'Hey Jo' Stephanie Edwards walked over to her best friend who was sitting at the nurses counter with her head rested on her hand. ' You ok?'

' Yea, I'm just physically and mentally exhausted after working for 30 hours.' Jo muttered, not bothering to lift her head up to face her friend. It was true, she spent the whole day in the OR with Callie Torres lifting up legs and hands and hips. Furthermore, what she didn't mention was how she spent the better part of her day feeling jealous of Stephanie and wondering how she could be as good as Stephanie.

' You want some coffee?' Stephanie handed Jo a cup of coffee in her hands. 'You can take mine, I'll get another one for myself. It's cream and sugar too...I know you like your cofee with cream and sugar.'

Jo took a sniff of the strong coffee aroma. Usually that was enough to entice her and keep her going for the rest of her shift, but today the smell of coffee was making her naseous.

Suddenly without warning, Jo clamped her mouth and rushed into the latest ladies bathroom, the feeling of bile rising in her throat. She barely made it to the nearest toilet stall before spilling her entire guts contents to the toilet. When there was nothing left to throw up anymore, she starting dry heaving.

' Jo- are you sick?' To Jo's chargin, Steph had followed her all the way to the toilet.

' Ugh' Jo moaned, sitting on the toilet floor, with one hand hanging limply on the toilet bowl. She just couldn't muster the energy to get up. ' What do you think Steph? Do I look all fine and dandy to you?'

Stephanie winced, taken aback by the sudden change in her best friend's demeanour. Jo was usually cheerful and bubbly when she was with her. But of course Jo is sick now so that explains everything.

' Was it something you ate?' Stephanie prodded still not leaving, as Jo finally lifted herself up.

' I don't think so...' Jo mumbled in reply.. ' Alex cooked last night, and he always practices good hygiene.'

' You have the flu or something? Did Alex catch a bug from one of the kids he was treating?'

' No, Steph- Alex is fine.' Now that Jo was feeling better after emptying her entire guts contents out, she found her voice raising. She didn't mean to raise her voice at her best friend, but she was seriously having a bad throbbing headache and Steph's insistent prodding was beginning to get on her nerves. There was a fine line between being concerned and annoying.

' Are you pregnant?' Stephanie wasn't going to give up that easily. Her bluntness caught Jo off track.

Jo almost sputtered the water she was rinsing her mouth with on Stephanie. ' What?!' she managed a squeak.

' Are you pregnant?' Stephanie repeated casually. The manner in which she asked was just like asking Jo how the weather was.

' What? No...I can't be pregnant...or...OH MY GOD!' Jo suddenly exclaimed, placing her hands on the sink for balance as a wave of vertigo hit her.

Stephanie cocked her head, obviously waiting for Jo to admit something more.

Jo turned tearfully to Stephanie.

' My last period was 2 months ago...but I thought it was due to stress. I've always been irregular anyways.'

Stephanie remained silent, just giving her friend a look of sympathy.

' How can this be?' Jo cried out, covering her face with her hands. 'I was on the pill'

' Well did you miss a day of your pills?' Stephanie asked .

Jo paused to think for a moment. She did in fact miss a day of her pill, the day after a 40 hour shift. She was too exhausted and went to bed right after.

' Steph - what am I going to do?' Jo's face was still in her hands and tears were threatening to pour out from her eyes. ' I'm still halfway in my residency...I cannot afford to have a baby now. It's gonna pull me further behind. But I don't want to resent this baby like my mother resented me. I don't wanna be like her. Oh God, what shall I do now?' tears were now rolling down her cheeks freely.

Stephanie finally walked over to her best friend, and closing the gap in between them, pulled her into a tight hug.

' First off, you'll tell Alex. He is going to be ecstatic believe me...he'll be a great Dad, you see how he is with kids. He'll help you- you both are a tag team, you can and you will work this out ok?' she said, placing a hand on Jo's shoulder and rubbing it softly.

Jo looked up at her friend with teary eyes. ' Are you sure?'

'Positive. Now com'on, let's get you a blood test to confirm that you're actually pregnant.'

6 hours later, Jo was finally at the end of her 36 hour shift. She stepped into the elevator gratefully to the resident lounge, wanted to change to her street clothes and get herself out of the hospital as fast as possible.

The elevator dinged , and of course who else would step in other than Alex himself.

' Hey' he greeted her smirking. He hasn't seen his girlfriend for the whole day, with both of them being busy in different departments and he was just glad to bump into her.

' Hey' she greeted softly looking down at the elevator floor.

Alex found this strange. Usually Jo would be all over him in an instant, kissing him and hugging him close. Something is wrong with her today. Furthermore, he noted that she looked very pale. She must have not been feeling wlel.

' Are you ok Jo?' Alex asked his girlfriend concerned.

' Alex- do you want kids?' Jo asked suddenly.

' Why- no...I don't' Alex was perplexed by the question.

' I mean not now... In the future maybe' he quickly added when Jo looked down at the elevator floor again, a dejected look on her face.

' Do you want kids like ever?' Jo was now facing him.

' No...I mean yes... I mean' Alex stammered, being caught off guard by the question.

' Gosh Alex it's a simple yes or no question' Jo was now getting frustrated.

Alex suddenly paused to look at his girlfriend- something had clicked in his mind. Was she indicating something to him? Was she indicating that...

' What's going on?' Alex asked cautiously.

' Well Alex you'd better want kids as you'll...no we'll be having a kid of our own in the future' Jo finally said.

Alex couldn't find the exact words to say. He couldn't believe this. He was actually going to be a father soon.

' You mean you're ...'

' Yes, I'm pregnant. I just found out this morning'.

Suddenly Alex pressed the pause button of the elevator and they both were kissing passionately, celebrating new life and new hope.