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"Daddy's home" I holler out as I walk through the front door of our penthouse overlooking Central Park.

I hear little feet pounding my way and I turn just in time to be tackled to the ground by my 5 year old twins. I hug and kiss them both and stand up just as Ana runs around the corner and jumps into my arms and wraps her legs around me.

"I missed you so much" She smooches all over my face which makes me laugh.

"Come on, Pheebs. They're kissing. Again!" Teddy huffs and takes his sisters hands and leads her away towards the kitchen. As soon as our kids are out of sight I roughly push her against the wall and really kiss her. I push my tongue into her mouth and she hungrily sucks on it.

"Call my sister...tell her to come get the kids and take them to her place for the night" I pant and then take her lips again. My erection is now painfully pushing against the fabric of my pants.

"I've already called her. She will be here in an hour" She tells me and then goes back to kissing every single inch of my face.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight, you'll be walking bow legged for the rest of this week!"

"I look forward to it" She purrs and then bites my lip. Hard.

I put her down and re adjust myself in my pants and then we walk into the family room. I make a beeline for the baby bouncer and I reach out and pull my 4 month old daughter into my arms.

"And how is my, Princessa? God, I've missed you." I kiss her little chubby cheek and then pull my other two children into my embrace and then motion for my wife to sit beside me. We have a group hug and I kiss each one of them on the forehead. I would and have killed for my family. Nobody will ever mess with my wife or my children. I would be like this, even if I wasn't the head of the biggest crime family in the USA. I have always been a domineering person but when Ana came into my life and then gave me my children, I went off the charts with my protection efforts.

Before I met my Anastasia, I was a party mad playboy.

I had unlimited amounts of money, pussy on tap and a great group of friends who I had grown up with. My mother and my father were trying to put pressure on my to pick a wife but I was twenty one years old and had no interest in being tied to one pussy for the rest of my life.

That all changed one Fall night when I had to go to my sisters college campus.


"I want you both to go down to your sisters school. Find out everything about this Clarkson boy and If you find out hes so much as placed one finger on your sister, kill him. Understood?" My father Carrick growls at the both of us.

"Yes, Sir" We both respond and then leave the room after being dismissed.

"Mia is a smart girl, Elliott. She has only been at college for two months. She would not have spread her legs for this guy and I've looked at his background check. He seems like a nerd" I try to reason with my older brother because he is checking the bullets in his gun and if I don't calm him down now, he may just kill someone.

"This little prick is eighteen years old, Christian. Remember what we were like at that age? Christ, I was fucking a different girl every week and you were experimenting with that kinky shit. Speaking of Kinky shit, What happened to that girl you were fucking this morning?"

"I sent her home. She was a good fuck but she couldn't suck water through a straw. And I love a good blow job" I smirk and he laughs.

We head outside and our driver opens the back door of our custom ordered Maybach and we head off towards NYU.

My sister Mia wanted to study at Harvard or Yale but my father refused to let her go to school outside of the city. Mia is the princess of our family and between my father, Elliott and myself, shes spoiled. Don't get me wrong, shes not naive and shes not stupid shes just precious to all of us so we tend to be very very protective of her. The whole family, including all the men that work for us have a soft spot for Mia Luciano-Grey. It does not surprise me one bit that my father is sending Elliott and me to her school instead of one of the men. Nothing like two big brothers to put the fear of god into this little prick who my father is certain has fucked her. I know better, because I know Mia. It may be the 21st century but in our family, in our world, being a virgin bride is a must. And Mia holds this dear to her. Shes never had a boyfriend and I know that the real reason my father is sending us down is not because he doesn't trust Mia, its because he doesn't trust anybody else and sending in his two towering 6'3 sons will do what he wants. Send a message. Mia Luciano-Grey is off limits.

Unfortunately my parents don't think I am off limits. My Mother has been trying to set me up with daughters of her friends for the last year but I'm not interested. Well, I did fuck a couple of them but I don't want to be tied down by one woman. What Hell that would be? I scoff at the thought. And hearts and flowers and all that crap? No thank you.

The only reason my parents are pressuring me is because I am the second in command in the family behind my father. Even though Elliott is the oldest, I was hand picked by my Late grandfather when I was 14 to follow in his footsteps. Thankfully, Elliott didn't mind. He prefers the handle our business on the ground. Hes the scariest motherfucker in New York when he wants to be and his temper is legendary. I've watched him pull his gun and shoot men straight between the eyes over a game of poker. I on the other hand can keep a cool head and I prefer to get into my enemies heads before I kill them. Like last month, a member of a rival family tried to order a hit on my right hand man, Jason Taylor. Before we killed him, we dragged him off the street and then made him watch as we burned his house and his business to the ground. Then we took him to Long Island and I reeled off his wife's name and his kids in order of birth. Just before we put a bullet in him, I told him I would be paying his wife and kids a visit next. The terror in his eyes was clear to see and that was his last emotion on this earth.

I wont follow through on my threat about his wife and kids. In fact we reached out to her and told her to take her kids and go far far away. She was just a normal woman who married that piece of shit. Besides, killing women and kids is not our style. We may be the Mob but we do have morals. We are more into drugs than anything else. I Know most of our rivals are into human trafficking and prostitution but that's just not us. We have built our empire on respect and fear. Its simple really. If you are found on our patch, trying to mess with our business or our family, you die. It's that simple.

When we pull up outside NYU I pull out my phone and track where Mia is. All members of our family have a tracking chip implanted in our arms for security reasons so its easy to find out where she is.

"She's in the Library" I tell my brother and we head off in that direction.

Mia is the only one of us three kids who has attended college. Elliott and I were thrown in the deep end as soon as we graduated High School.

When we get to the library we stay out of sight for a couple of minutes to check out the situation.

I see Mia sat around a big table with five other people. A blond chick. A blond dude. A Hispanic looking guy. A nerdy looking guy who I know is, Clarkson and sat with her back to me is a brunette girl.

My cock stirs in my pants. I do like a nice brunette. They're my preferred fuck mate. Glad I came now.

I wink at Elliott when i see he has his eyes on the blond girl. We walk towards their table and when Mia looks up, she rolls her eyes and puts her pencil down.

We must look pretty intimidating because the blond guy and the Hispanic guy look scared. Elliott and I almost look like twins apart from our hair and eye color. We are the same height and the same build and today we are both wearing matching suits with our family crest stitched into the cuffs.

The brunette must want to see why her companions are looking behind her so she turns on her chair and when her gaze meets mine, my heart actually skips a beat and I stop walking.

Shes beautiful. Her eyes are the most brilliant blue I have ever seen. Her hair falls almost to her waist from what I can see and she has the most perfect body. Perky tits. Slim waist and pale, flawless skin.

Mine. Shes mine.

She starts blushing when she sees me blatantly checking her out. I walk over to her and sit down right next to her and hold out my hand.

"Christian Luciano-Grey" I introduce myself.

"Anastasia Rose Steele" She shakes my hand and I feel a jolt.

"Its a pleasure to meet you, Miss Steele"


After my first meeting with Anastasia, everything went so fast I think our heads are still spinning.

We were engaged after six weeks and married three months after we first met. Ten months later our twins, Theodore Raymond and Phoebe Grace were born and a few years later we welcomed our youngest daughter, Lucinda-Anastasia but we call her Cindy.

After we have a family meal and I spend a little time with our kids, My sister Mia comes by to pick them up and look after them for the night.

"Are you sure you can handle this, Mia? You look ready to pop" I tell her while looking at her baby bump.

She married my forth in command, Luke Sawyer a year ago and they are expecting their first child in the next few weeks.

"Jeez, Christian. why don't you just tell me I'm a fat pig"

"And risk you shooting me? No thanks" I laugh and then catch up with her for five minutes while Ana gets the children sorted. When she comes around the corner she hands me Cindy so I can say good bye while she kisses the twins and then we switch.

We both watch and wave as the elevator doors close on our little family and as soon as they disappear from sight we lunge for each other.

I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me as I race up the stairs to our room. I kick the door open and then kick it closed behind me. I throw her onto the bed like an animal and then practically rip her clothes off her. When I rip her panties from her body and I see the little tattoo she has on her pelvic bone it does what it's always done to me. Turns me the fuck on!

"God I've fucking missed you! Next time I go away, you're coming with me" I growl and then lean down and kiss and suck her tattoo. It's written in Italian script and it reads


She surprised me with it on our wedding night. Until that night I had never seen her naked before and when I peeled my blushing bride out of her wedding night underwear, I found the tattoo and almost came in my tuxedo pant.

It's hard to believe that the hell cat who is grabbing for my dick at this moment was a shy and innocent Virgin on our wedding day.

"You're wearing far to many clothes for my liking, Husband" She smiles and then pushes me with force so I am on my back and she's straddling me.

"Why, Mr Luciano-Grey, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"It's a gun but if you shift a little to the left you'll find my dick and I promise you it's harder than the gun"

She roots around in my pocket and pulls my gun and tosses it onto the bedside table. She then undresses me bit by bit until we are both a naked tangled mess.

Just as I am about to plunge In to her there is a knock on the door.

"Ignore it" She pants and then captures my mouth again for a wet kiss. I try, I really do try, to ignore the persistent knocking but when I hear Taylor's voice I know something's wrong.

"Boss, we have a situation"

"I swear to god unless something is on fire or someone's dead I want you to shoot him between the eyes!" Ana growls and then stomps off to our bathroom where I hear the shower come on.

I yank on a pair of jeans but don't bother with a tee shirt when I slam the door open.


"The Brooklyn safe house has gone up in flames"

"Fuck! Anyone hurt?" I make my way down to my home office and I'm not surprised when I find my father, Luke and Elliott already in there.

"Who is with Mia and the kids?" I ask as I take my seat at my desk.

"Ryan's with them" Luke tells me as he helps himself to a brandy.

Luke and Mia live three floors below our apartment and Elliott has an apartment on the same floor. I own the building so the only other people in residence are people who work for me.

"Do we know how the fire started?" I ask Elliott who is sprawled across my leather Chesterfield couch.

His hair is mussed up and I could smell pussy on him when I walked past him so I am certain that he is just as angry as I am that he's been pulled away from getting laid.

"It was a petrol bomb through the back window. The kitchen went up first and it blew a couple of propane tanks that were in the storage room. Billy Wilkins saw someone run down the ally and he said he's sure it was one of Gambinos men"

"If we go and accuse Gambino without proof then we're going to start a war. If Gambino wants one then we will give him one but I'm not starting it. Not after what happened last time"

A silence descends upon the room when we think of what happened three years ago.

A few weeks after Kate and Elliott were married, Kate was out shopping with her brother Ethan when two of Gambinos men started shooting at them. Kate was shot in the leg but Ethan took four to the back while he was trying to protect his sister. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Losing her brother sent Kate into a tail spin and it affected her marriage to Elliott. She blamed us for her brothers death and a couple of weeks later she left him and never looked back. She calls Ana from time to time but apart from the divorce papers she sent Elliott, which he never signed, we haven't heard from her.

Elliott was so enraged that Gambino made him lose his wife that he went on a rampage and took out over a dozen of Gambinos men. Ever since then there has been even more bad blood between the two family's but for the last year we seem to be at an impasse which is what I like. I have a family and I don't want my wife or kids to be caught in the crossfire.

For the next hour we talk about what to do and when they leave I make my way back into the bedroom and hope my wife is still awake. Even if she's asleep im waking her up to fuck her so it really doesn't matter.

I find her sprawled out on our bed, playing a game on her iPad, wearing the white dress shirt I took off earlier.

"I'm glad you waited up" I tell her as I strip down.

"You've been away for five days, Christian. If you don't fuck me soon I think im going to explode!" She whines which makes me laugh.

I walk over and take a seat on her vanity stool and then press play on the music system.

"Pony" by Genuwine starts pouring from the speakers and I can see the smile that graces the face of my wife.

"Stand up and come here" I pat my thighs and she slinks off the bed and pads towards me. Just before she reaches me she stops and starts to sexily unbutton my shirt from her body. She practically gives me a lap dance and when she's completely naked I snatch her to me and make her straddle me. She links her legs together behind my back and then rests her arms around my shoulder.

"I love you, do you know that?" I ask her while nibbling at her lips.

"Yes I know. I love you too. Truly, madly, deeply and irrevocably"

"Security is going to be tight for the next few weeks. I don't want any arguments about it" My wife hates the fact that she can't go anywhere without one or two of my guys trailing her. It's even more if she had the kids with her.

"Can I ask why?" Concern fills her beautiful eyes and I give her a kiss to sooth the sting I know the dominance in my voice would have given her.

"Someone threw a petrol bomb through the window at the house in Brooklyn. No one was hurt but I feel like it's the start of something. I don't want you out on your own and I want the kids pulled from school, just for a little while I will get them a tutor. It's almost summer vacation so it won't affect them much"

"OK, I'll be good with security, I promise. Now, can we please, please make love?"

"I always aim to please"

And please her I did. Until the sun came up.