'Sup. This is the part a lot of people hate and a lot of people love. Bonding time. Where the characters got to know each other more. The usual school animes have their chapter in the pool so does Highschool DxD.

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Chapter 11: So you were serious?! Kiba get the fuck out of the water.

"I certainly didn't expect this to end this way. Xenovia joined our school and Rias turned her into a demon. Rias finally moved in. Asia didn't tok it as bad as I expected it to be. That was until she saw that Rias was sleeping with me and naked. Boota was taken to the Gremory mansion while I was gone.He will stay there for a while. One of Issei's clients was Azazel, the leader of the fallen angels. Vali, the Vanishing Dragon appeared. But the thing I less expect was..."

"We have to clean the pool?!" Simon asked when he came back to reality.

"Yes, tomorrow we are going to clean the pool for the student council." Rias said while we were eating breakfast.

"Alright, then." Simon said.

That afternoon in class.

Simon didn't care of his class. He listened, but he didn't ever took a good look of the school.

He was sitting next to Akeno in the back. Rias was in the right part of the class so they couldn't really speak until the end of class or a break. He was looking for a distraction.


Xenovia was talking with Rias about what she could do. Now that the only thing that keep her moving was gone.

Simon heard that. He forgot his Core Drill. He was playing with it and forgot it in a chair.

"Well the devils make peoples dreams..." Rias said but she was cut of by Simon entering the room. "Ah Simon. Do you have an advice for Xenovia? You were in the same situation. Right?"

"What you do with your life is what your will decides it to be. Don't let someone else decide your life for you. Make your own path breaking through the walls that stand in your way." Simon said while grabing his Core drill and leaving having memories of the past.

(Flashback end.)

"Simon what is the answer for number 3? Simon? Simon!" The teacher yelled.

"Hai, Rossiu!" Simon reacted.

This made the whole class laugh.

The next day.

"So... you were serious. We are actually cleaning the pool." Simon said seeing the dark waters of the pool.

"Come on I didn't knew the "legendary spiral warrior" is scared of dirty water. Didn't you said you wanted to fight god and you can't clean a pool?" Rias clearly enraged Simon.

"WHAT?!" Simon said. His left eye was twitching. "OF COURSE I CAN! FASTER THAN ANYONE! GURREN LAGANN, SPIN ON!"

"WAIT WHAT?!" Issei yelled. "There is no space for Gurren La..."

"Run!" Akeno yelled.

Gurren Lagann appeared out of nowwhere with Simon inside of it.

"GURREN LAGANN! BREAKING THROUGH TIME AND SPACE TO MAKE A PATH FOR THE NEXT GENERATION! WE ARE..." Simon was doing what the people pf his brigade knew to do the best. Being epic. That was before he was cut off.

"WE ARE JUST CLEANING A POOL!" Issei shouted. No one seemed to care that Simon was doing what he wanted so they went to change their clothes.

Gurren Lagann filled the pool with clean water and drilled his way back to the Gremory Mansion, King Lazengann drilled it's self back to the pool. When Simon turned back he saw every body but Akeno and Xenovia go out with it's bathing suit.

"How do I look? Simon." Rias said with a playful tone.

"I THINK YOU LOOK GREAT!" Issei yelled with a nosebleed.

"How do I look, Simon?" Asia said when she heard Rias.

"I THINK LOOK GREAT!" Issei yelled with a nosebleed.

"You look cute!" Simon said laughing and patting Koneko's head.

"Simon!" Rias and Asia protested in unison.

"Where's Kiba at?" Simon asked.

Issei pointed to the water. He was already swimming, he didn't had fucks to give.

"Alright I'll go change." Simon said.

When he entered the changing room he was surprised. He found Akeno waiting for him.

Simon entered the room and sat down waiting for an explanation.

Akeno threw her self towards him. She sat in his legs and hugged him.

"Simon, I love you. Why don't we have an adventure. Neither Buchou or Asia need to find out. Just you and I. Right now." Akeno said with a seductive voice.

"Well you know... I." Simon said he cleared his throat.

The wall exploded. Literally.

"What do you think you're doing?" Rias said angrily. "Don't you know he is mine?"

"Yeah I'm... Wait what?!" Simon said confused. He slowly started realising that if something wasn't happening that day. Relaxing.

After a quick fight for him and some talking with Issei. And Kiba's swimming, how is he doing that. He is not even breathing and not even tired. A quite random question turn everything up side down.

"Hey, Simon! Don't you want to rub oil on my back?" Rias asked.

"I WANT TO!" Issei yelled.

"Sure." Simon answered.

Rias took tge top of her bikini off and Simon started.

"Thank you Simon, don't you want to do it in my boobs?" Rias said in a playful tone.

"I WANT TO!" Issei yelled.

When Akeno heard that she grabbed Simon. "That excalated pretty quickly, don't you think?" She took her top off and put Simon's head between her tits. "Don't you want to do it in mines?"

"I WANT TO!" Issei yelled.

Rias separated them with a magic shot.

"So that is how we are going to do it?" Akeno said throwing a lightning bolt at Rias.

"Run!" Issei yelled. Everybody ran into different directions. Everyone but Kiba he was stil swimming. He really ran out of fucks to give.

Simon and Issei ran towards the changing rooms. That was until Issei disapeared.

Simon looked for him. He opened a door slightly. He saw Issei and Xenovia talking. He couldn't hear what they were saying. Suddenly Xenovia threw Issei to the ground and took the top off.

"Here you are." A menacing voice said from behind him.

"Ara ara you're looking Xenovia change her clothes?" Another voice said from behind him.

"Simon how could you?" Another voice said.

"I didn't knew you were a pervert like Issei." Other voice said.

In that moment Simon knew... he fucked up.

Kiba went out of the water because he heard the screams of Simon. (Really, bitch!)

Back at the club.

"You are such a pervert." Koneko said to was standing om top of him and kicking him once in a while. She didn't forget so easily.

"I'm telling you I didn't do it on purpose." Simon said.

"Sounds like you're having fun." A voice said while two siluettes appeared through a magic circle.

"Sirzech! Help me!" Simon pleaded.

"Ohh Simon! How are you. Know that I remeber I have to thank you of giving us Gurren Lagann that day and not keeping it for yourself!" The demon king said with a malicous grin.

"Oh don't be that guy." Simon said.

"Oh I'm being that guy." Sirzech laughed.

Akeno, Kiba, Issei and Koneko, still on top of Simon, reverenced.

"Brother, Grayfia what are you doing here?" Rias asked.

"Well, I was planning to make the reunion with Azazel and Michael here. In Kuoh Academy." Sirzech said for her surprise. "Plus family day is held in your school so me and dad are coming."

"WHAT, YOU'RE COMING TOO!" Rias shouted.

Then Xenovia started him and stuff. Simon didn't care because he couldn't concentrate in something that wasn't the pain of Koneko's kicks.

"I'm going to kill Sirzech after this!" Simon thought.

Some days passed and the family day finally came to the Kuoh Academy.

Issei was suffering. He needed to make an sculpture. But he didn't knew of what to do it and Simon was suffering of the explanation the teacher was giving.

The babling was strong with this one. When the teacher finally stopped talking the bell rang and Rias ran away from her brother and father. Quickly followed by Akeno. Simon greeted Lord Gremory and looked for Rias too.

After a while Simon heard a magical girl was at the gym. He guessed that the other ones would be there too.

He ran to the gym only to be tackled by Serafall.

"Simon!" Serafall said. "I'm glad to see you!"

"Me too. It loos like you have your magical girl suit. You told me your sister doesn't like it, and you caught a lot of attention from perverts." Simon said worried of the reaction of the young Sitri if she caughts Serafall dressed like this.

"You should watch that anime. It's called Magical girl Milky Spiral Seven. And I know how much you like spirals." Serafall said mocking Simon.

Then Souna opened the gym doors to found her sister on the floor with a magical girl outfit with her bestfriend's pawn. Without even doubting it she ran through the door.

That day was only starting. In the afternoon Rias father and his brother went to their house to watch the videos they recorded.

"Simon look at Rias answering this question isn't she adorable!" Lord Gremorh said making Simon and Sirsechs laugh.

"DAD!" Rias shouted to his father. Asia brought some more food for them.

"Dad lissten to this, Simon was taken as a perverted the other day and was being pleading for mercy like a girl!" Sirzechs said they were clearly drunk and that made Grayfia sigh and went to talk with the other women at the other side of the room.

Lord Gremory laughed.

"Well listen to this the other day Issei called me during the night..." Simon said making Sirzechs warn Simon.

"Simon, don't be that guy!" Sirzechs said.

"Oh, I'm totally being that guy. Well Issei told me Sirzechs said he wanted to make Rias boobseven bigger giving the boosted gift to them."

Lord Gremory laughed even more. And a frozen shoe flew across the room just to hit the demon king's face.

Rias went running upstairs when she heard that. Simon noticed and followed her. She was sitting on the floor.

"I'm sorry. I didn't wanted to offend you." Simon said when she saw the red haied girl sitting on the floor.

"I'm not mad at you. I'm just..." Rias said making Simon worry about her.

"Don't you want to go to my room? It's a little bit more comfy than the floor." Simon said making Rias get up. She went to his room and threw herself to his bed.

"Do you hate your family?" Simon asked while closing the door.

"Why woudn't I. They are always trying to embarass me." Rias said without taking her face off the pillow.

"I would love to have a family like yours. You know I don't remember my surname. I don't remember my parents. I had to find my own family and I did." Simon said caressing her hair trying to comfort her. "Your family isn't something you choose, is something you grow with."

"Simon, do you hate me?" Rias asked.

"Why should I?" Simon tried to look for an explanation to that question. Could she really hate her family so much.

"Because I separated you from your friends, your family." Rias said now looking at him in the eyes.

"You didn't separate me from them. You saved my life. You gave me a new family and people I want to protect. You gave me another chance of living." Simon said making Rias lean on for a kiss.

She started kissing him. She didn't wanted to wait for someone to ruin the moment so she rushed it. And as she thought Asia entered the room with Sirzechs being the second.

Asia got mad. But something Sirzech said was what caught Simon's attention.

"Hey Rias, don't you think is time to unlock your other bishop?"

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