A young boy lay curled up in a fetal position in the corner of a room. His surroundings weren't fit for any living creature. The small oval window set 5 feet from the ground was shattered in pieces on the floor, which was made of cheep, splintered wood, dark brow stains all over the walls, floor, and some on the slanted roof. The temperature was freezing, the cold air being let in from the glassless window, and from it being in the middle of a rainstorm.

The house shook, as the door below was slammed shut.

The boy cowered, footsteps were coming up the stairs, and he knew what that meant. The door flew open, reviling a man, his black hair matted from the rain.

"Get over here, brat." The man, Steven, commanded. The small boy stood yet refused to walk forward. "I said get over here NOW!" The boy shook his head. Steven walked forward, roughly grabbing the boy by the arm. The boy chocked back a sob and pulled on his arm lightly.

"Do you really think you can get away little Yugi?" Yugi only pulled harder in hope of being released. His stepfather pulled back his fist and brought it back down upon Yugi's face, a resounding 'smack' ringing out. Yugi pulled harder against the grasp, seeking desperately to escape, though he knew there was none.

Yugi was dropped to the ground and the second he hit he scrambled to escape, only to crumble as a kick landed on his small chest, knocking the wind from him. He managed a weak cough before he was lifted from the ground and more hits were delivered. When he was dropped to the ground once again Yugi curled into a ball, trying to hold in cries of pain as he was assaulted with more painful blows.

Barely registering being dangled from the ground Yugi tried to make his legs work and stiffen them.

"Stand up!" "I can't!"POW! The blow sent him to his knee's, another one and he was lying on his stomach. That was changed as the older man flipped him to his back, straddling his waist. Steven raised his fist then slammed it into Yugi's chest repeatedly, ignoring Yugi's yells for him to stop. He raised his fist again hitting Yugi in the temple three times, then in other places on the angelic face. Blood tricked for the corned of Yugi's mouth. Steven stood and walked out the door, not even looking back at the damage he'd caused, shutting and locking the door on his way out.

Yugi tried to move but couldn't. The pain was too intense. So he lay there for fifteen minute's, not moving except for the occasional spasm or sob.

After the tears had stopped flowing down his pale face Yugi took in a few deep, painful breaths. Ignoring the pain Yugi sat up, wincing as he felt for broken ribs, only one this time. Hopefully it hadn't punctured a lung, if it had he probably wouldn't make it through the night. Drowning in your own bodily fluids wasn't the best of was to die but Yugi wasn't sure he wanted to live anymore.

'No! I will not give up!' As much as he hated it Yugi knew he had to go on. Suicide was only a weakling's way to end what was thrown at them, running away wasn't exactly his idea of being brave.

Yugi slowly and painfully push himself up and stood, using the wall as a support. He'd heard the door slam signifying he was alone in the house. Limping over to a corner he sat back leaned against the wall.

Yugi's body shook from the cold, he tried to ignore it as he pulled out a loss floorboard reveling a golden box, inside was a bunch of golden puzzle pieces and half of a upside down pyramid. Yugi sighed happily, the puzzle was given to him from his deceased Grandfather, the old man had been kind to the boy, which was until he was killed in a plane crash last year. Not a soul, himself an exception, knew about the puzzle. Had his father known it would have been destroyed on the spot.

After assembling a few of the pieces Yugi packed everything back into the box, he had school tomorrow and needed all the strength he could get. If it wasn't bad enough for his foster father to beat him the school bullies just had to too, and having no friends didn't help the matter any.

Rolling himself into a small ball Yugi Mouto shut his eyes and fell into a world of nightmares.

Everything was blurry as Yugi blinked open his eyes. When his eyes were adjusted to the sunlight peaking in from the small window he sat up. Wincing as pain flooded through his veins. Slowly he lifted his shirt over his head, inspecting the yellow, purple, and blackish blue bruises that covered his chest. It wasn't that bad.

One small chest off to his left was where his only set of nice cloths was kept. The only thing he left on from the previous night was a black neck buckle; Yugi almost never took it off.

Steven was already at work, which meant he could sneak an apple or something, that Steven wouldn't be able to notice when he got home around three.

Yugi shuddered at the remembrance of when he'd been caught sneaking breakfast. He'd been immobile to move anywhere for quite a few days.

After trying to cover his bruises and eating Yugi left the house, school started in ten minute's.

The high school was only thirty yards ahead when his normal tormentor confronted Yugi.

"Give me all ya' money brat." Money? Yugi almost laughed, he never had any money! Was this guy so dense that he can't realize after years of asking that he didn't have any?

"Don't have any." Yugi knew what was in store for him, he didn't care any more.

Ryou turned away from the sight in front of him. The small boy, Yugi, was standing in front of a mirror in the bathroom, trying to stop a bloody nose and hold a cut on his eyebrow together at the same time.

"You should get that stitched up." Ryou had no idea why he was helping the other boy, and by the look on his face neither did Yugi.

"I-it's not that bad . . ." Yugi had a few cut much worse than this one on his back and he'd only really needed stitches one before when his father had had a bit too much to drink.

"If you say so . . ."

"You should get to class, you'll be late." Yugi didn't want to cause anyone any trouble.

Ryou nodded and walked out the bathroom door, no matter what anyone said, that boy would by one of the bravest people he knew. No matter what happened to him he would always take it and live with it.

Yugi curled up on the ground as tightly as he could, arms wrapped protectively around his chest as Steven continuously landed blows to his small body. He barely felt when the older man left him in order to grab a wooden pole laying to the side, and brought it down upon his upper shoulders. The pain was blinding, and for a second Yugi could not even yell.

It hit once more, and then was abandoned. Yugi groaned pitifully as the pain spread throughout his entire body.

Today was the beginning of the winter holiday's, which meant his father could do more damage and still have time for him to heal. Yugi had learned to hate these times; Christmas was supposed to be a happy time, not something to dread.

His father pulled back one booted foot, and sent it into his side. Wincing as the breath rushed from him, Yugi attempted to turn away, but was met with yet another hit. Then his father was gone. Prying open his aching eyes he searched the room, alarmed to see the man staring at him hungrily.

With a soft cry Yugi crawled back, his battered body barely responding to his instruction. Then the other man was upon him, straddling his waist; reminding him of a few nights he'd much rather not remember. Steven's smirk grew as Yugi struggled to get away.

"Please don't!"

The pleas satisfied Steven's insane mind as he gave the boy a one more hit for good measure then walked out the door, not shutting it this time.

Yugi's mind swam, the colors in his room fusing together. He managed to curl into a more comfortable position before falling into unconsciousness, from all the hits to the head or from the lack of blood he did not know.

Ryou walked down the street, the snow coming just above his ankles. The night was cold as the white haired boy walked towards his home.

The street he was on wasn't one of the nicest to be on at his time of night, only a few of the street lamps were working.

"Stop, please!" Ryou's head shoot up at the voice, it sounded familiar. A crash was heard then someone cried out in pain. Ryou knew he rarely walked home this way but . . . was this place so bad?

Ryou walked faster trying to ignore the screams of pain. "Please don't!" Ryou looked to the house three ahead, that's where it was coming from. His walking ceased when a man with dark hair walked from the front door; blood was splattered on his face. The man didn't even bother to shut the door behind his as he just walked out to his car and drove off.

Ryou looked up to the house, its paint was peeling and the entrance was in pretty bad condition. He could see into the house from his position. 'Should I go see if that person is alright?'

Ryou felt as though he should go, even if it was none of his business he should help the poor person he'd heard.

"Hello!" The boy shouted into the house, the last thing he needed to do was get caught by another one of the persons attackers, if there were any more that is. Getting no answer Ryou entered, there was a doorway to his left and one to his right, choosing right he entered to living room. Broken glass was everywhere; splintered wooden poles lay in the corner.

No one was there, retracing his steps the front porch he took the left. It leads to a hallway, two doors; one of each side of the hall, but in the middle of the hall there was a set of stairs, leading to the attic. It seemed the best place to look.

Ryou making his decision headed up the stairs. What his eyes met at the top made his blood turn to ice. Yugi lay, his body curled into a fetus position. Blood seemed to pour from every pore on his body, it pooled around his backside, that man hadn't . . .?

After a closer look he let out the breath he'd unknowingly been holding. It wasn't what he'd thought.

"I should call an ambulance." Ryou started out of the room but a quite voice stopped his dissent.

"No." How could he be awake? Yugi's eye's rolled around in his head not focusing on anything in particular.

Ryou shook his head at the strength the smaller boy held. "No. Ambulance."

"Yugi, you need medical attention. Now." Yugi, despite his injuries tried to sit up, he moaned in pain.

"No, I-I'm ok. Y-you should leave. Steven will be here soon."

Ryou shook his head. "No. There's no way I'm leaving you here. If you won't go to a doctor then you can at least come to my house." Yugi opened his mouth to protest, and then shut it in defeat.

"Fine." With that last word he fell into unconsciousness.

/Bakura/ Ryou contacted the spirit of the sennen ring.


/I need some help/ (Stupid kid 04: Ok, the sennen puzzle hasn't been solved yet but Bakura will be a good guy ok?)

The ancient tomb raider appeared beside his look-alike. "By Ra, what happed to him?"

"I'm quite sure but I think it was some guy named Steven, at least that's what he told me." Ryou gestured to the fallen boy. "I think it would be best if we got him out of here."

"What do you want me to do, koi?"

"I was thinking we could bring him to our place. Fathers not going to be back for Christmas this year." The spirit nodded and gently picked up the small boy, almost dropping him back down. 'By Ra, does this kid ever eat!'

Carefully so not to jar the injured boy Bakura fallowed his hikari out of the dump they were in and back to his home. All the way there Bakura couldn't keep his mind off how much this boy resembled the Pharaoh Yami. The boy would have quite a few questions to answer when he woke.