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Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts of a forgotten past.

The lights of distant stars twinkled and burned in the cool Nevada night. The desert town of Jasper was calm, the only light coming from the overhead streetlights, porch lights, and the occasional living room lamp. No cars were driving on the roads.

In one home on the west side of town, a woman sat in her attic. She was in her mid to late thirties with mid back length hair that started off black and faded to red at the bottom and luminous silver eyes. She looked through the stacks of papers on her desk, next to which sat a red and black rectangular device. Another device, a white smartphone sized one with a yellow diamond in the center, let out a ping and the diamond flashed yellow. The woman reached over to the device and tapped the diamond. The top half sprung up and a clear glass-like screen appeared. The screen began spitting out data that the woman seemed to understand.

She got up from her chair and donned a long red cloak that she attached to her black blouse by small silver cross shaped pins. She put on a belt with a sliver rose buckle and bullets in loops that hung low over her black pants. She picked up the black and red device and put it in a holster in her belt. She attached the device to her belt and fastened the straps on her boots.

The woman exited the room in a flurry, and heading down from the attic to the main floor of her home. She went as quietly as she could, wary of someone sleeping in the next room, as evidenced by the faint snoring emanating from the room. She left out the front door and locked it behind her.

She pulled up her hood and vanished in a flurry of rose petals.

Thirty miles east, in the desert a fair distance from Jasper, the woman reappeared on a ledge overlooking a gorge that had to be at least three stories tall and a mile wide. The sounds of three motors were heard in the distance, but the woman ignored them in favor of peering into the gorge.

The engines were cut only a few yards from the woman. Five figures joined her, three women and two men, all of whom stared down at the gorge.

"So what's the plan?" One of the women asked the cloaked woman. This new one had long dark hair and wore a grey mask dark eyeholes covering where her eyes would be.

"We go in, kill them all and get out without the cops finding us," The red woman said.

"And then we'll get some Chinese takeout," another woman said. She was taller than the other two and wore yellow wristlets, a bucket motorcycle helmet and aviator sunglasses.

The rest of the group smiled, the red woman even let out a chuckle.

"If worst comes to worst I could ram my truck into one or two of 'em," One of the men said. He was the tallest of the bunch and wore a gray cowl.

"Please don't, that'll be too hard to explain where the dents in your truck would have came from," The red woman said. The cowled man rolled his eyes.

"Let's go!" The cloaked woman said.

Below them, a chorus of howls and growls echoed up and the five jumped down.

Ten miles away, a dusty mesa opened its fake walls and a red and blue Peterbuilt semi truck powered through the opening. The semi powered towards the distant sound of gunshots and roars that echoed through the desert.

"Be careful," a cranky sounding voice came from the radio. "There's energy signatures that are more powerful than we've ever detected this close to base."

"Of course old friend," the reply came. "I shall remain hidden."

The truck's brakes slammed and the vehicle swerved to avoid the large black mass that zoomed past it at incredible speed. The semi stopped and stalled for a moment.

All around the sounds of gunshots filled the air and the black masses formed a large relentless sea.

"Base, I have found the disturbances."

"What are they?"

Another black mass went speeding past, this time followed by a streak of red and a small rain of rose petals fell across the hood of the semi.

"I am unsure."

The truck powered behind the large walls of the gorge. The parts of the truck began shifting, rotating and spinning until a bipedal form towered above any human. The being's face was silver, while the rest of the head was blue, it's shoulders and upper torso were red and its abdominal area was silver, along with what could've been considered thighs. Its feet, which were large enough to be a semi, were blue. It's bright blue "eyes" scanned the area quickly and perceptively.

To his right was a human female in a long hooded red cape who fought with a long staff that ended with a curved blade. The robotic being noticed that she was the one dispersing rose petals,

'From her cape?' It thought, confused.

The next one was a male with a black hooded shirt and armor that fought with a sword and shield. This man was back to back with a female with gladiator armor and a spear/shield combo. The two humans slashed and striked in perfect sync, as though they'd been doing so for years.

Farther into the gorge there were three more humans, two female one male. The male had a gray hood with attached mask and gray armor. In his hand was a mace that emitted a stream of fire. The first female had long dark hair and a long gray mask and wore shades of black and white. She fought with a type of katana and sheath. The final human wore a bright yellow helmet and sunglasses and wore gauntlets that seemed to fire off gunshots each time she punched.

"Base, it can be confirmed that one side of this fight is human," The robotic being sent over a comm to the base he emerged from.

"Humans? Impossible," Base replied, sneer evident. "All the humans are asleep at this hour."

"Not these ones," The being replied. The masses bared down on the humans. The woman in red vanished in a flurry of petals and the robot saw a wide path of the creatures fall. The woman reappeared and seemed to fire shots from her staff.

The In Sync couple broke free of the circle surrounding them and they teamed up with the Red Woman. Gladiator turned to Red and seemed to say something to her. Red nodded and switched something around on her weapon and vanished faster than before. This time, even more creatures fell.

The trio from earlier joined the couple and they summoned strength for one last attack. Yellow seemed engulfed in fire and began plowing her way through the masses. Cowl began to swing with more force and fire exploded from his mace. Black jumped high in the air and flung her weapon, which seemed to be on a ribbon or string, and an explosion rocketed the weapon around, killing more of whatever the beasts were.

"They are humans, but their skills and weapons are much superior to a human's."

"Whatever they are, stay away."

The being only edged closer at these words.

The Couple began their tandem fighting again, in moves so elegant and vicious it seemed almost like a dance. Soon the last monster fell, dissolving much like its predecessors.

The humans regrouped and seemed to celebrate. That is, until Gladiator and Red noticed the robot being. Red seemed surprised and panicked, while Gladiator raised her shield. The rest of the humans took notice and shifted, ready to fire their weapons.

Red shifted forward and forced Gladiator and Black's weapons down gently. She walked toward the being, who knelt down to be more on her level.

"Who are you? Never in my years on this planet have I seen such weapons or combat ability from humans of this world," The robotic being said, baritone voice shaking the humans to their bones.

Red paused to think for a second, before speaking in a high, scratchy voice,

"We are protectors of this world. We are many and we are strong. We do not wish to bring harm to you or any of your kind if any more rest on this world. Our only mission is to protect humanity. By day we blend in with any human on the street, but when we are called, we rise to protect and uphold the peace of this world."

Red nodded to Black, who flipped and seemed to form an ice sculpture of herself, which Yellow then punched, creating a fog. The fog was so thick not even the robot's advanced eyes could see through it. The robot heard shuffling and when it cleared, all the figures were gone.

The only trace left was a trail of rose petals falling softly to the ground.

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