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When unknown creatures, Unidentified Life Forms, and other monsters started to attack humanity as the heroes of the justice league did not know what to do and a team of sidekicks doing all they can to stop it, until masked figures came forth and combat against these forces, known to their name that been given to them as the world knew them as, Kamen Riders.

As stories were told and question was spoken of who are they, why are they here as the answers are simple. They are heroes, and they want to make the world a better place.

When Dark forces up rise the kamen riders are there to fight by your side.



(CJ) Kuuga -x- (Joo) kivala

(John) Agito -x- (?) Rider?

-Story start-

Time of night as a laughing couple walking downs a park path, as the man whisper in his lady friend's ear, her face turn red as she smiled. As the man trip over his own feet they lady just laugh at his fall, as they seem out of place to the smell on the man's breath and the lady's they had a few too many.

Patting himself down as nothing had happen as the couple join together as the lady rested her head on the man's shoulder, without them noticing, a creature of white fur, bright yellow eyes and to its body shape was humanoid, as stepping into the light show a show leopard creature, or to the news, an Unknown.

As the unknown watches the couple were about to be out of site raise his arms and hand as he did a pray to have permission to kill as he trace his hand into a cross, as halo from above its head shine as it pull out a weapon of sort from it, as it held in its hand an hatchet.

As the couples were about gone, the unknown took action as it pop out from the tree and ran at the couple, but was stop in its tracks by a fist to its face.

Landed on the rocks and dirt, the unknown looks up and see who dares stop him from complete his task. To his site sees a red warrior to his head piece looking like a stag beetle, and a belt with a stone piece center glowing red.

As the unknown look to where the couple was at to see them long gone, see he fail at his task and saw the warrior in front of him isn't his primary adjective, getting to its feet and about to run away until a figure stood in its way.

Stand around like the red warrior, has gold plated armor to the looks of it with two long horn on its head looking more of a creature of legends. Surprise to see the golden warrior as the unknown said, "Agito."

The now known gold warrior, Agito, took step to the unknown creature and soon enough they two went at each other, as the unknown throw the first punch, being block by Agito as he counter to a punch of his own follow by a another.

The unknown stumble back from its hits as it was about to charge at its pray until it got a spin kick from the red warrior from behind. As the unknown crash down, as Agito look to the red warrior and said, "Kuuga, this is my fight."

"That doesn't mean I can't help, can I?"

The unknown getting up again but with its weapon in his hands, turn around to strike kuuga, back away from the slash, and put up his arms the block the 2nd, Struggling with the creature as Agito came around and kick it off of Kuuga.

"These creature are stronger than the Gurongi, or did you forget that?" as Agito said as he back away from the unknown as it try to strike him, countering with a kick and a few punches at its chest.

Kuuga came up and elbow it in its rib and said, "That doesn't mean I'm helpless or did you forget I've been doing this longer than you have."

Agito kick the unknown against a tree and said, "I know, ichigo-sensei help you grow with your power, but that don't mean you can take on the whole world."

Kuuga walk up to Agito and said, "Come on, don't be so series about all this."

As the unknown just about had it with the two warriors as he look at them and roar out as it charge but then before he could get close, kuuga made the first hit by a kick to its chest.

As a mark of death appeared on its chest, it growl in pain as it was able to hold it off, but he could not stop as what was going to happen next.

As Agito stood in front of it as two more set of horn sprang out from the two huge ones as he took a stands as a glowing symbol appeared below him, showing his mark, as it started to be absorbed into Agito's feet as they glowed as well. Leaping into the air and came down a swift kick to the unknown in the same spot where the mark lays.

The unknown flow back cried out in pain as before it fell into the pond area, and then-


Flames erupted from the water before dying down, as agito stood there as he watch it, the other horns re-tracked back now only being just a set of horns again.

Kuuga came up and said, "Another job well done." Patted Agito shoulder and put his hand at his sides.

Agito sighed as he walk off with kuuga look to him then back where the unknown fell then back again to Agito and said, "W-wait up."

Walking out of the park to a street where two bikes are park as one was Silver Honda VTR1000F (VTR for short) custom build, Titanium alloy parts light but strong, and fast, going from 0 to 120 in 4 seconds flat with top speed to 300 km.

The 2nd bike is an, TryChaser 2000 elite, one of motorcycle police first choice for a hot pursuit case, to a normal Trychaser given to local highway patrol, the Elite was built for hard abuse rides off road and on to the top speed 290 km.

As Agito headed off to the VTR, as his person became haze with a flash of light, No longer standing at Agito, but a Caucasian person that stood about 5'7, looking about 16 years old with dark brown hair, navy blue eyes wearing warn jeans as it lost it nice blue color, a gray muscle shirt as over it a gray zipper hoody with it zip down half way, dark blue running shoes, and around both hands were wrapping that wrap around 3 fingers with the tips of the index and thumb sticking out.

"Hold up John," as Kuuga said as his body shiver like a mirages before it fades away as stood there a Korean teenager about 16 to 17 years old with dark hair and dark eyes, wearing a black long-sleeve muscle shirt under a white jacket and fingerless gloves with jeans and red shoes and fingerless gloves.

John didn't stop until he reach his ride as he got on it as he put on his helmet, turns the keys, and rev up the engine before driving off, the other teen got on his ride, as he put on his head gear as well, and kick start it and follow behind the rider.

After 20 minutes of driving, John started to slow down as he came to an empty area that uses to be warehouse storage, but now it's a rundown build. Coming to a stop as he kill the engine, and took off his helmet and look to the side to see a set of flowers were place there under a single light that wasn't burn out yet.

As the rider behind John came pulling up and kill his engine and he saw what John looking. Sad to see as John look to the place where someone had died, as John got off his ride, and place down his helmet before walk up to it and kneeling down before the site and bow his head.

As the rider gave a sigh and took off his helmet as he got off his ride and walk over next to him, kneeling down as well. As to the site a photo was there to man looking in his 40's and was looking Caucasian, with a name below on the photo

'Robert Turner 1969-2008'

John's father, died two years ago for something he thought he could stop, but even with power he could not stop it from happening. As the Korean teen gave a nodded as he pated John's back and said, "It's not your fault you know. Thing happen, even to the best of us."

John didn't say anything when he raises his head and then spoken, "Easy for you CJ, you had nothing to lose… I did."

John rose up and said, "I lost my memories, my father, my home, what left?" CJ took a moment to think about it as he stood up as he said, "I really don't know."

John turns around and headed to his ride CJ turn to his partner and said, "Where you're going?"

John pull something out from his pocket as it was a photo of a young woman holding a small baby in her arms and said, "To find what I have left… I'm going back… back home, Gotham."

AS John put away the photo as he walk over to his ride as he picks up his helmet before setting down on his bike.

Before he could put it on, CJ walk over and said, "Mine if I Tag along? It wouldn't be the same without you, and us kamen rider has to ride together, right?"

John stop as he was about to put on his helmet as he took the time to think as he said, "Your choice." Putting on his helmet before reviving up the engine and said, "Just don't fall behind too much."

CJ just laugh at that and said, "I can keep up, and then some." Getting on his bike as he put on his helmet before kick starting it and soon enough both riders rode out into the darkness of night.

As the light over the site started to blink and soon it burnt out as the only light to be seen was the moon light reflexing on the photo.

Scene goes dark-

-2 Week later-

Off the port of Rhode Island Out at a ship yard, as cargo and transport ships came and gone.

Coming in port was S.S willow as it seems to be an old transport ship that not only hold people but vehicles as well to the ramp on it shows.

Stops and after sometime the ramps lowers down as someone at the control switch on the port side of the ship, watch it as it did, soon touch ground, looking over his shoulder and said, "Alright, roll them out."

Soon enough the sound of engines were heard ad two motorcycles were riding off the boat, as the VTR came off, with the Trychaser following, but then CJ pull over to close to the guy as he lifts up his visor as he look to the guy and said, "Thanks Sam, I'll be sure to give you a present on Christmas."

"Don't worry about, kid. Just be sure you two know what you're doing," as Sam said to CJ, he just nodded as he close his visor and drive off following behind John once more.

As the guy sighed and said, "Those two are a hand full… Alright let's unload cargo."

-With both riders-

AS both riders, drove up state taking road near the sea. CJ catch up behind following in a slip stream, he rev up as he pull off and pull ahead of his friend.

John smile under his helmet soon revving up his engine as well as brought up to speed as well and cruse pass CJ. Soon it became a race of sort, soon passing upcoming vehicles, moving pass them by like they were at a standstill.

After a hour driving as the both riders were steading their turns on the curve roads, AS the wind blow by, a feeling struck John, feeling something un-natural, out of place as he felt the wind blow against him, he look to the waters over on his right, to show the water were clam, silent… something was up.

Looking down the road, as John focus his mind as a light glowed around him, sense a disturbance, looking ahead at the town ahead, looking pass the buildings, the business, the signs, and soon came up to a factory as a sight of a twister under a cloudless sky.

John snapping out of it, as he shook his head, rev up his engines and drove off the exit as CJ saw this and said, "Once again, is it an unknown this time?" Following and off exit as well

-At happy harbor factory-

At the factory things were getting rough.

As a Teen came flying out of the factory by a tornado of some sort, he landed a bit hard and groan in pain.

Inside the plant, a robotic being with red armor plating and electric power cable on his shoulders running down his arms, looking at the work he did with the kid he sent flying out, he turn his attention to two teens coming at him as one was a girl with green skin and red hair, and the other a tan skin guy with white hair.

As the robotic being shot forth from the palm of his hands mini twisters, hit the teen back as the tan skin kid went flying into a support pillar and the girl landed on top of some barrels.

Standing in the middle of the floor was a 13 looking year old kid with sun glasses as he watch two of his friends get the floor wiped with them, he turn to the robotic being as he said in a metallic voice, "I was prepared to be challenge by super hero, I however was not expected children."

The young teen had a piss off look as he had a hand behind his back, pulled out some throwing disk, as the boy throw them he said, "We're not children!"

The robotic being using his abilities again to redirect the throwing disk to the ground as they exploded, but the robot was still standing and felt a small hit at his chest but didn't much pay attention to it other than to flick it off as it blow up he said, "It's seem that you are. Have you got no adult supervision?"

It seems whatever action that the teens were given were child play to the robotic being. As the robotic being look to the side he said, "I find your present here quite disturbing."

"WELL!" as the teen said getting the robotic attention as both teens that were throw before, recover with standing next to them a boy with a black shirt with a huge S in a diamond shape space, as the sun glasses teen went on he said, "I hate to see you disturbed, Let see if your more turbed when we kick your can!"

At that moment the green skin girl using a Telekinesis power to grab hold of a container above the robotic being and brought it down on his head only for dust to cover his view for a moment as he hear a yell from above and use his twister abilities and stop the teen with the S on his chest flying back.

As the teen team charge in, the green skin girl was caught in the way of the Teen that was sent flying and only ones still running was the sunglasses teen and the white hair teen.

As the white hair teen using his abilities of some sort of energy and the sun glasses teen pulled out more throwing disk, they didn't even got close enough to land a hit before they got sucked in the twisters they were in and got slam into each other.

"Indeed, that was quite 'Turbed'. Thank you," the robotic being said in a mocking way then exited the power plant.

As the robotic being hover around, the kid who was throw out was recovering from his bash. After a shake to his head and rub his eyes a bit, he saw the robotic being out and about as he got to his feet and ran at high speed too caught up to him and hopefully get him at a surprise… that didn't work out to well.

As the robot being seen him coming, he went back just a bit and stood out his foot as the kid trip but recover fast then dogged a blast of air coming at him. As the kid stop for a moment he demanded, "What have you done to my friends?"

"Embarrass them, largely," the robotic being said then lunch a twister at the teen again as he got sucked up in it and headed to the power plant as the twister slam into the building, the teen was stopped midair as someone said, "I've got ya wally."

Through the dirt smog the four teen that were in there came out as the green skin girl was holding the teen with her power then put him down as he said, "Whoa, thanks."

Soon they were all standing together looking face to face with the robotic being as he said, "I would have thought learn your limits by now."

As the teen with white hair got angry he yelled out, "What do you want?!"

The robotic being flow into the air and said, "Isn't it obvious, I'm waiting for a real hero."

Soon enough the sound of roaring engines came, as everyone look around to see where they were coming from, as it sound came more clear as it came closer, as the team looked behind the Weather machine robot looked up as two motorcycle came out of nowhere, and then their front wheels slam into the machines face bringing it down.

AS the robot crash, the two riders landed safely. To the young hero team they were jaw drop as they saw two bikers, came out of nowhere and landed a hit on the robot they were fighting. Cutting the engine, as both riders got off their rides and took off their helmets as well.

As the white hair teen whisper to his teammates as he asked, "Who are those two?"

To the kid in sunglasses he tries to look at them but their faces were out of site at the moment, even the others are wondering the same thing.

AS the machine recover as it blow out a twister from its hands and push itself up with its own abilities and said, "Now who are you two?"

The two riders didn't say a word as the rider by the Trychaser put his hands as his waste, as the other one beside the VTR had one hand lower as his other move down to the other back up out and back in close to his body and soon enough the rider riders had belts at their waste.

Wide eye to this site as the young heroes team didn't believe what they just saw, as the robot looked and said, "Interesting."

AS the rider by the trychaser raise one arms as the other one was at his waste going on the rimming of the, as the other rider move his arm forward and soon enough both of them said at the same time-


The trychaser rider throw back his right arm down to his left and spread them out, as the other rider moved both of his arms down to the side of his belt hitting two switches as he hit them made a clicking sound.

The trychaser rider's body soon shivers as body plate started to show up all around his body covering him from his feet to his head and in his place, was a hero of myths. The red masked rider with stag horn beetle, Kamen rider Kuuga.

The VTR rider's body soon became a haze and light flashes his entire body as stood in his place a gold plated masked rider, with largely pair of horn compare to kuuga's, stand there is the 2nd myth hero, Kamen rider Agito.

"Whoa," The speed teen said as to the rest with the green skin alien girl said, "Unbelievable."

AS the robot saw what went down before him as he said, "Who are you two?"

Kuuga was the first tome to answer as he said, "Watashitachi, kamen riders. Ore Kuuga."

Agito took his stands as he said, "Agito. Who are you, Mr. Weather man?"

The speed teen covers his mouth a bit and laughs with his hand muffling the sound then uncover it as he said, "Mr. Weather man, that a good one."

The machine wasn't amused by that as he said, "You may call me Mr. Twister, but tell me are you two with the justice league?"

Agito: No.

Kuuga: Not really.

"Hu, such a shame. Then you two can parish!" as Mr. Twister fire twisters at them, as Agito took cover and hit one of his switch on the side.

Kuuga roll out of the way as he said, "Chou Henshin!" reaching out for his bike handle as he pulls out a handle baton, as both of their color changes as Kuuga became a purple armor knight, Agito change blue to the left side of his arms to his chest.

As kuuga flicks his wrist as the baton pops out, it change in a split sec as it change into a broadsword, Agito reach to his belt like he pulling out something, from the center of his belt pop out a staff of sort, as it spring out as the end pieces became blades.

Both riders have change as kuuga became 'Kuuga Titan' (T. Kuuga), as Agito became 'Storm Agito' (S. Agito).

Everyone was confuse to what going on of how they were able to change as well bring forth weapon that seem out of nowhere as speed teen said, "Am, I the only one seeing this?" "If only," The sunglasses kid said as he look to the two riders as he watch carefully, studying their fight patterns.

"Amusing, but changing yourself won't save you," Mr. Twister said as he sent out more twisters at the two riders. Coming fast as Agito step up and twirl his staff around as a strong gust of wing came out of nowhere and somehow slow down the twister and came to a complete stop as they vanish.

"There not just for looks, weather machine," As S. Agito said as he hold his staff ready for another wind channel as Mr. Twister said, "Fair enough, let see how you like this?"

As energy spark down the robots arms to its hand held it out and fire a lightning bolt at Agito, only for kuuga still in titan form stepping in front and took the hit head on. Skidding back a few feet and stood his ground.

"He's not your only challenger, Twister," T. Kuuga said as the energy from the lightning bolt dance across him as for a moment he flash gold only be normal again. Taking a first step as he walk out to the machine and ready his weapon. Mr. Twister shot out another lightning bolt at T. kuuga but he took it and keeps on walking without slowing down.

"How annoying" Mr. Twister said as he summon forth twister once again as S. Agito dove out and he spin his staff around to stop the twister completely once again, and charged at Mr. Twister as he left himself valuable.

S. Agito slash against the robot pushing it back damaging it metal plating, duck away as a metal fist came at him and then counter as he sprang up and cut across the left arm damaging its lightning controls in it.

Mr. Twister saw he was in trouble , fire a gust of wind at its feet, sending it skyward up, blowing S. Agito away as he was blow in the air, but flipped in mid-air and recover. Landing back near the young hero group.

Kuuga look to the air as Mr. Twister hover as he said, "You two maybe unexpected for me, but I doubt you can fly up here to get me.

As S. Agito hear that, looking over his partners bike as he walk over to it as the teenage group saw what he was doing as he went to the pouch on the side, reaching in and pulled out a small Smith and Wesson revolver 38 special gun, surprise to see that as Agito turn back and said, "Kuuga!"

Throwing the gun as Kuuga turn and saw the gun coming at him as he held the sword reverse grip and throw it back Agito, as the teenage group was surprise to see that, throwing a dangers weapon at his friend, but once more being surprise as the sword turn into the bike handle, as it and the gun flow pass each other as they landed in the other riders hands.

As T. kuuga put his hand to his belt and said, "Chou Henshin!" soon his color change as well his outfit as it turn green and looking like an Archer of some sort. Kuuga has become Pegasus kuuga.

AS he held the gun in his hand it started to change to a crossover gun like weapon, as he stood still for a moment as the team watches him, as soon he was done whatever he was doing, pull back on the handle on the back as the weapon was set and the aimed up at Mr. Twister.

"What are you-" Mr. Twister never finish saying what he wanted at Kuuga fired upon Mr. Twister as the shot came fast hitting the damage arm where Agito hit it before, as the shot hit, the mark didn't show but-


The arm was destroyed as Mr. Twister fell back to earth. P. Kuuga lower his weapon as the team was jaw drop once more to the amazing power and skill these two rider had shown making it look like pro stuff and they wasn't even warmed up yet.

Agito came walking up to Kuuga, as he smack his shoulder to get his attention and gotten his attention. Agito gave a nodded, as Kuuga nodded getting the message as he toss the crossbow gun behind him.

The gun went back being a normal gun as kuuga throw that back at the motorcycles, to remember to grab it when they get back on the road, and then turn back to where Mr. Twister landed as he grasp hold of the handle as he put his hand near the belt again and said, "Chou henshin!"

Turning back to normal mighty kuuga, as Agito blue side faded back to gold. Both riders stood ready as they hear the sound of metal parts moving, they saw Mr. Twister was still active as he was sparking around and said, "D-d-damage d-d- detected, R-r-rerouting power. R-r-retreating option in p-p-progress"

"You're not going anywhere," Agito said as kuuga held out a fist and said, "We're going to finish this now." Soon both riders took a stands, as kuuga kneel down as energy gathers in his feet, with Agito as his horns sprang out and a glowing symbol appeared at his feet.

AS the team watches closely to what is happening as Kuuga took off as the energy flare up from his feet as he ran, Agito absorbed the light at his feet and then jumped in the air and fly at the machine aiming a kick at him. AS kuuga jumped in the air as well when Agito catches up both had their foot aimed at Mr. Twister as they call out, "Double rider kick!"

Direct hit at the chest as Mr. Twister flow back as the glow from Agito show on his chest with the mark of death from kuuga, as the power from the two kick seem to combine-


Mr. Twister exploded, blow to pieces as parts of him fell down to the ground what came down an arm, a scarf, and the Mr. Twisters own head that landed near the young hero team. As the speedy teen saw it as he picks it up as he said, "Sweet souven- hot-hot!"

The speed teen burn his hand to the metal was too hot to hold and ended up dropping it back down.

Everyone young hero than the speed teen was surprise at what the two rider did, as they fought off Mr. Twister, push him back, beat the crap out of him, and then kick him to smithereens.

As the two rider saw their job is once again done as Kuuga said, "Another satisfied job well done, right Agi… hu?" looking to his side to see agito was walking away as Kuuga walk and said, "Hey wait." Catching up to agito as he gotten to his ride, until he stop and looked at the young hero team and then walk to them.

Kuuga saw this and said, "What's with him?" As the team backed up a bit as agito step up to him and then stop a few feet away and held out his hand and said, "Give it back."

Alien girl: "what?"

White hair teen: "Hu?"

Speed teen holding the robot head: "Not giving this up."

Agito looked to the speed teen and said, "You can keep that, but the gun stays with us, fork it over."

As everyone looks to one person that may have taken something without anyone noticing, was the kid with the sunglasses and he said, "I don't have it."

Other than the three teens, the one behind him with the 'S' on his shirt saw what was in his back side as he pulled it out.

"Hey, the sun glasses kid turn around as he felt the gun lifted off of him as he was about to make a grab at it, until the gun flow of the super Teen hand and into agito's as his hand was glowing a bit and said, "Thank you for your time." Walks off as he toss the gun to kuuga as he grabs it and agito said, "Stop toss it loosely… again, or we might never get it back again."

"Sorry, old habits," Kuuga putting away the gun with the handle bar as agito gotten back on his ride and soon both rider De-henshin show the young rider team that they were a pair of teens themselves.

AS the agito guy got on his bike, put on his helmet as well the kuuga guy, and started it up as he rev it and soon driving off, as the kuuga guy look to the team as he said, "Sorry if we don't give out our real names, we're in a hurry, until we may meet again." Kick start his ride and the engine roar and he drove off as well.

The riders were gone leaving the teen confuse of what just happen as the speed teen said, "We all saw the same thing right?"

The team nodded and the speed teen said, "Good, I thought it was me."

-With the kamen riders-

As the two riders gotten back on road as it came to a light, John stopped at it following the rules of the road as CJ pulled up beside him and said, "Was it wise to just leave them hanging like that… I mean they were-"

"I know who they were, but it doesn't matter right now. I just want to get to the city, the faster we get there the better," John said not wanted to just stop and talk about it, as to that machine, they were taught to do the right thing and that's that.

"ok then… so what will you do once you find her?" CJ asked his partner what he will do as he said, "Try to remember her." As the light turns green, he revs the engine of his bike and took with CJ doing the same as well.

Getting on the high way as they drove for a while passing a sigh that have been scratch up a bit as it read, "Gotham- (Scrached out) -iles to go.

(T B C)