Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Pairing(s): James Potter/Lily Evans
Warning(s): alternate universe; female!Harry (Haley); time travel; het; pure-blood customs; pure-blood society; pure-blood traditions; good!Peter Pettigrew; evil!Severus Snape; temporary character death' mentions of random pairings; and mentions of original characters

Summary: At the start of her fifth year, Lily met the new transfer student, Haley.

A Tale of Two Lilies

After the loss of Haley, Lily didn't really know what to do. She missed her best friend. Haley had been a large part of Lily's life for three years. She was the reason Lily gave James a chance. Without Haley, Lily was sure she would have eventually given James a chance, but it wouldn't have been their sixth year.

Lily decided to honor her best friend's wishes as best as she could. She would move on with her life, and she would mourn her friend. But Lily would have Haley back – she would just be her daughter, instead of her best friend. Lily would do everything in her power to turn her daughter into the powerful and confident witch she remembered.

With a sigh, Lily turned her attention to one of the grimoires Haley gave her and James. She picked up the one marked Third Year. As she settled down to read it, Selene jumped onto her lap.


Eventually, time did move on. James handed Voldemort's wand over to the Ministry of Magic to collect the bounty placed on his head. When Ollivander confirmed it was the wand he sold Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Wizarding World launched into celebration. People proclaimed James was The Vanisher.

Of course, James told everyone it wasn't him, it was Pnarcissus – he made a point to withhold Haley's first name. After all, their Haley would be the only one of her generation – hopefully – and there could be as many Pnarcissus as others wanted.

Within a year, Pnarcissus and all of the variations were the most popular baby names in Magical Britian. It was amusing to watch.


To some extent, Lily and James filled the roles Haley claimed they did. For a little while, James was an auror for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Sirius stood by James as his partner. After getting married, James decided to switch his career. He wanted to become a lawyer, fighting crime by getting people sentenced to Azkaban. Lily decided to pursue her Masteries in Charms and Potions. As a Potions Master, Lily could invent and release potions as she pleased. Thanks to Haley, Lily had plenty of recipes to experiment and perfect before releasing them.

Haley had altered history. Without the mass amounts of Death Eaters, the Truth Serum was never invented because there was no need. So, Lily spent time perfecting the potion. Veritaserum was the potion that got Lily her Mastery in Potions and it made her name known – and by then she was Lily Potter. She became a role model to several muggle-born and muggle-raised witches.

Lily and James were married in a small ceremony six months after Haley's fading. It was a time of peace, and Lily and James were in love. There wasn't a point in waiting. Sirius was James' best man and Lily used Alice Monroe as her maid of honor. Petunia served as one of Lily's bride's maids.

At the reception, Lily and James spent time with their closest friends and their family before leaving. After they left, it would seem Remus caught Petunia's interest. They were a couple no one saw coming, but everyone was happy for them, nonetheless.

In fact, Lily's parents were ecstatic. Neither of them liked Vernon, and they were thrilled to see him go.


On the thirty-first of July, in 1980, Lily and James had their first child, a daughter. There was no discussion over her na,e. They both knew who it was with her dark hair. So, she was named Haley Jasmine Potter. She was perfect. With a daughter, James decided to retire from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He received numerous threats, and he had a family to think about. James decided to take over as Lord Potter, allowing his father to retire and spend time with his wife and his family, especially his new granddaughter.

Over the next few years, Lily and James had three more children. Fifteen months after Haley, they had a son, Charles James. Ten months later, they had twins, Flora Dorea and Elizabeth Lily.


Around them, their friends married and started families of their own. The first two were Alice Monroe and Frank Longbottom, a month after Lily and James' wedding. They only had two children, Neville Frank, born a day before Haley, and a daughter, June Alice, born after the Potter twins. Both Alice and Frank pursued careers as aurors.

The first of James' friends to settle down was Peter Pettigrew. Peter married Aubrey Bones. Their first child was a son named Peter Williams, and he was born two months before Haley. After Pete came a set of triplets that left Peter and Aubrey swearing off any more children – Michael Evan, Simone Aubrey, and Jennifer Ivy. Peter was a promising Unspeakable in research and development, and Aubrey was a fashion designer.

After Peter, Remus and Petunia got married. Their first child was a boy named Lucas Remus, born a month after Charles. Ten months later, they had a daughter, Primrose Petunia. Remus was a paralegal at Brown and Manson, a squib and muggle-born law firm. Petunia opened a small salon that expanded into a chain.

The last to settle down was Sirius. It took him ten years, but he found a lovely wife in Marlene McKinnon. When they married, Sirius adopted her two children, Taylor Nicole and Matthew Justin. They had two additional children together, Leo Sirius and Aquila Marlene.


Lily knew she shouldn't have a favorite child, but she couldn't help it. Haley was an amazing child. She was a happy baby, always giggling and smiling. She had James' dark hair color with Lily's eyes and cheekbones. Her accidental magic started when she was eleven months old, which was a little early for magically raised children.

Despite having a favorite child, Lily did her best to treat all her children the same. The younger three existed all because of Haley Pnarcissus. Charles was the spinning image of James down to the hazel eyes and glasses. Flora had red hair with hazel eyes while Elizabeth looked like Lily.

Watching her children grow up, Lily realized she had stopped mourning her friend Haley. While she still missed her best friend, thinking of her no longer made Lily want to cry.


Before Lily and James knew it, Haley was eleven and she was starting her first year at Hogwarts. She wasn't attending alone. Neville, Pete, and Lucas would be by her side. Lily and James were pleased to learn Haley was Sorted into Gryffindor along with her friends. She wrote home once a week, telling her family all about her classes, the professors, her classmates, and her friends. By the end of her first year, Haley's best friend was a muggle-born girl named Hermione Granger.

Haley's Hogwarts years were low-key. Nothing exciting really happened – at least compared to the other Haley's years. Haley made the Gryffindor Quidditch team her first year as Seeker. Lily and James attended each and every game.

In Haley's fourth year, she had her first boyfriend, Blaise Zabini. They attended the Yule Ball together. Haley dating was something new for both Lily and James. The other Haley didn't take the time to date while she was in school or after graduating, and she didn't bother to dating when she came to the past.

After Blaise, came Dean Thomas and Cormac McLaggen. By her seventh year, Haley was happily dating Pete Pettigrew. Both of her parents found it ironic that she ended up with the son of the man who, in another life, had betrayed her parents, which led to their death.

After graduating, Haley pursued her own Masteries. Like the other Haley, she was talented in Ancient Runes and Transfigurations. In addition to Ancients and Transfigurations, Haley pursued a Mastery in Potions, just liked her mom.


Lily and James argued for years about whether or not they should tell Haley the truth. Lily wanted it but James didn't. He didn't want to change any of Haley's opinions. In the end, they reached a compromise. They presented the grimoires to Haley and to let her decide.

So, the day after her Hogwarts graduation, Haley was seated with her parents in the library at Potter Manor. On the table in front of her parents were three stacks of grimoires. It was her choice.

"How much different can things be?" Haley asked, picking up the grimoire marked First Year.

"Very," James answered. "It might change your opinion on things or people."

Haley frowned, thumbing through the grimoire in her hand. "I don't know," she muttered.

"You don't have to decide now," Lily said. "You know where these are kept."


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