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Growing Wings

Chapter One

Kagome jumped into the water gratefully. It removed all of the tension from the earlier fight with Inuyasha. It also removed the itching/burning sensation that had begun that day around noon in her shoulder blades.

It had been so annoying that she had asked Inuyasha to use his claws to scratch it for her. The relief did not last long after only about thirty seconds the itching came back and worse than ever. For awhile she thought it was something like poison oak or poison ivy but as her fingers inched back towards the area in which the itch was located she felt little bumps under her skin.

Just as she was about to tell Sango (who was still undressing on the bank) about it *Splash* Sango cannonballed herself into the water causing a wave to cover Kagome completely. Slightly angered Kagome skimmed her out- stretched arm over the water causing Sango to get a mouthful of water. Sango's eyes widened as the water went in her mouth, then a devilish sparkle appeared in her right eye and she spit the water into Kagome's smiling face she then submerged herself in the water, grabbed Kagome's ankles and pulled her under the water with her.

Kagome yelped as her ankles pulled her under.

Once released Kagome swam as fast as she could up to the surface. Once there she breathed quickly and heavily in fear of being pulled back down. Not long after Sango came up for air and was met with a splash strait in the face. Kagome laughed and got splashed by Sango's feet.

The water fight continued and with laughter until the moon rose into the center of the sky and the water became to cold to swim in.

**********For the time being the bumps on Kagome's back were forgotten replaced by laughter and thoughts of how next to get Sango.

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