Dean frowned. "How do you know that?" Sam shrugged. "Same way she spotted ours. Higher education." The girl sighed. "You caught me Sam. Okay, I've been to college, didn't get too far though. Now I'm right where you are." She tilted her head. "Something wrong Dean?" Sam then noticed Dean, with his mouth open in shock. He didn't seem to expect this girl to know their names apparently. He stuttered a moment before regaining his composure.

"We hunt alone." He growled. Sam gave him a nudge. "Dean…" "It's okay" The girl said, hands up. "I hunt alone too. But maybe you should move one to another case, I've got this one boys." She walked past them out the door. Sam didn't move for a second but when he turned he saw Dean going after her. Sam followed him out the door as the girl was getting into her car.

"Who the hell are you?" he yelled off the step. Luckily, no one else seemed to notice him. She turned. "I told you, I'm Elizabeth Hazel, and I'm just like you." Without another word she stepped into her car and took off. Dean turned and stared at Sam. "What is that supposed to mean?" Sam shrugged. "Should we find another case?" Dean stared at him. "Like hell we are!" He led the way back inside and Sam sighed, following. "Dean, if we're going to continue this case we should at least team up with the hunter already working the job. Then at least we'd get somewhere."

Dean turned "you mean you don't think we'll get anywhere without her?" Sam nodded. "That's what I said." Dean sighed. "Dude, we're fine, we don't need any help." Sam thought for a moment as Dean entered the lounge. "What if she took the evidence with her?" he called to his brother. Dean froze and turned a fraction. "What do you mean?" Sam sighed. "I saw some evidence bags in her pocket." Dean growled. "Fine, let's go after her." Sam grinned and followed Dean to his car.

They went straight back to the motel where the woman, Elizabeth, if that was really her name, was already parked. However, either this girl knew her way around or this was just not their day because her car was parked on the side of the road out front, not in front of a room. Dean sighed and banged a fist on his steering wheel. Sam got out and headed straight for the reception. He walked up to the desk and the man on the computer looked up. He frowned a Sam and Dean when he had followed.

"You boys already paid for your room remember?" "Yes but-" Sam started. "we're looking for someone else in this motel" Dean cut him off. "an old friend of ours. Her car is out front but we wanted to go in and surprise her." Dean smiled charmingly. "you think you can tell us the room number?" The man sighed. "Name?" Dean's smile dropped and he frowned. "Uh…" Sam moved him aside to continue. "Her name is Elizabeth Hazel."

The man typed his computer keys wildly and frowned. "Sorry but it looks like she requested her room number kept private." Sam sighed. "Come on, if you have the room number you could just tell us. Will you please?" "Like hell he will."

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