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After the outburst from the neighbors things were a little awkward for a moment. Both sat on the window seat in silence.

"...Isis...I..." Yami began slowly.

"...My have no reason to say anymore. I understand."

Yami stood up and smiled down at her for a moment before nodding. "Then it is settled. Good night, Isis and sleep well." He stated before vanishing.

Isis sighed heavily...


My Pharaoh is too kind. I should have told him the truth a long time ago, but I feared the outcome. My Millennium Tauk does not allow me to see the futures of other Millennium Item holders.

I should not have used him; I can only be thankful that he forgives me.


Before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, she looked up at the ceiling and smiled, "Good night, my Pharaoh."


Yami sat in the dark in his soul room. 'Tomorrow it will all change...'


Morning soon came and the neighbors were heard once more. It seems that the tooth fairy had been sneakier than expected. She had used a decoy and had snuck in during the night. Funny thing was they found no money under their pillows; the sneaky tooth fairy had left a few pennies and some lint in between the couch cushions. ^.^


Grandpa brought the mail inside and arched an eyebrow at the envelope.

"Yuugi!" he hollered up the stairs.

Yuugi came barrel-assing doing the stairs. "What?! What?!"

"Since when does the Evil one receive mail????" questioned the old man, as he held up an envelope addressed "Pharaoh".

"Yami has mail?" Yuugi thought outloud, before taking the letter and walking back upstairs.



Yami appeared next to his Aibou. "Hai, I know Aibou." He then took over and opened the envelope.

" it is time..."



//Hai, Aibou, it is time for us to go.//

/I will help you in any way I can, Yami./

//I know Aibou and you have my thanks. I will protect you with all my power and I will protect your loved ones from Malik as well.//

/I know you will Yami, and I won't leave you. You've given me so much, you gave me friends and courage. You won't be alone again, like you were so many years ago./

//Thank you, Aibou, but you had courage inside your heart all along and the power to make friends. I merely helped you realize your own potential. Now, I must unlock all the memories of my past and the only chance I have of doing that is to defeat Malik.//

/We will get your memories back, Yami. Where are we to meet Malik?/

//Malik will find us, we must go to the Domino City Park tomorrow afternoon. However, I can already sense his aura in this city. I feel that when the time comes for our battle my powers will be revealed and grow stronger.//

/...I see...and Malik what will become of him?/

//I will uphold a promise to Isis, I will bring him back alive.//

/Yami...he wants to kill us though.../

//He wants me Aibou, he merely would risk your life and endanger you to force me to surrender.//

/...He hates you because his people have guarded your memory for 5000 years, correct?/

//Aibou, Malik is being controlled by the spirit residing in his Millennium Item. He is a victim, however, I believe he has a great deal of pain and anger toward myself for matters he does not understand. I will spare his life and somehow free his soul...but...I believe that even Isis understands that my first priority is to protect you.//

/Yami, if protecting me means that you I have to lose you, then I don't want it to come to that!/

//...We will just have to pray that I can defeat Malik and save us all.//


A knock came from outside of the bedroom door.

"Come in."

Yami turned around as the door opened.

"My Pharaoh, I came to..." she stopped short realizing that something had happened.


What has happened? He looks worried and even a bit unsure of himself.


"Is is time, Isis," he stated, holding out the envelope with the letter enclosed.

She took it slowly and her eyes widened as she read:


I hope this letter finds you well. Enjoy it while you can, however, because I have arranged a special duel for you tomorrow. I am sure that you will not back down from this challenge, if you value the lives of your host's loved ones. Come to the Domino City Park tomorrow at noon. I shall have one of my rare hunters waiting for you. He will escort you to the chosen place for our battle.


@-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ must sense that he is not ready for this duel. Yet you force him out. Yuugi received a duel disk for Battle City the other day...nothing will stop him from leaving tomorrow.


"My Pharaoh, do not let Malik get the upperhand. Do not allow him to control your life. Do not---

"Enough Isis!" he exclaimed firmly.

Isis blinked at his hard tone of voice.

"Do not tell me how I am to duel Malik. Do you think I wish to stand around waiting for his orders?"

"...No...I merely..." began Isis, her voice low as she looked down.

"You have no say in these affairs, Isis. My host's safety comes before my own. I will find a way to protect Japan and free Malik. However, I will not risk my host or his loved ones. They are innocents who never asked for my problems."

Isis looked up, "My Pharaoh, you are too selfless. Do you think Malik does not already know this? He is ruthless in battle, I do not mean to second guess or misjudge you, but you must know what he is capable of. You never asked for Malik's hatred, nor did you personally aid it. All I ask is that you think of yourself for once."

Yami turned his back to her. "You have no right to ask that of me. My past is a mystery to me, my future is unclear, and my only fate from what I can see is to defeat Malik in order to regain my memories. Then perhaps, my soul will be released from the Millennium Puzzle and I can move on."


Move...on...of course he wants to be free...he's not like Shadi and myself. We have souls and bodies of our own. The Pharaoh...his body...

So very sad to think of him that way. We cannot be selfish. Shadi and I are loyal to our Pharaoh, but we will miss him a great deal if he is to leave us once more.




/Do you want to leave me?/

//Aibou, I do not know what it is I want. I wish I could just leave you in order to keep you safe, yet at the same time I have never had a closer friend then you...and I would miss you greatly.//

/Yami, you must feel very confined in the Millennium Puzzle and if your freedom would make you happy; then when Malik has been defeated, I will help set you free./

//...Aibou, thank you...//


"I am sorry for speaking so rudely to you, My Pharaoh." Isis stated before walking past him. She paused and was surprised to find his hand on hers.

"No, Isis, it is I who apologize. I am merely tired of knowing so little about my past, and I want to protect my Aibou more than anything."

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "My Pharaoh, you have no reason to apologize," she paused for a moment and smiled, "I believe in you, Yami. You will beat Malik and you will retrieve all three God cards in this tournament."

"Thank you Isis, your words mea a great deal to me."

"Yami, I will always..."




The crash had come from outside of the bedroom window. Both sweatdropped, walking over to the window and peeking find nothing...

"The neighbors?" questioned Yami arching an eyebrow.

"...Could be..."


Meanwhile in the bush laying in an ungraceful heap was Anzu. Guess she started her "To Do" list. She found Yami and Isis, now she was on step three: get Isis away from Yami

And just what did Isis think she was doing getting so buddy buddy with Yami?


Isis shrugged her shoulders after finding nothing and then started to blush.


Isis, get ahold of yourself! So his hand is on yours. Big deal! It's just the Pharaoh...who is...lost...and...sad...and....Ra, he's really very cu---

Aaaah! Stop it Isis!


Yami arched an eyebrow at Isis and then thought that his hand holding hers must be making her uncomfortable.

"Gomen Nasai."

He was startled when she took his hand once more.



Real smooth, Isis, you sound like a stupid schoolgirl...


"I merely do not know when I will see you again, my Pharaoh, and I would like to hold your hand for just a while longer. And help reassure you that everything will be alright."

Yami sat back down on the window seat next to her still holding her hand.


In the tree outside the window watching them, not a squirrel, nope not a bird, and nuh uh, wasn't a cat...but Anzu! Sitting on a tree branch with her jaw almost hanging open at the sight.


Yami sweatdropped feeling that he was being watched. He turned his head to the window and arched an eyebrow. Nope, nothing there...

"Something wrong?" Isis asked.

"No, I merely felt as if someone were watching us," he replied.

"I had the same feeling, odd no?"


He stood up pulling her up to her feet as well.

"My Pharaoh?" she questioned, arching an eyebrow.

"Let's go for a walk, Isis. I wish to have my mind clear for when I meet Malik tomorrow."

"Sounds like a very good idea Yami. You will need a clear mind in order to defeat Malik and his mind games."

The two walked out of the bedroom and down stairs.


The tree started to shake as Anzu looked like she was about to explode.

Isis and Yami were going for a walk...ALONE...wait, Yami was leaving?!


Grandpa gasped as he saw the EVIL one approach him.

"BOO," he stated, smirking.


Yami and Isis watched as the old man ran out of the livingroom, smack into a chair, scream, and rush upstairs.

"You are SO mean," whispered Isis, trying not to smile.

"He makes it so damn easy though," replied Yami, smirking.


They returned from their walk later that evening. The two had had much to talk about. Mainly about the past and how thankful he was for her helping him, and for just being there.

They had sweatdropped at the top of the stairs after a dart flew past Yami's head.

"...Give you one guess who that is..."

"...A little old man with a death wish?" asked Isis with a smile.

"Good guess."


Both ran quickly to the bureau in the hallway and hid behind it. They both peeked out slowly...

"Ack! Incoming!" yelled Yami, as they were bombarded by darts and blunt objects.

Isis sweatdropped as she picked up a Pokemon clock.

"What? That is NOT mine! It's Aibou's!"

"Did I say it was? My you're awfully defensive," she added with a smirk.

"'re SO funny...Now where is the old freak???" He peeked up and over the bureau to find the old man nowhere in sight.

"Well?" questioned Isis, who was sitting on the floor.

Yami shrugged, "No clue. Stay here I'm going after the nut job."

"...Be careful..."


A few moments later her eyes went wide as she heard several cries come from down the hallway. They mainly consisted of "ACK!" and "Die evil one!"

She blinked and then sweatdropped...


He can control the Gods and save all of Egypt, yet he cannot stand up to one little old man?


Yami came barrel-assing down the hallway and leapt behind the bureau.

Her mouth nearly stayed open at the sight in front of her.

There sat Yami covered with darts (the ones w/ the lil suction cups), and whipped cream all over his face and clothing.


"He fights dirty, Isis."


"Don't say it."

"...Wouldn't dream of it..."


Isis waited for Yami to return. He had said something about evening the odds. She didn't even want to know what he had meant.

Her eyes widened (yet again), as she saw Yami walk up the stairs, his back against the wall...with...a...paintball gun!

This WAS War!


Shortly after all she could hear were the screams of a certain old man, the spraying of whipped cream, the laughing of a vengeful Pharaoh, and the frequent SPLAT from the paintball gun.

@-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ out Malik with that attitude you don't stand a chance...


The Pharaoh emerged victorious with the paintball gun slung over his shoulder. Of course he was covered in a great deal of things...but that didn't matter, he had beat the old hentai!

"My hero!" exclaimed Isis, all girly and trying not to laugh.

"I am not Yu-Gi Oh! For nothing," replied Yami with a smirk.

He saw his reflection in the hallway mirror and wrinkled his nose.

"I think this is where I shall say good night, Isis."

She smiled and headed toward her room, "Good night, Yami."


If someone had told me 5000 years ago that I would some day have to hide from a crazy old man w/ a dart gun and a can of whipped cream in my Pharaoh's vessel's house...I would have had to have had them medicated. Alas, wonders never cease to amaze me.


Morning came and it was finally time for Yami to leave. The old man had locked himself in his room so Yami had thought it best to leave a note.

Old Man~~

Stole your grandson for the weekend or a week, can't really be sure of how long I'll be. Anyways, promise to return him later. Won't beat him or use him as a tool for my evil plans THIS week.

~The EVIL one~

Yuugi had nearly passed out after reading the letter.


Isis had packed all her belongings into a bag and had decided to escort him to the railway, where they would part ways.

Behind them was Anzu ready to go with Yami...he just had forgotten to bring her with him is all...

She hid behind a tree as she watched them stop at the railway.


"Isis..." Yami began, taking her hands in his, "I will free your brother's soul and return him to you."

"I know you will. Please take care of yourself," she replied, giving his hands a squeeze.

"And you as well. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you, Isis."


She was startled when he embraced her.


Oh My Pharaoh, please return safely...


She returned the hug and heard him whisper, "Until we meet again." With that he gave her cheek a light kiss.


Anzu's jaw nearly hit the ground as she felt her whole body go into shock. She fell over backwards...


Isis blushed lightly as she felt him release her. He smirked, placing his duel disk on his arm and turning to leave.

"Until then, Isis."


As he walked away from her a bolt of lightning streaked across the once clear sky.

'...Prepare yourself Malik, I am coming for you...'


Somewhere already waiting came a reply:

'I'm waiting Pharaoh...this will be the end of your rein...'


As the lightning flashed Isis noticed that Yami had disappeared from view. She opened her bag and took out a duel disk of her own. She placed it on her right arm and smiled.

'We'll meet again, sooner than you think my Pharaoh.'

With that she boarded the train...




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