Disclaimer: I do not own any portion of The Big Bang Theory or its characters. Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre do, and hopefully will give us some delightful innuendos and outuendos from our dear Shamy in the near future.

A/N: This is just a little series of disconnected snippets that have been running around in my head. They all occur sometime after Leonard has moved out and Sheldon and Amy have consummated their relationship. Sheldon said in S9 E1 "We make everyone feel awkward, that's our thing!" That got me thinking about how much more awkward "their thing" could become for everyone else if they approach their intimate relationship in the same straightforward manner they approach so much else. Hope you enjoy!

Sheldon and Amy had just finished a very fruitful discussion and were sitting on the couch in his apartment sipping tea from their blue and yellow cups. There was a single knock on the door and it swung open, Leonard and Penny strolling in. Penny smiled at them and said brightly "Hey guys, we're headed out to grab some dinner, we were wondering if you'd like to join us." Before Sheldon and Amy could answer, however, Leonard shouted "Oh my God!" The others turned to find him staring up at the ceiling, eyes pointedly avoiding looking at the room. "What's wrong?" Sheldon asked, confused.

"Sheldon, what the hell is wrong with you?" he said, eyes fixed upwards. Penny looked at her husband and was about to ask what he meant, when her eyes fell on the large whiteboard placed near the hallway. It clearly contained a rather explicit numbered list of sexual positions and activities, many of which had large green checkmarks by them. "Oh!" Gasping slightly, she turned her back.

Leonard continued "You can't leave info like that lying around, Sheldon, no one wants to know. No one."

Sheldon shrugged as he replied "Well I didn't invite you over. You let yourselves in."

Leonard rolled his eyes, but couldn't refute his logic.

"I think we'll pass on dinner, thank you," Amy replied, a hint of laughter in her voice. "I'll catch up with you tomororw, Bestie."

Leonard and Penny hurried out of the apartment and started down the stairs, shaking their heads. Leonard was the first to speak.

"I can't believe Sheldon would even make that list, let alone write it on the board in the middle of the living room. Ugh. I kinda miss the days when he didn't even want anyone to say the word sex around him."

"Yeah, pretty crazy," Penny mused. "But, um, did you see the 4th one down that they had checked off? I can NOT believe they did that!"

"I noticed." Leonard gave a small shudder. "I guess our little Shamy is all grown up."

"Yeah, and apparently flexible as hell" muttered Penny as they passed through the front doors of the building.