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"Castiel!" she shouted pleadingly as she jumped awake. Her breathing slowed and she sighed eventually, pulling her legs up to her chest and burying her face in her knees. She sobbed quietly.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked quietly, sitting on the edge of his makeshift bed. She gasped as she looked up, forgetting he was there.

"Oh, sorry Sam. I'm sorry you had to see that. Did I wake you?" He shook his head.

"Couldn't sleep." He hesitated. "How…" She raised an eyebrow pulling her covers off.

"What?" He got up and followed her as she entered the bathroom and checked herself in the mirror. She fluffed her hair in a far too girly way to be real.

"How do you know Castiel?" He blurted. Liz froze and turned slowly.

"Castiel?" she asked in a dangerous voice. "What about him?" Sam thought for a moment.

"How did you meet?" He tried. She bit her lip facing the mirror again. Liz sighed.

"Don't tell Dean." She whispered. Sam nodded.

"I promise" Liz hesitated. "Well, there was… a fire. When I was six months old. Everyone thought I was dead after that, but I wasn't. Cas saved me and practicly raised me after that. I had always known he wasn't my real father but… Well, he had never told me what happened till I was ten. Said all my family had died in that fire. I was the only one to survive, and it was all thanks to Cas."

She scowled for a moment and Sam frowned. How could she be upset about something like that? Liz sighed. "Well, I gonna have a shower and go get breakfast okay? See if you can find anything else online." Sam nodded, taking the hint to retreat to the kitchenette. He made himself a coffee and Liz was out pretty soon. He looked up and paused. He had not seen her in anything but her FBI clothes and what she slept in so far and what made him stop was… she reminded him strongly of Dean in this moment. She wore her blue jeans and blue denim jacket to match over a plain black shirt. She raised an eyebrow realising he had been watching her. "You right there, Sammy?" she joked. Sam shook his head and looked back at his coffee. "You want a coffee?" he offered. She shook her head. "Nah, I'll pick some up with breakfast. I don't like instant coffee." He nodded and Liz left.

Liz found the first restaurant she could in the little town and entered. It was pretty empty for this early in the morning but she had double checked it was open. She approached the service counter and picked up one of the mini menus with new recipes advertised. A young woman stepped out of the kitchen and approached her. "Have you been waiting long?" She asked politely. Liz smiled and shook her head.

"No, just got here. Can I get a breakfast to go here?" The woman nodded.

"Of course. I'm Emily by the way." She pulled a pen and pad out of her apron pocket. "What would you like?"

"Well" Liz started lifting the menu. "I'll take two of the new recipe double bacon burgers, a 'super salad' and… Do you have any pie?" Emily smiled and pulled a menu book from the counter.

"We're famous for our pies." Liz smiled.

"Perfect" she muttered looking over the pies on offer. She pointed one out and Emily nodded.

"Coming right up." She turned to the kitchen and Liz watched her put on the bacon and prepare the burgers while she chopped Sam's salad.

"You new here?" she asked while she worked. Liz simply nodded. "Moving in or just passing by?"

"Passing by" she answered. "Might stay for a bit. I'm kind of on a road trip with some friends." Emily smiled. "let me guess, one of these friends has the salad while you and your other friend have the pie and bacon burgers." Liz paused. "How did you know that?"

Emily laughed. "Well, simple really. I enjoy logic puzzles and they're easily found everyday, like just now. You seemed to show a major distaste to the salad, meaning either it was someone else's or you were getting it for a diet, but you don't seem to be the dieting type. Secondly, I guess you and your friend with the burgers are having the pie because what kind of person has just a salad and then a pie?"

Liz smiled. "yeah, simple" she muttered. Emily smiled back and finished up their orders, placing them in a large takeaway bag. She walked back around to the counter and handed her the bag.

"That'll be twenty-five fifty." She said. Liz nodded and pulled some cash out of her pocket.

"Keep the change" She said smiling at the girl.

Liz picked up a coffee and got back to her hotel room to find Sam was gone, meaning either Dean was up or Sam had eventually realised he owned a lock pick. Liz grinned to herself and found Sam and Dean's room, wandering in. Sam was at the desk with his laptop still and Dean was in the shower. She placed the bag on the table in front of Sam and began unpacking their food. "So, I got you a salad." She said pulling it out and setting it in front of him. He grinned.

"Oh, so you do know us then. Stalker?'" Liz frowned at him. "Shut up." The bathroom door opened and Dean came out, thankfully, already dressed. He paused and raised an eyebrow. "Breakfast? Sam usually gets breakfast." Sam shrugged and Dean frowned at him. "You tell her to get this or do we have another freaky psychic friend again." He muttered. Liz rolled her eyes. "Dean, I got you a bacon burger and pie, you want me to take it back?" He shook his head, laughing. "Hell no. Thanks Lizzy." She scowled. "Don't call me that."

After breakfast the trio prepared for the day ahead and Liz left to fetch her ammo and guns from her car. She re-entered as Dean was hanging up his phone. "Told him to get down here." He told his brother, unaware of her presence in the doorway. She shut the door loudly to indicate she was back.

"Who?" she asked curiously. Sam looked at her in a kind of pleading worried way and she frowned. Luckily Dean missed this.

Castiel appeared in front of the boys.

"How long is this going to take?" He asked them. He didn't seem to have noticed Liz until she stepped forward.

"Who is this?" She muttered. Cas looked up and his eyes widened.

"Lily" He whispered.

This seemed to be what made Liz realise who Cas actually was. She froze.

"Ca- Castiel?" She managed. He swallowed nervously and Sam frowned. Dean had no idea what was going on and was looking between the two.

"you guys know each other?" Sam shifted uncomfortably and Dean locked his eyes on him. "You knew" he muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. Sam held his hands up in defence.

"Hey, I didn't ask for a secret to keep from you. I just found out and she asked me not to tell you."

The whole time they argued Cas stared at Liz and she stared right back, her expression getting angrier by the second.

"I've got to go." She said to the boys, not taking her eyes of Castiel.

"Wait!" he called. She turned and opened the door to leave but Cas appeared in the doorway. "Lily, I can explain."

"Can it Cas!" Liz shouted suddenly. "and don't call me Lily, My name is Liz now and you know it." He sighed.

"I'm kind of surprised you still use that name." He whispered. She sighed.

"It kind of stuck. Now get out of my way." Cas shook his head.

"We need to talk." He lifted his hand and Liz tried to duck away but in an instant she was no longer in the hotel room ducking back to Sam and Dean but she was in a dark field stumbling back over a hay bale behind her.

Liz fell and gasped looking around.

"Where the hell are we?" She shouted. Cas shifted uncomfortably, looking around.

"Australia." He said quietly. Liz stared at him.

"You took me to Australia to talk?!" She cried. "Are you crazy, Cas?" he sighed.

"It was the first place I could think of." He defended. She sighed, getting to her feet.

"Fine then. I don't wanna buy a damn plane ticket home so... what are we talking about?" He looked straight at her for a moment.

"Lily-" He froze under her sudden glare. "Liz, I'm sorry. We… haven't really seen each other in a while." Liz Scoffed

"Yeah, if you call ten frikin' years a while." She mocked. Cas sighed.

"Just hear me out." She nodded, waiting. "When you… found out. I had been meaning to tell you, I swear. You just… I wanted to wait a little longer. You were happy, Liz. I wanted you to have a normal life for a little bit longer. I knew when I told you the truth, I wouldn't be able to keep you from this life. You wouldn't be able to either, even if you tried." He paused and sighed.

"Liz I wanted to stay, to wait for you, I was going to tell you everything and explain it all from the start when you came home from school. But… Well, I didn't leave. I got taken away." Liz raised an eyebrow.

"Taken? What are you talking about?"

"I was taken back to heaven." He said quickly. She paused.

"Wait, like… You were grounded or something?"

"Essentially yes." Liz was taken aback by this.

"Why then? What did you do Cas? Were you about to give me some big secret or something?"

"No…" he started.

Cas began walking and waved for her to follow. "The whole time I was there, the whole time I was watching you was under the orders of heaven. I was assigned your family and once I saved you from that fire my job was to take care of you and raise you, keep you safe. I was told to get you into school once you were old enough and not tell you of the fire until you were old enough to be okay when you knew." He looked at her. "Around the age of ten. Then to not tell you all of the truth, that would come later, around the age of sixteen or seventeen. I was waiting preferably for the age of eighteen. When you were entering high school it would become harder to watch you, you would want to be doing things with your friends. Going shopping, movies etc. After all I couldn't really tell you that you couldn't without you looking for a why.

"So that was when I chose to tell you about hunters, monsters, demons, angels, the lot. I told you so you would be safe. This was also essential for when you knew the whole truth later on. You can't just jump right into hunting, you have to have at least some self-defence experience beforehand." Liz gave him a nudge with her elbow.

"I thought you were explaining why you were grounded." Cas Nodded

"I was getting to that. The angels had come to think I was becoming too close to you. They thought I wouldn't let you become a hunter, but they needed that. They came down for a chat on your thirteenth birthday. Told me that if I came too close to you or I cared too much about you personally…" he glanced at her. "If that happened you would be removed from my care on that day. You would be placed with Zachariah." Liz looked at him.

"Zachariah? Seriously? No one up there is smart enough to think that I would not tolerate that? Hell, I'd be gone the very next day."

Cas shook his head. "If it came to that you'd be taken out of school and kept in lockdown at the house. He'd never take his eyes off you even for a second. I knew you well, I knew how you would react to that. You were rebellious against me, I could only imagine how you'd be against him." Liz shook her head.

"So that's what happened. I saw you treating me differently after that. You loved me so much that you had to stop loving me, it was to help me all along. Cas, I'm sorry." He tilted his head at her and stopped walking.

"For what?"

"For reacting the way I did after that night. To be honest I kind of hated you from that point on. It's not too fun growing up with an angel if he's not allowed to love you." She was on the verge of tears by now and Cas just looked unsure what to do. She pulled in close and hugged him tightly but he didn't hug her back at first. Liz laughed a little. "Cas, you can love me now, your contracts expired." He didn't respond.

She pulled back "Castiel, if Zachariah comes down here I will kick his feathery ass right back up and if you don't hug me I'll do the same for you." He didn't respond but smiled after a moment. Liz wasn't quite sure who hugged who but all she knew was that they held each other tightly for a long while, making up for thirteen years of missed hugs. After a minute tears appeared at Liz's eyes and she buried her head in Castiel's shoulder, crying into his coat.

Castiel held her close patting her back and whispering to her. She wasn't sure what he was saying but his voice was soothing and unusually soft for him. When she stopped crying she stayed as she was, listening, not to his words but just his voice. Before she knew it she was leaning on him and drifting off to sleep.

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