I love reading Fate crossovers, especially with Highschool DxD and I had this idea for a while but it would not leave me alone so I decided to write to get it out of my head. Anyway I hope you like it.

I don't own the Fate series or Highschool DxD they belong to Type-Moon and Ichiei Ishibumi repectively.

"Issei I know you're sad about what happened to your mother but try to have a good time, for Irina's sake. Remember their family's moving tomorrow," requested his father.

"I'll try dad," replied the ten-year-old Issei as he approached his friend Irina.

"Come on Issei-kun let's go!" cried Irina as 'he' rushed towards the festival stands.

Issei was going to follow 'him' when a specific stand caught the boy's attention, the 'Throne of Heroes.' Shrugging he walked over to it and was immediately greeted by an old man whom quickly offered Issei a seat. "Hello boy, what can this humble magician do for you?" greeted the man.

"I was just wondering what this stand does," replied Issei.

The man just gained a smug smile, "we make heroes boy. Would you like me to do the same to you?"

Issei's eyes widened and he nodded eagerly, he wanted to become strong and heroes were strong weren't they? He would definitely do it so that when Irina came back he would be strong enough to protect himself, he wouldn't have to rely on his friend to bail him out all the time.

"Very well then let's begin shall we?" grinned the man before he chanted something in a strange language Issei couldn't recognize and reached into his pocket to pull out several objects.

The boy looked at the old man in confusion as he held up seven cards that reminded Issei of tarot cards and placed them along the table, "there are many types of heroes in this world and I wonder which one are you hmm?"

The old man then pointed at the first card showing a Knight with what looked like a claymore drawn and ready, "first there is the Saber class, fighters whose skill with swords were so great that they rivalled even the gods!"

"So they're like noble knights protecting the innocents?" asked Issei.

The man nodded with a frown, "some are but not all. Don't forget knights aren't the only ones skilled with a sword young man, and not all knights are noble ones in fact there is one who is even called the Knight of Treachery..."

"Even if they weren't noble I'm sure they had reasons for doing what they did, knights are people too after all," argued the boy as he looked up to the old man with a determined expression, not noticing the Saber card light up slightly at his reply.

The man just raised an eyebrow at this as he replied, "Indeed they did have reasons but what is better boy? To do the wrong things for the right reasons or doing the right thing for the wrong reasons? If you truly want to be a hero then you need to learn this."

The boy just frowned as he stared at the Saber card, almost feeling his hand closing around the hilt of an imaginary sword before nodding in understanding, seeing this the old man moved on to the next card that had a man holding a long spear ready to strike. "Next we have the Lancer class, heroes that like the Saber class have mastered spears to godly levels."

An amused grin spread across his face as he leaned forward and whispered to Issei, "but just between you and me they seem to have the worst luck of the bunch."

"Who needs luck when you have skill? After all they wouldn't have been able to become heroes if something as minor as bad luck stopped them," replied Issei as he looked down on the Lancer card, the image of a blood red spear appearing in his mind as he touched it.

"Quite so," agreed his companion, snapping Issei out of his daze and drawing his attention back to the conversation, the boy once again not noticing a small light coming of the Lancer card.

The man seemed to frown slightly in confusion as he examined the two cards but the moment passed quickly and Issei was left wondering if he had imagined it as the old man moved on to the third card with a smile on his face. Looking down on the third card Issei saw it appeared to be a rider in some kind of chariot, preparing to ride after his enemies.

"Now we come to the Rider class, they are heroes who are known for their amazing mastery of mounted combat or have a mount so famous they can't be pictured without it," continued the old man.

"What does that mean?" asked Issei in confusion.

"Hmm…ah I got it! Tell me when you think of Batman what do you picture?" asked the man.

"Batman riding down the street in his Batmobile, chasing after the bad guys," replied the boy, eagerly.

"Exactly! You see Batman would be considered a Rider hero," he explained, giving Issei an approving nod.

"So I could be Batman!" shouted Issei in excitement, drawing the attention of others celebrating the festival.

"Indeed," laughed the man before fixing a stare on Issei. "However be aware that Riders are usually at a disadvantage in most fights, after all most circumstances don't let them use their mounts."

Issei just looked up at him with an eager smile as the feeling of reins appeared in his hands and he heard the booming of thunder, "the harder the fight, the greater the prize. After all that's what conquering is all about."

Like the two before it, the Rider card glowed softly at this while the man nodded as his grin grew wider and he lead Issei over to the next card. Examining it Issei saw what appeared to be a man with his bow and arrow drawn, sighting down on some imaginary enemy.

"This is the Archer class, the masters of ranged combat. Simply give them a target and they will be able to hit it even from miles away, they usually are very independent from others though," grinned the man, eager to see the response he would get.

"So they're like solitary hunters? The ultimate hunters, able to catch anything that they put their mind to. Too wild and free to be held down by others and yet…at the same time one of the loneliest heroes to exist," replied Issei sadly as images of a lone figure hunting in the woods and running in footraces faded out of his mind.

The old man nearly jumped for joy as he eyed the card beneath Issei's hand and watched as it glowed softly, the man then quickly drew the boy's attention to the next card before Issei noticed the light. The boy looked down and saw what appeared to be a cloaked old man holding a book of some kind and giving off a very wise aura.

"Next we have the Caster class, embodying the best magic users that have ever existed. They can do spells that most mages today could only dream of and then some, definitely not one to be looked down upon for its lack of physical strength," explained the man, cheerfully.

"Magic is real!" cried the boy in wonder.

His companion nodded in amusement, "that's right and speaking from personal experience it is very useful. Wouldn't you want to use it too?"

"Of course then I could do my own magic show!" as his thoughts were filled with childish wonder at the possibilities.

However, his thoughts soon turned into something…odd. He felt his body growing hot and yet it was comforting, almost like the sun. Next images of a large building, almost like a palace, filled his head and he saw a group of angry men rushing towards him before the images shattered and were replaced by an ornate mirror hovering in front of him.

"OI BOY!" shouted a male voice snapping Issei back to the present as the man watched him with an intrigued expression.

"Sorry I zoned out for a second," apologized the boy.

His companion just waved him off and pointed to the next card, causing Issei to freeze as he followed the man's gaze and examined the card. Issei frowned as he saw the picture of what could only be described as a monstrosity or mad beast on the card.

"W-what is that?" he asked, fearfully.

"Now, now, don't be so quick to judge," berated the old man with a smile. "This is the Berserker class, heroes that have gone mad with grief, rage or bloodlust. They are one of the strongest but at the cost of their sanity."

"Heroes that have lost their loved ones? I know how that feels," replied Issei as he stared at the card with sympathy.

"So you can understand why they did what they did?" questioned the man in surprise.

The boy just nodded with a weary look in his eyes that didn't belong on a child's face, "yeah, honestly I probably would have done the same."

The boy's eyes widened however as he saw the card glow and a stone axe-sword seemed to appear in his hand before fading away. Alarmed Issei quickly looked up at the old man who just smiled and continued on to the final card which showed a man with a skull mask performing a midair back flip.

"And finally we come to the last one, the Assassin class. Now I know what you are thinking, 'how could an assassin ever be a hero?' Well have you ever seen the Ninja Turtles? They are assassins and yet people still consider them to be heroes," he quickly explained, seeing Issei's horrified expression.

Issei was silent as he just picked up the card and stared at it, clearly conflicted about the choice until finally he placed it down on the table and looked up at the man with a serious expression that completely contrasted his childish face.

"No one respects life more than someone who has to take it away, if I had to do it I would never enjoy it but at least I could make it painless," he decided as the card gave off a soft glow and as Issei looked back at the old man his eyes widened. For just an instant he could have sworn he saw a giant ornate guillotine behind the old man, blinking Issei frowned and the image faded away as he let go of the assassin card.

The man just laughed before he picked up all seven cards and examined them with growing excitement, "incredible in all the worlds I've been to no one has been compatible with more than one let alone all seven, not even your counterpart's boy."

"Huh?" came Issei's reply to this apparently madman's ravings.

The man just smiled as he handed the seven cards to Issei, whom nearly dropped them as all seven began glowing at his touch. "Alright boy listen carefully, these cards will help you become strong enough to be a hero, now you just need to pick one. So which will it be, what kind of hero do you want to become?" he asked, eagerly.

Issei just looked at the seven cards and frowned as he examined them, the two of them were silent for a solid ten minutes until the boy looked up at the man, "so these cards will help me become stronger?"

Seeing the man nod Issei continued, "And I can pick any one of them? And you'll give me the one I pick?"

"That's right," replied the man, looking even more curious then before.

Issei just put all seven cards on the table and stared at his companion with a determined expression, "then I pick all of them!" he announced.

The man's face became a textbook expression of shock before he suddenly burst out laughing, "Well aren't you the greedy one. I can't believe it, a child managing to shock me! Me! The master of Kaleidoscope! Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg!"

The newly named Zelretch finally stopped laughing as he handed the cards back to Issei, "looks like I've found a new world to be my playground after all, congratulations Issei Hyoudou come and claim your prizes."

Issei grinned happily as he examined the cards and ran off to show his friend Irina, Zelretch smiled as he watched him go, "I have high hopes for you Issei Hyoudou, and I can't wait to see how you evolve this time around."

As Issei dragged his friend Irina back to the stand to show 'him' the old man they were both shocked to see nothing there, no Zelretch, no festival stand, nothing but an empty space. "Issei-kun it's not nice to tease people," pouted Irina as they walked off.

For his part Issei just looked down at the cards in his hands, trying to piece together what had just happened. Eventually shrugging he placed them in his pocket, not noticing them beginning to glow briefly as seven ghostly figures appeared above him before disappearing.

Issei sighed as he found himself in the same place as usual and climbed up off the stone ground before taking note of his surroundings. The area looked like the Roman Colosseum with an arena floor as well as bleachers reaching up into the sky, where the Emperor's throne sat was a massive red dragon statue, cradling the throne protectively. Issei stood on the ground floor in the arena area, sighing as he saw the seven sealed doorways leading out of the arena. Each of the doorways had a different symbol above it showing one of the Class Cards he had received all those years ago.

"Man I really hate this place," sighed Issei as he once again found himself trapped on the arena floor like usual. "Zelretch you bastard these cards are useless! They've done nothing but trap me in my dreams since I got the damn things!"

As soon as he finished his rant Issei had to duck as a piece of the stands above broke off and nearly hit him in the head, "you were responsible for that weren't you Zelretch! Come out! I know you can hear me you bastard!"

There was only silence in reply, causing Issei to growl in frustration before laying back down on the floor as he closed his eyes and waited for the dream to end. 'I will get stronger, with or without his help, even if I'm dealt the worst luck in the world, I'll definitely get stronger,' he thought determined as the dream began to end.

However right before he left Issei could have sworn he heard the sound of something cracking and crumbling near one of the sealed doorways.

Opening his eyes Issei found himself once again in the comfort of his room and yawned as he did his daily stretches. Unfortunately as he did so Issei failed to keep track of the time and when his alarm rang again the teen froze as he stared at the clock before getting changed and bolting from his room and out the door.

"Issei where are you going? What about breakfast?" his dad called from inside.

"Sorry dad there should be some leftovers from last night you can heat up," replied Issei before he slammed the door behind him and rushed towards school.

Looking at his watch Issei began picking up the pace, "oh man I'm going to be late."

Memories of the Student Council President's last punishment for being late filled his mind, making Issei reach speeds that would make even the Flash himself impressed as he desperately tried to beat the clock. Finally, Issei allowed himself to feel some form of relief as he saw Kuoh Academy appear in the distance, bringing tears of happiness to his eyes. Cheering with joy Issei made it into the school grounds just as the bell rang making Sona Shitori sigh as she ticked me off the list.

"You're cutting it a bit close Hyoudou-san. In the future I would recommend you keep a better track of the time," she commented, glaring at him.

"R-right I'll get right on that Kaichou," assured Issei as a chill ran down his spine.

Dismissing him with a wave Issei ran towards his first class, desperate to get there on time and not get himself further in the Student Council's bad books. He was in such a rush that the teen didn't notice the person in front of him until it was too late and the two of them collided into each other. Groaning Issei got up from the ground and froze as he saw whom he had knocked over.

Yuuto Kiba otherwise known as the Prince of Kuoh Academy rubbed the back of his head as the school mascot Koneko Toujou helped him up from the ground. "Good morning Hyoudou-san, I hope you're not injured," greeted Kiba.

Before Issei could reply he was immediately tackled by the horde of Kiba fangirls, "Issei Hyoudou how dare you hurt our Prince!"

Seeing this Kiba just sighed before he and Koneko turned and left, trying to ignore the cries of pain coming from Issei as the fangirls continued their beating. "Kiba-kun," said Koneko, breaking the silence.

"What is it Koneko-chan?" asked Kiba as he turned to face her.

"Hyoudou-senpai has a large number of different scents coming from him but the strongest is of a dragon," stated the girl, causing her companion to stumble.

"Could he have a Sacred Gear?" he replied with a frown.

"Possible," replied Koneko.

Kiba sighed before heading to the clubroom, "We'd better tell Buchou about this."

Issei sighed as he rubbed his recent wounds from the fangirl beating and headed home as the last bell of the day mercifully rung, "um excuse me are you Issei Hyoudou?" asked a female voice.

Spinning around he saw a female teen in a uniform he didn't recognize standing shyly in front of school gate, "that depends why are you looking for him?" he replied, cautiously.

God knows he'd had enough with the girls here beating him up for 'touching their Prince' and he was in no mood for the beatings to continue. "Well my name is Yuuma and I was wondering if you're seeing anyone right now?" she asked, hopefully.

"No not right now…why?" frowned Issei.

"I was hoping we could go on a date," she replied, cheerfully.

Issei's brain literally came to a crashing halt at this, a girl who he has never met before asking him out on a date. If he were part of those 'Perverted Duo' he would have leapt at the opportunity to go on a date with a woman like that. Don't get him wrong, he loved Oppai as much as the next guy but it was tempered by common sense, something that is apparently sorely lacking in those two perverts.

As it was this was definitely odd and a little suspicious but his mother did always tell him to give people a chance, besides what's the worst that could happen? Giving her a smile he nodded, "sure why not, is Sunday at the shopping district any good for you?"

"Yes I'll see you there!" she shouted, happily before running off.

"Well maybe my abysmal luck is finally about to change," grinned Issei happily, not noticing the watchful eyes of Koneko as the girl emerged from her hiding place with a frown.

All in all the date was going rather well; it had started off a bit weird with some cosplayer giving him a flyer which he then placed in his cardholder but after that, everything seemed to be going great, in fact Issei couldn't remember the last time he'd had this much fun.

"Hey Issei-kun, could you do me a favor?" said Yuuma as the two stopped by the park water fountain.

"Sure Yuuma-chan what is it?" he asked, although an uneasy feeling began spreading throughout his body.

"Could you please die for me?" she replied with a sickeningly sweet smile as black crow like wings appeared on her back.

Issei's eyes widened and he immediately dodged to the side as his instincts screamed at him to move, only to cry out in shock as a light spear hit the spot he had been standing previously. Issei quickly backed up and glanced at the spot had a just vacated and blanched as he saw a smoking creator remaining.

"Yuuma what the hell are you doing?" he shouted, fearfully.

"I'm sorry Issei but you're a threat to us and need to be eliminated. If you want something to blame then blame your own terrible luck for having being born with that Sacred Gear inside you," replied Yuuma uncaringly as she readied another light spear.

Issei once again dived to the side as the light spear was sent over his head and stripped the nearby plants of their leaves. 'Why? Why do always get the worst luck? Damn it! Damn it!' he thought angrily as Yuuma began laughing at his pathetic attempts to survive. Who needs luck when you have skill? For the briefest moment, Issei froze as he heard his own ten year old's voice echo across his head.

"That's right I forgot didn't I?" he murmured before stopping and turning to face Yuuma with a determined expression.

"My own terrible luck huh? Well a true hero doesn't need luck, a true hero is strong enough to overcome it or they wouldn't be heroes to begin with!" grinned Issei as he reached into his belt cardholder and pulled out the Lancer card, which for the first time in years began glowing.

Looking back up at Yuuma, Issei's grin widened as he held the glowing card out before him while his opponent frowned and sent another light spear at him. Just as the light spear was about to hit, Yuuma heard Issei's voice, "INCLUDE LANCER!"

Immediately afterwards there was a flash of light that obscured everything from view as Yuuma shielded her eyes from the blast. As she opened them the Fallen Angel was shocked and slightly worried as she saw Issei standing there with a predatory grin on his face and a red spear in one hand that was radiating bloodlust.

"You know I should thank you Yuuma, if you hadn't attacked me then I might not have figured out how to use these cards," he said with his grin still present.

"Don't get cocky you lowly human!" snarled Yuuma as she summoned another spear in her hand and threw it at the teen.

Issei merely sighed before deflecting the light spear with his red lance, causing it to explode behind him and as he began calmly walking towards her. "Tell me Yuuma, how many people have you conned with this little scheme of yours hmm? How many people have you killed?" growled the teen as he approached.

"Shut up! They're just worthless humans. Nothing but cockroaches beneath my feet," she growled as she continued raining spears down on him.

Issei just dodged and deflected each one, his eyes never leaving hers as he advanced, "I see then it's safe to assume that you'll continue doing this to others?"

"Of course, you humans are all insects anyway. What does it matter if I kill a few?" she scoffed, causing Issei's eyes to narrow.

"You…you're rotten to the core aren't you? Looks like I have no choice," he sighed before rushing towards her with a speed that rivalled most Devil Knights.

Yuuma was only able to see a blur of movement before he appeared beside her and sent a roundhouse kick to her head, sending her slamming against a wall. The Fallen Angel quickly recovered from her surprise and summoned her light spear just in time to block Issei's red lance, only to see her spear get shattered by the lance that then created a long bloody cut along her arm. Issei then followed up his attack with the blunt end of his lance, hitting Yuuma in the stomach and sending her crashing into the ground a few feet from him.

"Sorry to tell you Yuuma-chan but my lance is much too fierce to be stopped but those pitiful excuses you call spears," informed Issei with a grin.

"You…bastard!" panted Yuuma as she pushed herself up from the ground and glared at her supposedly weak opponent. "Don't…think that…just because…you've unlocked your…Sacred Gear…means…you've won."

Issei looked unimpressed by her boasting, "I'm done holding back Yuuma, and you better start fighting seriously or…"

He suddenly appeared in front her with his lance aimed at her head, "I'll kill you."

Yuuma only just dodged the blow as cut strands of her hair floated to the ground and she was again thrown backwards by a kick to the gut. Finally having enough of this beat down Yuuma snarled before she leapt into the air and begin flying high above him, summoning another spear.

"You see this is the difference between us human! That spear of yours can't do anything to me now can it! Now be a dear and stand still so I can kill you already!" gloated Yuuma.

Issei just laughed, "I suppose now is as good a time as any to use it."

He then grasped the red lance with both hands before getting into an odd stance, Yuuma watched on unimpressed until the bloodlust from the lance skyrocketed as its head began to glow with a red light. The Fallen Angel just prepared to throw her spear but it was too late as Issei looked up at her with a satisfied expression that rapidly turned to surprise as he dodged another barrage of light spears.

"Raynare what the hell is going on?! How hard is it to kill a simple human!" shouted a male voice.

"Shut it Dohnaseek! There's something weird with this kid!" she replied, angrily.

"Well hurry up! We need to kill him before the Devils realize what's going on!" replied a fedora wearing man with black wings and summoning a spear in each hand.

"Fine then get down there and help me you battle maniac!" snarled Raynare as she began pelting Issei with spears.

Dohnaseek just watched appraisingly as Issei deflected and dodged Raynare's spears before an excited smile crossed his face as he leapt towards the human. Sensing him coming the teen brought the lance up to block the downward strokes from Dohnaseek's spears before pushing the male Fallen Angel back with a kick to the stomach.

Not giving the Fallen Angel time to recover Issei sent a rapid number of jabs at his opponent's chest only to see Dohnaseek dodge the strikes before using his feet to sweep kick Issei and knock the human off balance. The teen's enhanced reaction times were the only things that saved him from the Fallen Angel nearly braining him with his two light spears.

Quickly regaining his footing Issei backed up to get some distance and time to think but instead was forced to deflect a barrage of light spears from Raynare, which Dohnaseek then used to once again close the distance between two of them. Again Issei was forced onto the defensive as the more experienced male counterpart pressed his advantage while Raynare continued taking pot shots at the teen.

Dodging another of Raynare's spears Issei grinned as he saw it accidently hit her teammate and immediately used the opening to inflict a deep stab wound in the Fallen Angel's side. Dohnaseek cried out in pain before he retaliated by cutting at Issei's legs in an attempt to cripple him. Thankfully, both attacks were blocked by Issei's lance but it costed him a spear to the shoulder courtesy of Raynare who was still flying above the two fighters.

"Well it would seem you are the better fighter of the two," commented Issei as he ducked under Dohnaseek's spears again before thrusting with his own.

"Trust me kid you haven't seen anything yet," replied the Fallen Angel as he deflected the red lance, cracking his first spear in the process and used his second spear to make a shallow cut along Issei's shoulder.

Grunting in surprise more than pain Issei brought his lance down on cracked spear and shattered it as the blood red lance inflicted a similar cut along the Fallen Angel's side. Dohnaseek's eyes widened as he saw his cracked spear shatter but before Issei could take advantage of the sudden opening he was forced to bring his lance up to deflect another spear from Raynare.

Using this distraction Dohnaseek quickly flew upwards to get some distance between the two of them and summoned a replacement spear. Issei just watched the two Fallen Angels hovering above him with a calculating expression as he weighed the chances of fighting the two of them at once. He could feel his body beginning to tire from the constant abuse it was taking and knew that he couldn't afford for this fight to go on much longer. Thankfully, he still had his ace up his sleeve but if he tried to use it on one of them, it would leave him exhausted and easy prey for the other.

Issei's inner debate was cut short as Dohnaseek swooped down upon him with his two spears, causing Issei to growl as his arms struggled to hold back the Fallen Angel's strength. Before Issei could return the attack however, Dohnaseek flew back into the air before beginning another swooping attack and sending Issei flying into the air from the impact.

Seeing his opponent's helpless position Dohnaseek quickly swooped towards the human like a raptor as he readied his spears for the killing blow. Realizing this Issei stabbed his lance into the ground, halting his flight before twisting in midair and using his momentum to remove his weapon from the ground and swing the lance like a bat at the Fallen Angel. Unable to turn or stop in time Dohnaseek's eyes widened and he brought his two spears up to block the incoming blow as his momentum literally carried him towards the lance.

The two light spears briefly held back the red lance before they both shattered and Dohnaseek cried out in pain as the lance inflicted another narrow cut along his chest and sent him crashing into the ground. Seeing an opening Issei jumped towards the downed Fallen Angel with his lance thrusting towards Dohnaseek's heart. However seeing this and realizing that he didn't have time to summon his light spears to block the Fallen Angel reached up and grabbed the shaft of Issei's lance just as it was about to pierce his heart.

The lance hovered there just above Dohnaseek's chest as the two of them attempted to overpower the other, one attempting to push it away while the other tried to impale his opponent. Eventually the deadlock was broken as Issei heard Raynare approaching from behind and yanked his lance backwards, carrying Dohnaseek along with him as the Fallen Angel failed to anticipate the sudden change in their tug of war.

The male Fallen Angel was once again sent flying and crashed into Raynare which sent the two of them tumbling to the ground, only for them both to roll to either side as they dodged Issei's red lance stabbing where they had been laying seconds earlier. The two Fallen Angels quickly took to the sky as they began to reappraise Issei who was meeting their gaze, a bloodthirsty grin on his face as he picked up Dohnaseek's fedora that had fallen to the ground and placed it on his head.

"What is up with this kid?" muttered Dohnaseek as he tried to ignore the pain from the numerous wounds and summoned his spears.

"I don't know he wasn't anything like this before he summoned that Sacred Gear," replied Raynare, equally wary of the boy.

"Is that even a Sacred Gear? I don't recognize it, do you?" he asked with a frown.

Raynare shook her head, "no I don't but it has to be a Sacred Gear, what else could it be?"

"I don't know but I keep getting the feeling that he's holding back against us, like he could end this in a single attack if he wanted to," answered Dohnaseek with a concerned frown.

"Don't be ridiculous Dohnaseek he's just a human he doesn't stand a chance against the two of us," scoffed Raynare.

Dohnaseek remained silent as he just stared at Issei's lance and frowned as his battle hardened instincts kept screaming at him to run from that demonic spear. The reports had said that the boy had a draconic Sacred Gear not a demonic one and while it was possible for the reports to get it wrong, Dohnaseek couldn't escape the feeling that this wasn't the case.

"Oi are you two done yet? I thought you were supposed to be on a limited time frame?" commented the smug human.

"You smug little shit! I'm going take great pleasure in killing you," snarled Raynare.

Dohnaseek just gritted his teeth as he realized the kid was right, they couldn't afford for the Devils of this city to catch them here. Sighing he and Raynare nodded to each other before the both split up and each began throwing spears from different angles.

"Damn it!" growled Issei as the sheer volume of spears being thrown began to overwhelm him, cuts and scratches beginning to appear along his body.

Finally there was a lull in the spear barrage as both Fallen Angels stopped to recover their energy and stared down in shock at Issei who was panting heavily but still alive and kicking. Sighing as he realized that he would need to use his ace, Issei grasped his lance in two hands and got into his stance, focusing on the more experienced Dohnaseek.

Instantly the bloodlust around them increased tenfold as the tip of Issei's lance began to glow a blood red, begging to be unleashed upon his enemies. Not removing his gaze from Dohnaseek's eyes Issei thrust his lance forward as he activated the Noble Phantasm, making recognition and fear appear in the eyes of the two Fallen Angels.

"GAE BOLG!" called Issei as his lance turned into a red beam that began heading straight towards Dohnaseek.

The Fallen Angel quickly dived behind the stone fountain only for the red beam to live up to its name and change direction at an impossible angle before piecing his heart. The name had been called and so the reversal of the nature of causality activated. Instead of the heart being pierced by the thrust of the lance it became; the heart has been pierced so the lance must have been thrust. Meaning that the spear cannot be thrust without the heart first being pierced as Dohnaseek had just found out.

Raynare just watched as the lance pierced her companion's heart before he coughed up blood and collapsed to the ground, the expression of shock still on his face. Gae Bolg then transformed back into a red beam before returning to Issei's hand and turning back into a lance as the teen grinned up at her.

"Impossible! Only Cú Chulainn himself can use that weapon! Don't tell me you're one of his descendants! I didn't think he had any left!" exclaimed the shocked Raynare.

"Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. The question now is shall we continue this or do you want to call it here?" bluffed Issei with a confident grin as he tried to hide his exhaustion.

Raynare pondered for a minute as she looked between Issei and her dead companion, eyes widening as Issei's image was briefly replaced by a blue clad man eyeing her with an eager smile, before she turned began flying away as fast as possible to get out of the Gae Bolg's range. After she left Issei collapsed to the ground in exhaustion and he began panting heavily as Gae Bolg glowed before turning back into the Lancer card.

"See I knew you could do it," cheered a male voice from a nearby park bench.

It was a good thing that Gae Bolg had already vanished as he probably would have stabbed the bastard right then and there.

The Occult Research Clubroom was quiet as they all prepared for the summoning that didn't happen, as the silence continued until Kiba was the first to speak up, "Buchou I don't think it's happening."

"Damn it he was supposed to summon me so why didn't he!?" cried a distraught Rias.

"Buchou what's done is done and we can't change that, we just need to deal with it," replied Akeno.

Rias sighed but nodded, "inform Sona about what happened and to make the proper arrangements. Also let her know that I'm done letting these Fallen Angels think they've outsmarted us, from now on if we see them then attack on sight. They will pay dearly for this."

"Understood shall I send out the familiars to search for them?" asked her Queen.

"No that will just alert them that we are aware of their presence, for now stick to your normal activities but if you see one of them, eliminate them," she ordered, making Akeno grin eagerly.

"Ara, Ara, I really hope I see one, I could do with a stress reliever after the death of one of dear little kohai," she muttered as lightning crackled around her fingertips.

Koneko just nodded silently in agreement while Kiba had an angered expression on his face as he summoned one of his swords, imagining it cutting off the crow wings of those murderers. The group shared a moment of silence for the departed student before Kiba eventually spoke up.

"I feel sorry for Issei's father, to lose both his wife and now his son. That must be devastating," he mused.

Rias was silent as she stared down at the table before she sighed and stood up, "I'm going to go inform his father about what happened."

"Buchou are you sure that's a good idea? With those Fallen Angels still around who knows what they're planning next," argued Kiba in concern.

"It's my fault this happened Yuuto, if I had just asked if he would be a member of my peerage none of this would have happened. I need to be the one that informs his father," explained Rias as she headed for the door.

"Then let one of us accompany you, as your Knight I heavily advise against this," he replied, getting nods from the others.

"I appreciate the concern but this is something I must do alone if I want to learn from it. Let me know if anything comes up, I have some bad news to deliver," sighed the president as she closed the door and left the building.

"Where the hell have you been?!" shouted Issei while Zelretch just sat back in his park chair and relaxed.

"I've been to many places boy. Although the exact number not even I know anymore but my last count was around 7 billion," replied the magician with a grin as he got up and gestured for Issei to follow.

"That's not what I meant and you know it! Now where are we going?" sighed the teen, walking after him.

"Why my house of course! Even someone like you should be able to figure that out, after all you want to get those wounds treated don't you?" replied Zelretch happily.

"I swear to God, Zelretch I will stab you with Gae Bolg," growled Issei as his left eye began twitching.

"We're here!" cheered the magician, ignoring him completely.

Looking up Issei's eye began twitching again as he turned back to his companion, "Zelretch this is a maid café."

"So it is," replied Zelretch before walking inside.

Issei briefly debated leaving and forgetting about the crazy old man but the pain of his wounds forced him to follow with a sigh. Upon entering the café Issei immediately fell as the floor beneath him faded away and he was sent tumbling down some sort of slide built into the floor. Suddenly he saw light growing larger and prayed that he was in for a soft landing, he shouldn't have bothered.

"So did you enjoy the ride?" asked an amused Zelretch while Issei slowly picked himself up off the floor and resisted the urge to summon Gae Bolg.

Glaring at the magician Issei hissed as he felt his wounds begin closing up while Zelretch attended to them with some form of healing magic, "that was a good start boy I'm very impressed, taking on two Fallen Angels without any practice using the cards and only in the Include state," congratulated Zelretch.

"Fallen Angels? What are you talking about?" replied Issei.

"Oh you know the stories, angels that sinned and were cast out of heaven for their crimes," answered the magician with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Enough about that tell me how did it feel using the cards for the first time?"

Issei frowned at the sudden change of topic but decided to humor the old man as he brought out the Lancer card from the cardholder. "It felt good…I've never felt that kind of power before but at the same time it felt like I wasn't in full control of my body. Like I was a puppet dancing to some else's strings."

"That feeling will pass in time as you become more in tune with the card's Heroic Spirit," assured Zelretch.

"Heroic Spirit?" repeated Issei in confusion.

"Indeed they are the souls of some of the most heroic and infamous figures in human history who upon their deaths ascended into the Throne of Heroes, complete with the power of their legends that usually manifest as what we call Noble Phantasms," explained the magician with a surprisingly serious expression.

"Like Gae Bolg?" guessed the teen.

Zelretch nodded before continuing, "yes Gae Bolg the legendary spear of the demigod Cú Chulainn is a good example of one. But remember not all are as obvious and easy to use as that one."

"That 'Fallen Angel' I was fighting talked about Cú Chulainn like he was still alive so how can he be in the Throne of Heroes?" argued Issei.

"Ah that's actually rather simple, you see all the Heroic spirits used in your cards are actually from another world," he replied, happily causing Issei's eye to twitch once more as he explained the Holy Grail war and 2nd true magic called Kaleidoscope.

"Let me just see if I got this right, you and these cards are from an alternate reality where the souls of dead heroes and villains fight for the chance to win this 'Holy Grail,' and that you came here by using an incredible type of 'true' magic called Kaleidoscope that lets you travel to different worlds?" he stated as he began rubbing his temples.

"Different times and versions of that war but yes that is the general idea, glad you understand it," commented the magician, ignoring the death stare that Issei sent his way. "Now then, time to check to see if the cards are working properly, boy I need you to use the Lancer card."

Issei debated disobeying just to spite him but as usual his common sense quickly made him throw that option out the window and the teen sighed before he grasped the glowing card, "Include Lancer."

Sure enough the card's glow intensified before it morphed into the recognizable shape of Gae Bolg, resting comfortably in the teen's grasp. Zelretch just walked over to examine the spear before he muttered more words in a language Issei didn't understand and nodded, apparently satisfied with his recent test.

Seeing this Issei dismissed Gae Bolg, which then transformed back into the card that he then put back in the holder. As he looked at the other six in the holder Issei's curiosity began to grow at what other Noble Phantasms each contained.

"It won't work," informed Zelretch, guessing his thoughts.

"What do you mean?" replied the teen as he put the other six cards back into the holder.

"Each of those cards require you to be in tune so to speak with the Heroic Spirit it contains in order to be used, so far you only have a high enough connection to the Lancer class. The others might as well be tarot cards for all the good they'd do in combat," informed the magician.

Issei just sighed, "So how do I increase this 'connection' to the cards?"

"They'll naturally increase over time and with training, but the process can be sped up in different circumstances depending on the Heroic Spirit itself," elaborated the magician.

"What do you mean?" the teen asked with a frown.

"If you find yourself in a similar situation that the Heroic Spirit faced then it will likely improve your connection to that card," explained Zelretch.

"And how am I supposed to do that? The chances of that happening is slim to nil," complain Issei.

The magician nodded happily, "exactly which is why we will be focusing on training instead."

"Training? Where am I supposed to do training?" he grumbled.

Zelretch merely smiled while gesturing to the area they were in and Issei blinked as he saw an entire underground cavern beneath the café, "how the hell did you make all this? Scratch that, how did the real owners of this place not notice it?"

"Magic," replied Zelretch with his annoying grin that once again caused Issei's eye to twitch uncontrollably.

Taking a deep breath the teen tried to put away his frustration for the trolling magician aside and smiled as he imagined chasing the old man around with Gae Bolg. "So how do these cards work? You said they contain Heroic Spirits, does that mean that anyone could use them?" he asked, worried.

Zelretch just shook his head, "no the Heroic Spirits may reside in the cards but they are bonded to your soul now Issei. You're connected to each of them in ways that even I struggle to comprehend."

"So could I use their abilities without the cards?" Issei replied, eagerly.

The magician just gave him a deadly serious look, "in theory yes. But in doing so you will likely suffer irreparable physical and mental changes. These cards act as catalyst for you so you can easily activate the Servant's power but they are also your protection, preventing your mind from being consumed by theirs."

"Even with the cards, using Install still has major side effects," muttered the magician quietly.

"Install?" repeated Issei.

"Something you're nowhere near ready for yet boy, stick to Include for now," ordered Zelretch, sternly and getting a nod of understanding in response.

"Good now that we got that straightened out, are there any more questions before I send you back home?" asked the magician.

"Yeah if Cú Chulainn is in the Lancer card then who are the other six?" questioned Issei, only to groan as he saw a smug smile spread across Zelretch's face.

"Now why would I tell you that? It wouldn't be nearly as entertaining for me if I did that now would it?" laughed the magician.

"Fine then at least explain to me who the hell was attacking me earlier and why! You can do that much can't you?" growled Issei, his short patience long since expired.

"Fair enough," conceded the magician as a smile spread across his face. "Now listen up, you're about to hear a story courtesy of good old uncle Zelretch himself."

"Oh goodie," deadpanned Issei.

Ignoring his unenthusiastic listener Zelretch continued, "you see it all started with the three Biblical factions…"

Issei frowned as he made his way back home and sighed as he thought about how badly the day had gone, 'first time I get a girlfriend and she tries to kill me...damn Lancer luck. Still who would have thought that Angels and Devils exist and that God is dead.'

The teen was quite shocked when Zelretch had revealed that little tidbit of information but just used it as a reminder that no one was invincible and that he shouldn't get cocky with his power. 'Raynare said she was after me for my Sacred Gear, did she just mistake the Class Cards for one?' he pondered as the teen approached his house.

"Man dad's going to be mad at how late out I was," he muttered with a sigh before opening the door to a sight he never thought he'd ever see.

There sitting in the middle of the room was his father, who was happily drinking a beer while sitting across from him was one of the three 'Great Ojou-samas' of Kuoh Academy, Rias Gremory. Upon hearing the door open they both turned to see him walk in, his father smiling as he greeted his son while Rias just stared at him in complete shock.

"Issei come have a seat and join us, Gremory-chan apparently has something incredibly important to tell us," invited Mr. Hyoudou.

"Oh does she now?" replied Issei as he gave her a suspicious glare that caused Rias to squirm slightly before sitting down next to his father, keeping one hand around the Lancer card should he need it. "Well Gremory-san, we're waiting."

Rias just nodded before staring at him, "Hyoudou-san did anything strange happen today?"

"You mean aside from finding you in my house? No," he lied, making Rias flush in embarrassment.

"So you didn't notice any strange people around or odd events throughout the day?" she continued.

A smug smile appeared across his face as Issei decided to channel a bit of Zelretch, "well there was this one person who seemed really odd."

Rias smiled happily as she continued the interrogation, "good Hyoudou-san now I need you to describe her."

Issei nodded, "okay first it was a woman, seemed about high school age or maybe older by a couple of years."

"That matches what we have so far, now did she have black hair and was she wearing a school uniform of some kind?" she replied with a frown.

"Well she did have a school uniform on but I'm afraid that the woman didn't have black hair," he answered.

Rias seemed slightly shocked at his response but the look disappeared quickly as she collected herself, "I see, Hyoudou-san could you please describe this woman to me."

Issei's grin just widened, "okay she had a buxom figure, blue-green eyes and bright crimson hair. In fact if you want I could give you her name right now?"

Rias' eyes just narrowed as she glared at him, "Issei Hyoudou this is serious and I don't appreciate these jokes."

"Issei she came all the way here by herself the least we can do is take her seriously," scolded his father.

The teen just sighed as he nodded, "sorry Gremory-san I've just had a very trying day today."

"Your date didn't go so well?" guessed his father, causing Rias' eyes to widen in recognition.

"That's one way to put it," laughed Issei.

"Issei Hyoudou does the name Yuuma Amano mean anything to you?" questioned Rias with a suspicious gaze.

'Interesting, so she does know about Raynare. Now the question becomes, how does she know about her? As good as the Occult Research Club is I doubt they were able immediately identify her as part of the supernatural,' he thought.

"Hey Issei wasn't Yuuma-chan the name of that girl you were dating?" questioned his now drunk father.

His son just sighed as he realized that he couldn't deny that now and nodded, drawing a triumphant smile from Rias. "Yeah I know her why do you ask?" he replied.

Instead of responding Rias just turned to look at his father, "Mr. Hyoudou you're looking really tired I think you should go to bed now."

Issei watched as his father's eyes glazed over slight before he shook his head and turned to his son, "Issei I'm going to go to bed remember to lock up before you go to sleep."

The teen nodded and watched as his father left the room before turning to glare at Rias as he pulled the Lancer card out of the cardholder, "you have ten seconds to explain what you just did before I stab you in the heart."

"I never picked you to be the violent type Hyoudou-san," frowned Rias.

"Only when my family is involved Gremory-san, I already lost my mother and I'm not losing him as well," growled Issei.

"I understand believe me I feel the same about my peerage and I swear to you on the name of Gremory that I only used a bit of hypnosis so we could talk nothing more," promised Rias and after looking her in the eyes, Issei was surprised to find he believed her.

"You mentioned a peerage, that must mean you are a Devil," commented the teen.

"You know about us?" questioned Rias in surprise.

"The Fallen Angels mentioned you briefly during our fight," lied Issei, remembering to keep Zelretch a secret.

"You fought off multiple Fallen Angels by yourself! Your Sacred Gear must be incredible," exclaimed the Devil.

"I didn't do that well in fact I nearly died and was covered in wounds after the fight," replied the teen, rubbing the back of his head with a smile on his face.

"Hyoudou-san most humans wouldn't be able to stand up to a single Fallen Angel let alone fight off multiple," lectured Rias, excitedly.

"Just call me Issei, I prefer it," he said as he smiled at Rias before offering a hand.

Seeing this the Devil just flushed and shook his hand with her own smile, "then please call me Rias."

Issei just frowned in concern before he placed a hand on her forehead and causing her face to become the same shade as her hair, "hmm…you don't seem to have a temperature but then again you are a Devil so who knows what's normal for you."

"I-I'm fine," she stuttered before regaining her composure. "Issei your Sacred Gear, could you show it to me?"

Issei frowned as he debated the pros and cons of each choice, after all he could easily say that Gae Bolg was his Sacred Gear but there was a chance she would recognize the spear. 'Still those Fallen Angels didn't recognize it until I said its name, maybe this world's Gae Bolg looks different? I suppose now is as good a time to check as any,' he thought, before sighing as he held up the glowing card.

"Include Lancer," he whispered and the card transformed into Gae Bolg causing Rias' excitement to grow as she examined the spear.

"Can I hold it?" she requested, cautiously.

He just nodded before handing the spear over to her and the Devil stared at it with a confused expression, "is something wrong?" he asked.

"No it just isn't what I expected you to have; I can't detect any sigh of a dragon residing in the spear, in fact I don't recognize this Sacred Gear at all," she replied with a frown.

Issei quickly filled this information away before speaking up, "is that really such a big surprise? I'm sure you haven't memorized every Sacred Gear in existence."

Rias nodded before handing Gae Bolg back to him, "true but that spear doesn't feel like a Sacred Gear but something else entirely. Can you tell me what its name is?"

He grinned having already thought up a name, "It's called Akashi," he lied.

"Red Death? How unimaginative and yet from the bloodlust it gives off, surprisingly appropriate," frowned Rias. "Still I can't remember ever hearing about this Sacred Gear before."

"Maybe I'm the first wielder to ever wake it up?" he suggested, remembering how Zelretch explained these Sacred Gears to him.

"I suppose that is possible but still with how long Sacred Gears have been in existence I find it hard to believe that this one has never been activated until now," responded Rias with a thoughtful expression.

"In the words of a great detective; 'when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,'" quoted Issei with a smile.

A similar smile spread across Rias' face, "why of course it's elementary my dear Watson."

"Oh please if anything I'm Sherlock and your Watson," he scoffed with fake indignation.

The two just glared at each other before Rias starting giggling, "I can't remember the last time I spoke to someone like this."

"Why? You some important person among the Devil's or something?" asked Issei, eagerly pouncing on this new information.

"It doesn't matter, tell me Issei what do you know about peerages?" replied Rias quickly.

Issei's eyes narrowed at the obvious and sudden change of topics before he shrugged, "only the very basics. A Devil revives another as one of their own but in return they become that Devil's slave, so before you ask no I will not join your peerage Rias."

"While I'll admit that some of my kind are questionable masters I assure you that we of the Gremory clan are nothing of the sort, we treat our peerage members like they were family," she argued, trying to convince him.

"Be that as it may I'm still going to have to refuse you Rias, I like being human and I'm not ever going to give up my freedom if I can help it," he replied, sternly.

The red headed Devil just looked down at the desk with a depressed expression on her face before she sighed, "I see, that's a shame I would have liked having someone like you in my peerage."

"I'm sure you'll find a better fighter then me willing to join your peerage Rias," encouraged Issei as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

Rias just looked up him with a sad smile, "I don't want you for your combat skills Issei. I want you for your nature. Did you know you are one of the first people to causally call me by my name like this in years? Even with my own peerage, it's always Buchou to them."

Issei looked at her in surprise while Rias' eyes widened as she realized what she had just said and immediately stood up before heading to the door, only to be stopped by Issei grasping her shoulder.

Spinning around she saw him giving her another warm smile that made her face heat up, "Rias just because I won't join your peerage doesn't we can't be friends. In fact why don't I join the ORC? I was always fascinated by the supernatural."

A happy smile spread across her face as she replied, "Issei Hyoudou, I, Rias Gremory, accept you into the Occult Research Club. I'll send someone to collect you after class tomorrow so be ready ok?"

"Looking forward to it Rias," he waved to her and watched as she seemed to almost skip away from his house before shutting the door behind.

"Occult Research Club huh? Looks like tomorrow's going to be an interesting day," he mused and headed up to bed, letting his exhausted body finally get the rest it deserved.

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