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Summary:    [Sess/Kag] As a singer, young Sesshoumaru, 25, throws a publicity stunt (even though he's popular enough). A bet: $1 million; he won't fall in love before the age of 30. And then, he gets a new secretary: Kagome Higurashi…

Genre:            Romance/Drama

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Vow Not To Love


December 2002

The roaring thunder of applause and high-pitched screaming echoed onto the stage and out towards the cityscape, where much of the citizens were pausing to catch the last few minutes of a concert.  It was one of the biggest events in Tokyo every year.  Sometimes, the turnout challenged that of those for New Year's.  Speakers were set up everywhere: along the sidewalks, on the sides of buildings, all over the stage, and in trees.  The preparation required for such a humongous concert was almost ridiculous.  Almost.

In the center of it all, there were fountains of water, of light, of just about everything you could imagine.  The stage elaborately decorated with bolts of silver and gold cloths swathed elegantly but stylishly across the background.  Lights blinked without cease as the singing began to fade out.  Stray echoes floated above the awestruck audience to blow into more distant cities.  Dramatically, the lights all stopped and came instantaneously back on to focus on the person center-stage, frozen in an unnatural pose.

Then, they dimmed only a bit before spreading out to spotlight other people as well, some female, some male, all wearing similar outfits.  It was the person up front and center that wore unique garb, catching all the attention of onlookers.  Moon-white hair cascaded down the person's shoulders and back, catching the light and reflecting it nicely.  Alert golden eyes gazed out in the distance, caught by the cameras and projected to a large screen behind the person.  Pale skin was tinted a faint gray color by the blue lights.

It almost seemed as if the whole group would never move.  They were so still.  The audience's praise quieted to a faint murmur, and the man in front, the one with the long silvery hair and golden eyes, snapped his head up suddenly.  The band in the back began to play again, the soft lilt growing again.  Fountains shot up more material, fire, water, light, everything, and the dancers exploded into motion.  The music began to crescendo, and then, the loud bangs of drums collided with the singer's equally loud voice.  It was done.

More cheering and clapping was heard.  The applause was deafening; some of the crowd had actually fainted on the spot.  Nothing was better to see than one of Sesshoumaru's performances.  He always stunned the audience, the critics, the listeners, the watchers, you name it.  He was at the top of the charts, number one, and still getting better.  Only twenty-five, he had already been crowned the best in Japan, China, Korea, and fast-growing in the U.S.  Sesshoumaru was amazing.  His expressive singing attracted people of all ages, and his looks attracted even more girls.

All the lights went out and then, five seconds later, re-ignited with Sesshoumaru standing singly on stage.  All the dancers disappeared as well as some of the band.  Still more applause accompanied his appearance.  A single hand lifted in the air, and the clapping droned out to silence.  He flashed a charming smile around to all that cared to watch.

          "First of all," he started, smiling, "I would like to give my thanks to all those who attended.  It keeps me up at the top, after all."

A polite applause hummed.

          "And now," he sang, "I have an announcement."

The crowd was all-ears.

          "To all those who have the money, particularly my fellow celebrities, I extend an offer.  A bet," he spoke clearly and confidently.  "One million U.S. dollars," he paused for effect.  "I, Sesshoumaru, vow not to fall in love before the age of thirty."

A gasp made its way through the entire crowd.  Five years without falling in love…  It was a long time.  Was it possible?  One million U.S. dollars was a lot of money just to throw away.  Was he crazy?

          "Contact me," he said with finality.  "if you would show any interest in the offer.  Thank you and good night."

The lights immediately blinked out.  Curtains obscured the stage from view, and the audience proceeded to file out.  Excited giggles and muted whispers rippled through the parting citizens.  By the evening's news, everyone in Japan would hold knowledge of Sesshoumaru's declaration.  By the next morning, China and Taiwan would be informed.  And then, during the course of noon, the news would spread to Korea.  Once the evening of tomorrow dawned, most the whole world would be anticipating the one to challenge Sesshoumaru.  For a million dollars.

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