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Novy finished the daunting task of creating The Viper's Solution. She felt wiped out despite spending the majority of her day waiting. The portrait of Bedford Gee had proclaimed how astonished he was that she had managed to complete it. Novy grabbed the crystal that Jareth had given her.

"Jareth" Novy called out. Nothing happened right away. Just when Novy was about to call out a second time, the crystal popped.

"You finished" Jareth stated. Novy took a step back when she realized that he was right next to her.

"Yes" Novy replied.

"That is no way to address a king!" Bedford cried out from his frame. Jareth picked up the glass jar of liquid, ignoring the portrait. It looked to be correct.

"You followed every instruction?" Jareth asked.

"Yes, Sire" Novy replied.

"I'll join you for a bath when I return" Jareth stated blandly. "I won't be long."

Novy watched as he disappeared in a burst of glitter. She stepped towards the door when the portrait creaked behind her.

"You can't leave me here" Bedford cried out.

"Watch me" Novy said. She had grown tired of his constant bickering and whining. She left the room, letting the door shut a little loud.

As promised, Jareth entered the bathing room not long after Novy sank into the warm depths of the small pool. He silently removed his clothes and boots before climbing into the water. He was obviously tired and exhausted.

"I'm glad everything is taken care of" Novy said softly. She barely talked louder than the churning of the water. Jareth closed his eyes and splashed water onto his face.

"Come here" Jareth said reaching out for Novy. She moved across the pool and felt Jareth's hands pull her towards him when she was close enough. He leaned forward and kissed her. His hands pulled her to straddle his lap as he leaned back to his original position. Her breasts were just barely above the water. His hands followed her legs up and gave her firm ass a squeeze. Novy made a whimpering noise that was not unpleasant. "Little bird. We're going to retire to bed exhausted."

Novy felt her nipples harden when Jareth spoke. One of his hands followed her body up until he was able to cup a breast and brush his thumb against her hard nipple. His heart raced with excitement at the sight of her. He leaned down, running his tongue over one nipple. He bit down on it, enough to make her shake and moan.

"Jareth" Novy whispered harshly. She felt him push against her and she naturally reacted by enveloping his length within her. Jareth groaned and held her hips in a firm grip. He controlled her speed as she rode him. It didn't take long for Novy to clutch his shoulder, crying out for him. He gave in and let himself explode with pleasure.

Jareth closed his eyes and rested his head against Novy's shoulder. It wasn't his finest bout of love-making, but he was exhausted. He felt her arms drape around him. He had truly missed arms around him.

"Come with me, little bird" Jareth whispered to her. They both climbed out from the warm water and, as usual, put on their robes. The difference this time being that Jareth held her hand as he led her to his chamber. They went past the table, past the chairs that faced the fireplace, and past the door that led to his bed. He kissed her softly. "Tonight, you're mine."

The night, while very long, had been very much something needed. It had been a night of passion and sleep in a repeating cycle. Not one for giving way to sleep, Jareth was up soon after the sun rose. He felt himself smile as he looked down at his new servant girl. He hadn't felt this rested, wanted, and needed in such a long time.

He rested on his back, listening to her breathe. He smiled inwardly. He had proved himself wrong over the last two weeks. He had not believed that friendship and lovers could be rolled into one package.

Jareth closed his eyes and waited for his friend to wake up.

The End