Prologue: One's Imagination

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will, no truer words had ever been spoken by those who have taken pride and show love for what they write and draw. As I'm sure most, if not all of you readers out there have seen, there have been many stories and characters that have been brought to life through the medium of Film, Television, Video Games, and yes, even from the written word, in fact in many cases that was where it all started. And with every character brought to life, the inspiration only grew to create more, nowadays you can't pass by any shop window without seeing some popular character created by those who put in all their time and effort into making them. Over the years characters Like Bugs Bunny and Mickey mouse had taken the world by storm, inspiring many other creators to come up with their own characters and their own stories. However what creators don't realise half the time, perhaps even most of the time, is that with every stroke of the pencil or the type of the keyboard, one creates more than just a form of entertainment, they are also creating life.

…And in the world I live in that is in the literal sense.

You see I'm not what you call a "normal" guy, because I'm a character myself, oh sure, my creator is putting the words into my mouth for this Prologue but the point is that for at least this particular chapter of the story, I have the chance to go into a little detail about who I am and my role in this whole thing. But first let me tell you about the world I live in… or better yet, let me tell you about the MULTIVERSE I live in.

For me, the characters everyone has ever created are quite real, as are the worlds that were made for them. You see I'm what you readers out there call a dimensional jumper, is that the right word? Oh who cares? The point is that I have the ability to jump into any story I desire and interact with those who live in it so long as I take the form of that particular species, and believe me when I say that a good chunk of those places always had some kind of entertainment for me. And It's not just the "Canon" places I've been to, like I said before, creation inspires creation, so I took the liberty of jumping in some of the "fan-based" stories too. You name it, I've been there, I was there when Princess Twilight was coroneted in Canterlot, I was a guest at King Joffrey Baratheon's wedding, boy was THAT a nightmare. Hell, I even auditioned to be on the first Season of Total Drama, but nope, that position to that bitch, Heather! For crying out loud, she didn't even TRY with that Audition tape!

(Coughs) Okay, sorry about that, got a little worked up there. Anyway, let me tell you more about myself, remember when I said I wasn't a "normal" guy, well the truth is that I'm as far from normal as you can get. You know how characters like Frankenstein and Discord are all a bunch of other things all jumbled up together, well I'm a little like that, perhaps even a little bit weirder than those two combined given the fact that I'm a mash of every form of genre in existence. Confused? I would be too, so allow me to elaborate. As may already know, every story in existence is categorised in some form of genre, Action, Fantasy, Horror, all that jazz, and every body part I have represents each one. For example, my entire left arm, nothing but bones, therefore representing the Horror Genre, while my right arm is completely cybernetic, thus representing the Science-Fiction Genre. Even my clothes are all designed in the same manner, my vest were covered in Musical notes, while the two legs of my pants represented the army pants of Action and the jester bells of Comedy. As you've probably guessed, I'm an extremely weird character even by my own standards, which is probably why my creator gave me the ability to change form to blend into whatever world I'm in. And believe me when I say that REALLY helped me out, trust me, you would NOT have wanted to be around when I revealed my true form back in Geneva, that lynching mob made Frankenstein's look like a tea party.

But back on topic, now you know a little about me, what I can do and the types of places I've been to, perhaps now would be a good time to talk about something else. After all, I've pretty much summed up the purpose of the Prologue, so why don't I allow the author of this story to continue on after this? This is a tale of how one stupid mistake almost ruined everything in the realms of one's imagination, and THIS is where our story begins…