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Boy Genius

Steve and Natasha have done a lot of missions together lately, they worked great as a team.

The two were exhausted as they returned from their latest mission and both tiredly slumped down on to the seats that were positioned in front of Director Fury's desk.

"You two comfortable?" Fury asked them after a moment of silence, a slight smirk on his face.

They didn't reply to the man.

"Well enjoy it while you can because you have another mission that starts later on tonight." He told the two as he chucked them a file each.

"Excuse me? Ano- You want us to go tonight?" Steve stumbled over his words a frown upon his features, "Wouldn't it be best to send someone in a better state? We are still recovering from the last mission, sending someone who is more ready for a mission would create better chance of success, am I right?" He continued, looking at Natasha for back up.

Natasha was simply reading through the file, after all her training and experience with S.H.I.E.L.D she was used to doing a whole lot of missions one after another. "We'll do it." Natasha said as she placed the folder back down, finishing her reading.

"I believe you two are best for the job, Rogers." Fury replied to Steve.

Steve's frown deepened and he reached over for the file so he could read it.

"You want to send us back in time? Is that even possible?" Steve asked looking up from the file with raised eyebrows.

Fury ignored the question and went on to explain the situation, "Hydra has a bright idea to send one of their men back in time to Tony Stark's time of weakness. To when he was an eight year old, at that age Tony is still freakishly smart. They want to kidnap him, take him to this time and make him create weapons for them. They are planning on manipulating the fact that he is a child and that he can't fight back and defend himself the same way as Stark can now."

"Tony's not going to be happy about this." Steve mentioned.

"Stark's not gonna find out about it!" Fury replied with sass.

"We want to send you two back in time to protect young Stark from Hydra. You too will go undercover as workers in the Stark Mansion and watch over the boy. Stop the man from Hydra, bring him back so we can lock him up or kill him I don't care as long as they don't get a hold of Tony." He told them, standing up.

"Any questions?" Fury then questioned the two.

Steve shook his head slightly and Natasha just stared with a blank face.

"Good. I'll will be seeing you in the labs at no later than 5." Fury said as he exited the room.

At 4:50, Steve and Natasha found themselves in S.H.I.E.L.D's main science lab. In front of them was large Metal cylinder with a glass door, inside just looked like an empty white room. The two needed to go under disguise, especially Steve as he had known Howard.

Natasha simply wore professional clothes a nanny would wear, a dress shirt and knee length skirt. Her beautiful, red curls were still in place.

Steve went through a whole transformation. They dyed his hair brown and gave him glasses. The shield scientist had also created a substance that could make someone instantly grow a beard, they decided they would put it on Steve. (A/N: Imagine Chris Evans' beard.)

"This is the machine that will take you back in time." Fury informed them gesturing to the massive cylinder. "And this" He held up an old looking watch, "Will return to this present time once the mission is finished."

Fury then pressed a button and the machine started to make a humming sound.

"So are you all clear with what you need to do on this mission?" Fury questioned as one of the lab's scientists opened the glass door.

Steve nodded hesitantly.

"We are ready to start the mission sir." Natasha told the director confidently.

Fury nodded and gestured for the two to enter the machine. Once they were in, the shield scientist closed the door.

"You will need to approach Howard Stark about the both of you working in his mansion, he will probably interview you or more like interrogate you so be prepared." Fury spoke over the glass door and humming sound.

"Are you ready to start your mission?" he then asked, his hand hovering over a red button placed on the side.

Natasha nodded instantly, Steve opened his mouth for a question but before he could get the words out Fury had pressed the button.

The humming got louder and their vision was invaded with white light which somehow seemed to fill their minds with blank whiteness for a split second. As the humming slowed down, the whiteness slowly but surely faded into a scene of a large expensive looking mansion. It was surrounded by a sea of fresh green grass and blossoming gardens. A hired gardener clipped away at a hedge while over to the side you could see an elderly women remove a clean white blanket from a long clothes line.

Steve and Natasha took a moment to take in how big the house was and to figure out where to begin. Natasha was the first to get back into action on the mission, she simply started walking towards the front of the house.

"Natasha wait!" Steve chased after her, "We need a plan!"

"I have a plan." Natasha replied as she knocked on the smooth wood of the front door. "To get hired as Stark's nanny." She continued turning to face Steve with a smug look on her face.

The door opened and an elderly man smiled at them, "hello, welcome to the Stark mansion. I'm Jarvis the family butler, what can I do for you today?"

Natasha flashed Jarvis a bright smile, "Hi! I'm Natalie Rushman and this is my brother Sam Rushman, we are here to see Mr Howard Stark." She said politely and in a voice slightly higher than her normal one.

Steve just sent the man a nod and small smile.

Jarvis gave them a confused, calculating look and smiled back awkwardly. "I'm sorry, we weren't expecting any guest today." He told them nicely.

Yelling from inside the house suddenly came into hearing reach as people came closer to where the three at the door stood. Jarvis looked behind him and then back with a sigh as a door slamming shut was heard. Suddenly a pretty women came into sight from behind Jarvis, She had neat brown curls and her light caramel eyes were watering with tears. She saw Steve and Natasha at the door and sent them a big grin, it almost looked sarcastic due to the fact she was also crying. The smile seemed practised, probably from a long time faking it for the media. Natasha knew all about a fake smile.

"Jarvis." The women spoke as she straightened out her beautiful black dress in front of her, "Why don't you let our guest in?" She suggested as she sent the two at the door another smile, this one was smaller.

"Certainly, Mrs Stark." Jarvis replied, taking a large step back and pulling the door more open as he gave them access.

"Oh how many times shall I say it, Jarvis? Please, call me Maria." Maria told the butler before she disappeared up the long stair case of the house.

It was silent a bit before Jarvis spoke up again, "Shall I take you to Mr Stark?" He asked.

They nodded.

The butler led them down the hall to large door with a sign labelling the room as Howard Stark's office. He knocked twice and opened the door slightly, only to peek inside.

"What is it Jarvis? I'm busy." A man's voice came from inside the room.

Steve stiffened at the familiarity of it and Natasha glanced over at him, sending him a small reassuring nod.

"Sir, there is some people here to talk to you." Jarvis told Howard softly.

"What? I don't remember having any appointments today?"

"I know sir, Maria insisted I let them in."

There was a long sigh, "Let them in." Howard finally ended up saying.

Jarvis turned back to them, smiled and then opened the door wider for them to enter.

While entering Natasha sent Howard a big smile and Steve nodded at him in acknowledgement as he pushed his glasses up higher self-consciously. They took a seat in front of the man's desk (which was larger than Fury's!) and both shook the older Stark's hand.

"Hello I'm Natalie Rushman and this is my brother Sam Rushman." Natasha informed him, the man just nodded not even looking up at them from his work

"So what can I do for you two today?" Howard asked as he looked through some papers that were on his desk.

"We will like to work for you here in the mansion." Steve told the man as he sat awkwardly in his chair.

Howard looked up and raised an eyebrow, "Really? And what would you do?"

"I am a highly trained nanny and would be more than happy to take care for your son, Anthony. Sam here is a brilliant handy man and is very strong, great at lifting heavy weight. We will be honoured to work with you Mr Stark, we only want to work for the best." Natasha told the man with a professional smile.

Howard stared at them in silence, looking them over. "Well." He started, sitting up higher. "We don't actually have a nanny, Jarvis takes great care of my son and I am a genius, I can do my own handy work. Although! I am a busy man and sometimes Jarvis is too busy doing other things around the house to look after my son, also I like your confidence to just show up without even making an appointment." Howard added before sitting back and returning to his pile of papers. "Leave your contact details with Jarvis I'll let you know if-" his sentence was interrupted by his office door bursting open.

"Dad! Dad look! I came first in the class in the science test! Look!" A small Tony rushed into the room a large smile on his face and his eyes glistening with happiness.

Howard let out a sigh of annoyance. "Tony!" He raised his voice in anger, "What have I told you about entering my office?! Jarvis!"

Jarvis was in the room in an instant, lifting the suddenly scared, small boy into his arms. "I'm sorry sir, I was in the kitchen I couldn't keep my eye on him."

"That's alright just take him to his room, and no more lifting him after this, he's a big boy."

Jarvis simply nodded and carried the boy out, whispering to him words of comfort.

Howard sighed again, "Sorry about that." He then looked up at them.

"You're hired."

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