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Yugi crawled into the old run down house through the window to the basement. He landed in a damp dark room, the smell of metallic blood itching his nose; it was a familiar yet unwelcome smell to his senses. Taking a step forward his shoe clad foot crunched against chips of glass.

The basement was nothing new to the small boy so he knew it like the back of his hand, which was quite the maze made of scares itself.

Yugi walked about 10 paces forward then turned to the right and came to a door way, right outside the door were the stairs, this would be the hard part, getting up the stairs and to the attic stairs with out being caught.

Yugi stayed still for a few seconds listening for any sound indicating where in the house Steven was. Yugi's ears perked when he heard the sound of a running shower. He'd better hurry if he wanted to go grab the puzzle and get out before the man was finished.

Yugi stealthily climbed up the basement stairs with an unknown amount of agility to the landing where the front door was. The attic stairs were just through the doorway to the left, this was the hardest part for the bathroom was on the left hand side of the stairs and the master bedroom to the right.

'Oh the heck with it!' Yugi silently crept through the left doorway and to the bottom of the all to familiar stairs that lead to his 'room'. Yugi stepped lightly onto the first wooden stair and the second, then skipped the third, for it tended to creek.

Once at the top Yugi shivered at the change of climate from the main part of the house into his room and climbed carefully across the floor making sure to miss all the noisy spots, all but one that is. Yugi cursed his bad luck under his breath and stood still, maybe Steven hadn't heard it. This just wasn't Yugi's day . . . The water in the shower was shut off and the bathroom door opened.

Yugi searched franticly around to find a place to hide; his eyes came to a rest on the old desk by the floorboard he was making his way to mere seconds ago. Yugi could hear Steven's footsteps coming up the stairs, scrambling he made his way to the underside of the desk.

Yugi's breath hiked as the footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs, in an effort to silence his breathing Yugi covered his mouth and forced himself to taking in the air from his nose, painfully tearing at the passages.

At the sound of the footfalls coming closer Yugi huddled even farther into the corner of the desk's opening that was meant for a chair.

Steven looked around the room; a single white towel was wrapped around his semi-built beer belly. (Did that make any sense . . .?)

The man took a step forward towards the desk rising Yugi's fear ten fold. Yugi cowered and shut his eyes excepting his impending doom, that's when Steven stopped, turned around and disappeared from sight.

Yugi let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, after waiting for a few minutes he carefully started to crawl out from his hide-away space. Yugi yelped in surprise as a hand reached out and grabbed his upper arm in a vise grip. A merciless laughter was heard.

"Couldn't keep away could you?" Steven's grip tightened as he yanked the boy to his feet pulling him close into his chest. "You've been a very bad boy." Stevens cracked lips brushed against Yugi's earlobe with every word; it made the boy want to puke. "I think you need to be punished." Steven grasped Yugi's other arm and shoved Yugi roughly into the wall. Upon impact Yugi's head hit hard enough that white spots danced in his vision.

Yugi, seeing what Steven was trying to do started to struggle.

"Stop moving brat." Steven snarled, a slap was given. Yugi's eyes started to build up with tears, why him?! What had he ever done to deserve this?!? Yugi whimpered as the mans hands started to roam his torso freely.

"S-stop. P-please." Yugi whispered. Steven didn't pay the young boy any heed, continuing his vicious attack of Yugi's body.

Steven leaned down and sucked harshly on the soft skin of Yugi's neck then bit down hard enough to pierce skin. Yugi screamed in pain and Steven dropped him to the ground where he scrambled to get away.

Steven was clutching his ears in pain. "You insolent brat!!" The man pulled back his leg and kicked catching Yugi in his already bruised ribs, a sickening crunch came from Yugi's chest, a rib was broken.

Steven smirked and walked over to the wall, picking up the same wooden pole used to beat Yugi recently then brought it down over the boys exposed back, Yugi screamed in absolute agony as from his torso down became paralyzed for a short time. The pole was brought down three more times before being discarded to the side and Steven settled with kicking him in the stomach and chest again.

As more kicks were issued Yugi's vision swam, black and white were flashing passing his eyes. Bile was rising in his throat and into his mouth from being kicked repeatedly in the stomach; it had an acidy taste to it. He guessed that was what happened when you didn't have much more in you stomach other then the acids. (Blah: Stupid kid 04's not here so I get to tell you this: I know bile is the stomach acids, I think, but I just felt like writing that . . .)

As the pain intensified Yugi felt himself floating off into the oblivion of unconsciousness and barely took any notice when Bakura and Ryou ran in to the room, stopping dead in their tracks at the sight. Yugi lay on the floor with the man, Steven, standing over him, a leg pulled back ready to attack. Ryou felt his heart clench as he saw Yugi's face, his eyelids were half open lazily rolling around trying to focus on something. A thin stream of saliva, blood, and some yellow liquid dribbling from the corner of his partly opened lips and pooling on the wood flooring.

Steven stepped back to face the two white haired boys who had just come in.

Bakura had an enraged look on his face. (Blah: Freaky . . . doesn't he always?) "You leave him alone." Voice low and threatening Bakura took a step forward, his form starting to glow with dark energy, making him look like a small flame was spread upon his body, licking and stroking pale skin.

Steven stumbled back in fear, his back hitting the wall. "W-what are you? T- this is just an illusion!" Bakura's lips curled back in a sneer. Walking forward he grabbed the man by the collar, pinning him against the wall.

"I can assure you this is very real." Bakura growled out before looking over at his hikari and Yugi. "Is he alright?!"

Ryou looked up from his position kneeling by Yugi's side and nodded at Bakura. "Not as bad as before . . ."

Yugi, finally being able to focus his eyes whimpered at what he saw, it's not every day you see someone glowing in darkness . . .

Bakura tore his attention from the two smaller boys back to the man he still held pinned to the wall, bring a fist back he drove it back into Steven's face, a thin trail of blood seeped out from the corner of the man's mouth, giving his a slight demonic look.

Ryou brush a bang from Yugi's sweat slicked forehead. Ryou looked over Yugi's face; there were few bruises on his face, most of the damage done to his chest and back. Ryou was about to turn away to see what his darkness was doing when he noticed a small dark liquid bubbling from the corner of Yugi's mouth. Upon closer inspection he saw it was blood. Ryou's breath caught in his throat, he may not have known much about medical but if he compared what he saw and what he had heard he knew it wasn't a good thing.

Yugi, sensing something was terribly wrong tried to move, gasping in pain he started to choke, a liquid filling his lungs. Black dots lined his vision, threatening to consume him. As he struggled to clear the liquid from his lungs an arm propped him up and rubbed his back comfortingly. Yugi wanted to yell and tell Ryou to put him back down and that he was just making it worse but didn't want to hurt his friends feelings, besides, he didn't know if he could even talk!

Yugi mentally smiled, friend, that was what Ryou and Bakura were. His first friends. Only a few weeks ago Yugi would never have dreamed of having a friend, much less two! As Yugi felt his eyelids start to droop he smiled a small sad smile. His body was starting to object to staying conscious, wanting to shut down so the brain wouldn't be so clouded with pain and concentrate on healing it's self. (Blah: What? We're on the blood and gut's section in science! I can really pay attention for once!!!)

Bakura, who was still pounding Steven's face into the wall, dropped the man to the ground much like Yugi had been.

"Bakura!" Bakura turned to his light that was now cradling Yugi's head in his lap, he'd fallen unconscious during the second coughing fit that had hit him. "I think some things really wrong!"

Bakura rushed to his hikari's side. "What is it?" Then he noticed the blood that had splattered down Yugi chin, and was still bubbling at the corner of his lips. "Shit." Bakura cursed and shut his eyes tightly. "We need to get him to uhhh . . .?"


"Yeah! And quick!" Bakura had only been introduced into the modern world about three months before they had found Yugi and was still trying to learn all its 'wonders'. Personally he preferred clean air.

Ryou looked up to his darkness. "What do we do with Yugi's step-father?" Steven was laying unconscious on the floor, blood running down his face.

"I'll finish with him later." Bakura stood with Yugi cradled in his arms like a baby. Making there was from the room Bakura stopped to spit at Steven's feet.

When they had made it out the door Bakura and Ryou started to run down the street, Bakura was careful not to hurt the already injured boy. I didn't take them too long before they were tired and breathing quite heavily. Bakura almost felt like shedding a layer of clothes but being only five days from Christmas it was quite cold out.

"If you want I can help you!" Bakura quickly declined to his hikari's offer, the boy he held may have been iveryi light but it was still quite a lot.

They only made it a block or two before Bakura had to steady himself against a fence. This was too much to keep up.

Ryou looked around where he was and smiled. "Bakura! Follow me!" Bakura looked confused but followed anyway. Ryou jogged ahead until they reached a house at the end of a street, it's walls were a navy green with a cream color here and there.

"What . . .?"

"Joey!" Ryou was already at the door pounding and ringing the bell. Bakura understood; Joey was one of Ryou's friends from school!

The door was opened. "I'm comin' I'm comin'! Where's da' fire?!" Joey looked from side to side before looking down. "What's up Ryou?"

"We have an emergency! Can you help us?" Joey looked confused.

"We?" Bakura heaved Yugi and himself to the steps, right in Joey's line of view. "Who's dat'?"

"Bakura. But we need your help with something else!" Joey looked his friend over and saw blood smeared over his jacket.

"My lord man! Are you alright?"

Ryou looked confused for a moment before realizing what Joey meant. "No! No! This isn't my blood!" Joey's eyes widened and took a step away, Bakura realizing Ryou was getting nowhere with this goof decided to intervene.

"Look" Bakura walk up a few steps. "We need to get him a . . . what ever you call them. Can you help us?" Joey could now see the small figure in Bakura's arms.

"What happened to him?!"

Bakura growled. "Later! Now, can you help us?!"

Joey nodded mutely. "Bring him in." Joey led them into the living room. "You can put him on the couch, I'll call an ambulance."

Ryou nodded and thanked Joey. "It's no problem! They said they'd be here in about five minutes. You lucky I live near the hospital." Joey turned his attention to Yugi. "Doesn't he go to our school?"

Ryou nodded. "Yeah, he's in a few of our classes."

"What happened to him?"

"I don't know if he would like me telling anyone . . ."

"Come on! You know I wont tell anyone!"

"I don't know . . ."

"Come on!"

"I don't know if I should."

"Aww man! come on-"

"Just tell him already!" Ryou nodded at his other half.

"Fine." Ryou motioned for Joey to sit. "It was his step-father."

Joey sucked in his breath. "His own father did this?"

Ryou nodded. "Ya, you should have seen him when we first found him . . . I almost thought he was gonna die . . ." Bakura agreed, even though he hated to admit it, the small boy laying mere feet from him had managed to worm his way into his heart, just like his hikari had.

Joey felt a wave of anger wash over him. "Where's he now?"

"We had to leave him to get Yugi to a hospital." Ryou answered timidly. The approaching sound of sirens could be heard, the paramedic's were there.


Ryou, Bakura and Joey sat in the emergency waiting room, it had been an hour since they had been at the hospital and Yugi had been taken immediately into surgery.

Ryou looked around sadly, there were people all around, blood soaked cloths or bandages being held in place over wounds, or arms or legs being cradled. The nurse sat behind the glass wall and filed her nails.

When they had got here Ryou had noticed a lady sitting in a wheel chair practically going into seizures, her husband and daughter sitting near, worried looks on there faces. At one point the lady had started to shake uncontrollably, when the man had brought her to the desk where the nurse was she just waved them away saying she was fine. Ryou was angered at this. This was a hospital, not some stupid beauty solon!!! If it was this bad out here, what was it like in the operating room!?!? Ryou sighed and calmed down. If there was anything going on he couldn't have helped it anyway.

Ryou jumped at the feeling of a hand being placed on his shoulder, he looked into Joey's friendly eyes. "He's gonna be ok!" Joey squeezed his shoulder reassuringly.

It was another hour before a doctor confronted them.

"What's up doc.?" Joey jumped up surprising the other two; the blond barely knew Yugi yet was showing care for him. But yet again, who wouldn't? Why people liked to hurt him was beyond the three friends.

"He's in stable condition right now. When you brought him in he suffered from internal bleeding and a broken rib, which had punctured his lung. We were able to stop the bleeding and fix up the lung; he's asleep right now. Should be waking up in a few minutes." The doctor flipped the clipboard he held in his hand to the next page. "Now, I need to ask you a few questions." They nodded. "First I'd like to ask, what happened?" (Blah: Do doctors ask that kind of stuff?)

"We don't know." Ryou's head snapped to his yami, what was he doing? Didn't they want Steven to go to jail?

//No, he deserves much worse then that//

/I know but . . . what if he comes after Yugi?/

//I won't let him// Bakura cut the mind link and continued to answer the doctor's questions.


Yugi blinked his eyes opened, everything was white. His eyes focused and unfocused for a few seconds before clearing.

Yugi mentally groaned. A hospital, just great. They were going to ask him questions. This wasn't the first time Yugi had been to a hospital, no, just last year he'd had to go for 'falling' down the stairs. Really he'd been pushed down them.

The door to the hospital room and opened and in stepped Ryou and Bakura, followed by one person that Yugi wasn't expecting. 'Joey?!' Yugi had seen Joey before; he was the goofball of the class. 'What's he doing here?'

"Hey! Your awake!" Yugi winced at the tone of Joey's voice. Man! He had a headache!

"SHHH!!!" Ryou put his finger to his lips telling Joey to shut up.

"How are you feeling?" Ryou sat in the seat beside the hospital bed and set a hand on Yugi's.

Yugi blushed. "I'm feeling better."

Bakura who had been silent spoke. "It's too bad you didn't get what you went back for . . ."

Yugi's eyes widened. 'The puzzle!' him eyes searched franticly round the room, having a bit of difficulty, since he was laying down and unable to sit up. "Where's my jacket?!"

"Why do ya need yo' jacket Yuge?" Joey sat clueless about anything going on.

"The puzzle! I did get it! I put it in my jacket pocket!!"

Bakura's eyes were saucers, the puzzle?!?!? Naww . . . It couldn't be . . . The was no way Yugi had the sennen puzzle, no way.

Ryou stood and walked over the small wooden closet in the corner of the room pulling the blue jacket from it. "This one?" Yugi nodded.

Ryou carried the jacket to Yugi. "There should be a little gold box in side one of the pockets . . . could you grab it for me?" Ryou nodded and searched one pocket then the other, his hand came in contact with a smooth surface, grasping it he pulled it out. A small gold box rest in his hand, some odd inscriptions carved into it.

Bakura watched in growing anticipation, that box looked so familiar . . .

"Thank you!" Yugi held out his good hand that didn't have IV's and such attached to it and took the box. When he opened the lid a gasp was heard.

"The puzzle!" Bakura had jumped out of his seat and was at the bedside in no time. "Where did you get this?!" Bakura was almost yelling, scaring the small boy in bed.

"M-my grandpa gave it t-to me." Yugi whimpered and squeezed hiss eyes shut in fear.

Bakura softened and sighed. "Yugi, I'm not going to hurt you." Yugi slowly peaked an eye open then the other. "I just wanted to know where you got it. I've just seen something like it before." Bakura knew that was a lie, he just didn't want to scare the boy any more. (Blah: Big old softie!!!)

The door to the room opened and a nurse walked in telling the others visiting hours were over. They nodded.

"See ya Yuge!" Joey waved as he walked out the door.

"Bye Yugi." Ryou followed.

Bakura just nodded and left, shutting the door behind him.

"Bye guys!!" Yugi looked at the puzzle that lay resting in his hand, why not finish it?

(Blah: This I where I had to go back to check how far I had him on it!)

Yugi looked around for a moment to find the little control panel for what position you wanted the bed in; when he found it he pushed it up so he was half propped up. After sitting still for a little while to get used to the position he dumped the remaining parts of the puzzle on his lap.

Picking up the already assembled part of the puzzle Yugi slowly lifted pieces to fit in. About a half an hour later there were only seven pieces left.

'I wonder why Bakura freaked out earlier? I thought this was just a normal puzzle.' If only he had known . . .

Yugi fitted a few more pieces into the puzzle, now only three were left. When he picked up the next piece however he almost dropped it again as a shock ran through his arm, it suddenly felt like he wasn't alone in the room. Looking around for an indication of someone Yugi saw nothing.

Shrugging it off he set the piece in place and picked up the next fitting it to the empty slot.

Yugi was excited now . . . it'd taken him so long to get this far and he was about to complete it! It just didn't feel like this was really happening.

Taking a deep breath and holding it he pushed the last piece into its place. Yugi gasped and covered his eyes when a bright white light flashed though out the room, blinding the little one. When the light died down Yugi looked in front of his bed and gasped again.

A boy, maybe a few years his senior was standing there, he looked almost exactly like Yugi, hair and all.

The man looked at him. "Who are you, boy?"


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