7 years later...

'Mooom….' I hear my 7 year old son Jaden whine from the kids playroom as I busy myself preparing ingredients for the spaghetti I was about to make for dinner.

"Abby stole my toy car! She wouldn't give me back! ' I sigh to myself as I walk into the playroom. This is a common occurrence in the Karev household, our 2 children bickering over just about every single thing in the world- from food to toys to books and even over who should get more attention from me and Alex.

"Abby, give your brother back his car' I tell my 4 year old clone.

'No! ' she retorts, putting her hands on her hips. At only 4 years old, Abigail is already used to getting whatever she wanted. Unlike other girls her age, she prefers trucks and cars and fire engines over barbies. In fact when Alex brought her a Barbie doll for her birthday last year, she tore it into shreds much to our utter dismay. She prefers to run around with the neighborhood boys and trail along with her brother to playing with other girls.

Jaden on the other hand , is quiet and obedient does well in school and loves his sister when she isn't stealing his stuff.

' Abigail Grace, I am only telling you this once!' I put my hands on my hips as well and give her the glare, which lets her know that I mean business.

'Fine!'Abby threw the toy car into her brother's hands and stormed off to her bedroom, pouting.

Jaden retreats back to the playroom. Peace is restored in the loft… for the moment.

I rub the temple of my forehead as I pour the spaghetti to boil and the sauce to simmer. I am nursing a migraine today, causing me to come back early from work, and Callie is covering my post ops for me. But my kids certainly don't make being at home easier for me. These two are more than enough for me to handle… How the hell am I going to handle another one?

Just then , the door of the loft opens and in walks Alex, my husband of 6 years. We got married a few months after Jaden was born, in a simple private wedding ceremony with just a few of the hospital staff we knew and Alex's sister Amber present.

' Hey' he smiles, showing off have wrinkles at the edges of his eyes, the same wrinkles which Jaden has. Jaden is his clone as Abby is my clone. 'something smells nice'

He shrugs off his jacket and walks towards me in the kitchen, putting an arm around my waist and kissing the top of my head.

' What is wrong Jo?' He pulls back and looks right at me as he senses me tensing up'

' We need to talk Alex' I say simply. ' Tonight when the kids are asleep'

' What is it you need to talk to me about Jo?' Alex asks once we are in the privacy of our bedroom that night.

I turn to face him and swallow the lump forming in my throat. The whole day I had been rehearsing in my head ways in which to tell him, but now that the actual moment came, I just couldn't find the words.

Honestly, I don't know how he would react, as we have always thought that our family was complete. We have a boy and a girl- and we are happy. We didn't have any plans for any more children, and I was on the pill. I probably messed up on the pill again like I did with Jaden. Seriously, Abby was the only child of ours who was actually planned.

' Do you want more kids?' I asked Alex suddenly.
Alex stared at me dumbfolded for a moment.

'Why?' He asked cautiously. He was probably having déjà vu regarding the conversation we had in a hospital elevator 7 years ago which lead to me telling him that I was pregnant with Jaden.

I take a tissue out from the nightstand drawer and open it to reveal 5 pregnancy tests- all positive.

' These are mine , in case you were wondering'

Alex stood rooted to his spot. His reaction, or lack thereof , is beginning to unnerve me.

' Alex, please say something'

His face slowly formed a smile, then a grin.

' Jo, this is great!' He said , embracing me into a hug. ' we're gonna have another baby! We're both attendings now, we can make this work! We need a bigger house though… '

I laugh- his happiness is contagious.

' We're gonna have another baby' I mumble into his chest.

I pull away moments later from him and look at him in the eye.

' How are we gonna tell them that they're going to have another baby brother or sister?'

One night a month later found me and Alex sitting on the living room couch , Jaden and Abby were sitting on the floor in the living room in front of us. Alex had called a family meeting, which made the both of them nervous, as family meetings usually meant that they were punished for doing something wrong.

' Mom dad' I didn't do anything wrong I swear' Jaden spoke first.

' I didn't do anything wrong too ' Abby shrugged . 'Today'

I glare at her.

' No- you guys didn't do anything wrong' Alex said as he subtly held my hand in his. ' It's just that mummy and I have something to tell you'

I released the breath that I didn't know I was holding and said
' You guys are going to have a new baby brother or sister in 6 months time'

Both of them stared at us for a moment before Abby suddenly asked

' Oh- but where is the baby now?'

' In my tummy.' I answered. ' he or she has to grow bigger first before he or she arrives'

' But how did the baby get in your tummy mummy? ' Jaden looked genuinely confused.

Alex and I shared a look before Alex let out a chuckle and answered ' Oh it got there because daddy loved mummy very much.'

I think my face is now as red as a tomato from blushing.

But his answer seemed to satisfy both children.

' I want a baby brother to play with' Jaden said. ' Because Abby always disturbs me'.

Abby stuck her tongue out at him in return. ' I want a brother too. So I can play with his toys. '

Jaden glared at her.

' We don't get to chose whether it's a boy or girl ' Alex said to them. ' Alright kids, it's now time for bed'.

That night, as I cuddled in Alex's arms, I count my blessings- a great husband, 2 beautiful children and another on the way. A stable career too. Teenage Jo living in her car would never have imagined such a life for herself.

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