at least we know what we're doing, sorta. It could be worse!"

His eyes widened as he belched with a green flame shooting out and a note falling into Twilight's grasp.

"A royal letter? She can still send these! Good, Spike, don't you know what this means?"

"Uhm, we're still somehow connected to Equestria?"

"Exactly! All hope of communication isn't lost!"

Before she could read the letter the gates opened, and a tall well dressed and powerfully built man came out and looked down at her in surprise.

"Excuse me you two, but I must ask, what are the two of you doing out here?"

"Us!? Oh, uhm, just reading a letter we got from a friend!"

"Wouldn't it be more appropriate to do that in your home?"

Spike jumped up and gained the gentleman's attention by waving his hands.

"W-We come from a far away land, and all we had were the clothes on our backs, so uh we're homeless!"

"Is this true, young lady?"

She had to think, but she did notice Spike winked at her, and Princess Celestia did request that she stay with anyone who were like a 'beacon'. She decided to roll with it. It wasn't exactly a lie, so it had to have been harmless.

"It's true. We just arrived here, but nowhere to go, do you know any place we could stay?"

"By all means, our mansion has more than enough room for two children, what luck I happened upon you before I went on my morning walk! Ah, how uncourteous of me, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Jonathan Joestar, but you can just call me JoJo, everyone does."

Twilight got up and smiled with a hand out.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is my friend, Spike."

"Nice to meetcha!"

JoJo smiled back and shook her hand.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance! By all means, come in. Father isn't the healthiest at the moment, but he does enjoy guest."

As the trio went past the gates a blonde man of a similar build to JoJo. Golden hair with translucent alabaster skin and high quality nobleman clothing with feather cape mantle. His eyes were piercing bronze, and his smile, soothed the two. It was a living contradictory in front of them JoJo grinned and bid the man good day as he passed them. Twilight couldn't help but be suspicious of him.

"Who was that?"

"That is my adopted brother, Dio Brando. He's been here for quite sometime, and has become like a true brother to me, despite our rocky start."

Twilight and Spikes eyes widened as they heard the name. That was the one they heard stole the Elements. They said nothing but silently agreed to talk about it after being alone and notifying the Princesses immediately. Upon entering the mansion they witnessed a beautiful manor with multiple artifacts and paintings on the walls. A stone mask lay near a fireplace and next to it... The Element of Harmony, Magic. JoJo escorts them in but their eyes are glued to the Element. JoJo noticed this and motions to it.

"Ah! I see you've taken noticed to one of our more recent findings of the mysterious world we live in. Dio brought this with him when he and I were merely boys. Father and I were quite interested in it. Sometimes it will glow upon touch... Or, well my own touch."

"Wait, it glows when, you, touch it?"

"Yes, indeed! It's most fascinating."

They walk over to the wall, JoJo taking it down and showing it to Twilight, indeed the gem inside glows as he touches it. The two let out a 'whoa' in surprise.

"You seem enthused about this crown, I can't help but feel... Like it should be yours. Do you know of it at all?"

Twilight and Spike glanced at each other before nodding to JoJo.

"It's a really important artifact that was, lost, a long while ago."

"Yeah, kind of a bizarre story, really!"

JoJo's eyes widen but he offers a chair for the two at the desk right next to him and below the Stone Mask.

"Please, by all means, start from the beginning."