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"And when it ends, The good will crawl, The shining light will sink in darkness, Victory for hate incarnate, Misery and pain for all." ~ "When It Falls"

High above the ground, flying through the upper atmosphere, the Nemesis loomed darkly. In the control room, the slender mech Soundwave stood at the center bank of computers, tentacles extended and connected to the computers, monitoring the ship's systems, attempting to hack the Autobots' communications, and scouring the human internet for any developments that could be useful to the Decepticon cause.

The silent mech stalled when he found two sets of files, each from different sources, with skyrocketing traffic statistics. He activated the first one, a video file, and watched as humans were attacked by large animals with bone-like armor plates.

Behind his visor, Soundwave's optics widened in suprise as several new humans appeared, holding weapons that were much more advanced than the simple rifles of the military bases he'd raided. The humans moved in ways much more skillfull than human soldiers, using fighting styles that reminded Soundwave of the Kaon gladiator pits, especially when the red haired human gladiator femme showed up. His facial recognition technology matched three of the humans as the three human allies of the Autobots. As the camera swiveled to a red cloaked warrior femme weilding a giant scythe, the software identified her as the eldest femme human that Lord Megatron had once spoken of during the temporary truce between the opposing factions in order to defeat Unicron.

Then Soundwave noticed them, all of the Autobots in vehicle form, smashing the monsters with vigor.

By the time the video ended, Soundwave knew Lord Megatron should be notified; however it would do good to assess the other file first.

Within seconds, Soudwave analyzed the news article, depicting the previously observed attack. He gathered many more statistics points, images, and other depictions of the attack before going to Megatron, who stood at the head of the bridge.

"What is it Soundwave?" The Decepticon leader asked. Soundwave pulled up a video of the fight on his visor so the larger mech could see.

"Attacked...Humans...monsters," Soundwave said. He stopped the video and pointed out each warrior as they appeared. Megatron looked intrigued.

"Where was this attack?" The warlord demanded.

"Jasper...Nevada," Soundwave replied. "Autobots...present."

Megatron snarled at the mention of the opposing faction but observed the still images with interest.

"These humans possess more ability than any we have encountered before," Megatron finally said. "The powers they possess could be a great advantage to the Autobots should these humans ally with them."

The door to the bridge opened and Starscream came in, covered in soot and his plating still hissing from the heat of an explosion.

"Starscream," Megatron addressed the seeker with disgust. "What happened to you?"

"There was an explosion at the recent energon signal my lord," Starscream sneered back. "Several of those MECH humans and several new ones appeared when the vehicons found some strange form of energon. One of the humans glowed and launched fireballs at us! We fought them back but they somehow encased several vehicons in ice and their leader asked to see you, Lord Megatron."

"Humans seeking audience with me?" Megatron hissed, a cruel grin crossing his face.

"Yes," A voice said. "And I have an offer that could benefit both parties."

All three mechs jumped (or in Soundwave's case, twitched) at the new voice and looked down to see a pale human woman with black hair, pale skin, glowing orange eyes, and wearing a red dress with glowing orange details.

"How did you get on my ship?" Megatron glared at the woman. "And who are you human?"

The woman smirked, luminous eyes daring them to hurt her.

"My name is Cinder. And you really shouldn't leave a portal to your base open carelessly like that. Sentries like those guarding it are easily fooled. Who may I ask are you?"

Soundwave picked Cinder up and placed her on the console, leaving her at level with the insignia on Megatron's chest plates.

"I am Megatron, Lord of the Decepticons," Megatron replied, looking down at her with a crooked grin. "And what could a human possibly want with powerful creatures such as us?"

"My offer is simple," Cinder stated, a cool happiness seeping into her voice. "An alliance between your forces and mine."

"What makes you think I'd even consider an alliance with humans?" Megatron spat. Cinder smiled a cruel smile and held out her hand. She pulled out an orange crystal from her dress and held it. The sleeves of her dress glowed and her palm was engulfed in flames. Every optic in the room widened.

"This is Dust," She said. "A naturally occurring mineral similar to the crystals your group was mining. It is said to embody the forces of nature and of unknown origin. My associates and I come from the only part of this planet where its existence is common knowledge. There, the ability to wield it is commonplace. "

"What use is this to me human?" Megatron sneered, teeth bared. How much longer would this human waste his time?

"For one, anyone with a soul can use Dust," Cinder shot back. "And due to recent run-ins with a group that anyone with a brain can peg as your enemy, Autobots I believe, it would prove beneficial to form a sort if alliance. Especially if the human children seen with those Autobots are about to enter training with the enemy."

Megatron growled at the mention of the Autobots. "Yes, an alliance would indeed be beneficial."

Cinder coldly held out her hand and the Warlord shook it.

Jack and the kids looked at Ozpin with disbelief in their eyes.

"You want us to do what?" Jack asked in shock. Ozpin regarded him calmy, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Join us. Hone your skills and defend the world. You all saw what happened today, attacks like that is commonplace in Remnant, and it's spreading across the globe, lying in wait. Almost a third of our Huntsmen have returned, and we need you to be a part of the next generation of Huntsmen," Ozpin replied.

"What about our lives here?" Miko asked. She turned to Nora, who was brushing Ren's hair from his face, not listening to the conversation. "We have friends, school, and family!"

There was no sound for several minutes as Ozpin mulled over the best way to break it to them.

"I am afraid that for the sake of the world, you'd have to leave it behind until your training is complete," He said. "Talking with friends and family would be over the phone and after training, and schooling would be a part of your training. Think of training as a...boarding school of sorts. An Academy where the most elite of soldiers graduate."

Behind them, one of the curtains surrounding the Huntsmen opened. Ruby held her tongue as she noiselessly stepped out, crossing the room quickly. Her bright red cape fluttered as she walked over to the group. She nodded at Glynda as she passed, and put a hand on Nora's shoulder in comfort as the spiny woman fussed with her husband's hair. Ruby looked over at the kids, a sad smile on her face. They were so young, with their entire lives ahead. She didn't want to drag them into the world she was born into.

"-Nakadai, however, this is not just a simple matter. But it just begins with a simple yes-or-no answer." Ozpin's voice called Ruby back to reality. She turned to the kids, took a deep breath and steeled herself for what would come next. She strode forward, ignoring Nora's stare.

"But, my Mom doesn't know how to do the things we saw," Jack said. "She would've told me."

Ruby sighed, she put her hand on his shoulder and said, "There are a lot of things you weren't told Jack."

The five teens spun to face her, Vince and Sierra's faces twisting in confusion. Jack, Raf, and Miko gasped and Ozpin smirked.

"It's good to see you awake Miss Rose," the headmaster said. Ruby nodded in reply and Jask hesitantly stepped forward.

"M-Mom?" He asked, his voice shaking. Ruby smiled sadly again and placed a gentle hand to the side of her son's face.

"It's been a long day for everyone," She stated. "But I'm glad you're okay."

She turned to Ozpin and gave him a weighted look that made the kids think she'd asked him an unspoken question. Ozpin returned her gaze and nodded, his own unspoken response sent back to Ruby. Ruby smiled and looked back to the teens.

"We're not going to force you to go," Ruby assured them. "The choice is yours."

The teens looked at her with uncertainty. None of them wanted to go first and decide. Finally Jack sighed and looked at his mom and Ozpin.

"I'll go," He said. His face no longer portrayed a scared teenager. Instead a confident young man stood there, ready to do whatever it takes to rid the world of Grimm. "Like you said, that was my Semblance. If I don't learn to use it in order to defend humanity, then I may as well not have one at all."

Ruby smiled, her heart swelling with pride. Ozpin smiled too, and looked back at the other kids. Vince and Sierra were shocked at Jack's words. Barely a beat later Miko burst out,

"I'll go too! No way are you guys leaving me behind!" Raf jumped up from his seat and stuttered out,

"M-Me t-too!"

"I can't imagine being without Mom and Dad," Sierra said. "Count me in."

"Sure," Vince grunted. "Why not."

The Huntsmen around them smiled. Nora pulled her daughter into a hug and Glynda's stern frown was replaced with a soft smile. Around them, the other Huntsmen and Huntresses slowly rose back to consciousness. Cardin and Coco cursed their pain while Ren and Yang groaned.

"Ugh," Yang muttered, rubbing the bend of her right arm where the skin met the metal of the prosthesis that took the place of her hand, wrist and forearm. "Those Grimm were tough."

"Damn straight," Cardin replied. He picked himself up off the couch he was laid on and looked over at the five kids. His complaining stopped and his face grew grim. "So you told them Professor?"

Ozpin nodded, a small smile on his face. He turned back to the children and stood up, gripping his cane handle.

"Come with us," Ozpin said. "There is much for you five to begin learning. The first-ever five person team will be quite a challenge for Beacon Academy, so it's best we get started."

The five teens' eyes lit up in excitement. Miko was practically shaking in excitement and Raf's eyes were wide with anticipation.

~Four Hours Later ~ (Miko's P.O.V.)

'This is what the Grimm can do? No wonder they're attracted to negativity,' I thought as I sat in the backseat of Mom and Dad's car as we drove out of Jasper, past the demolished and damaged buildings. The sight filled me with a sense of dread, but the idea of becoming someone who could prevent it lifted my heart.

"Mom? Dad?" I spoke up. Dad, who sat in the passenger seat, looked up and kept eye contact while Mom's eyes flicked up twice before returning to the road. "How did you guys become Huntsmen?"

Dad's magenta eyes glinted with pride and Mom smiled.

"Well," Dad said. "It started back in the village where we grew up. Nora and I were orphans who lived in a village outside the kingdom of Vale. Since it was dangerous to live outside the kingdoms, our home was often attacked by Grimm. Our parents were Huntsmen and Huntresses as well, but they were killed in the attacks. We lived on the streets for years, trained for years, built our own weapons, entered an academy and graduated when we were seventeen. Then we graduated and went on to Beacon Academy and became a part of Team JNPR.

"During our first year we fought in the bi-annual Vytal Festival that was being held in Vale that year. However, during the singles match between Pyrrha and our friend Penny, one of our enemies, a woman named Cinder, had her henchwoman Emerald alter Pyrrha's perception and made Pyrrha accidentally kill Penny with her own weapons, revealing Penny's robotic nature to everyone in the stands and across Remnant.

Mom broke in, "Cinder took that moment to hijack the broadcast of the Tournament to threaten the entirety of Remnant. The negative energy lured thousands of Grimm to Vale and broke through the defenses. A terrorist group called the White Fang attacked the school at the same time, transporting several Alpha Grimm with them. A giant Nevermore, a bird Grimm, attacked the colosseum where the Tournament was being held. It nearly killed Pyrrha before Ruby saved her. The students like us who stayed behind prepared for to defend Beacon Academy to the death. Even when the Atlas Tech we were working with turned against us.

"We fought both the Grimm and Atlas tech until Ruby crashed an Atlesian airship that was responsible for controlling the tech. All the tech shut down, but one of the largest Grimm of all had been released, a dragon Grimm as least two hundred feet long capable of spawning Grimm. Oum, it was terrifying. Along with all the other Grimm, it was fixated on attacking Beacon Academy. All of us remaining rallied behind Ruby and held the Dragon back until several hundred Huntsmen arrived from every corner of Remnant.

"While the professionals fought the large and supercharged Grimm the Dragon spawned, we attacked the it directly. The wings were surprisingly easy to tear, even if they didn't burn or get damaged by explosions. At the end, we were all able to combine our powers into one giant attack, killing the Dragon. Instantly, all the other Grimm dissolved into shadow. We celebrated our victory over the Grimm, but the fight wasn't over yet."

Dad took over the story again, "We fought against Cinder and her henchmen for years afterward, growing stronger and overcoming several obstacles; ranging from Yang's lost arm to Professor Ozpin nearly being killed in a fight against Cinder. Despite it being such a dark time there were several big moments of happiness."

"Like what?" I asked. This sounded almost like a fairy tale, if I hadn't seen it first hand I would'n've believed it.

"Well, we confessed to each other," Mom said. "Got married. And we had you."

My heart squeezed at the thought. I was a good thing? To be honest I knew how much of a nightmare I was. For the Bots, for my host parents, for teachers. How could I be that good?

"In all honesty," Dad said. "Had you not been born, we would have attacked the corrupt government that sent us out of Remnant. We didn't because we couldn't risk losing you."

I didn't know what to say, instead I smiled something between happiness, guilt and sadness. I looked out the window at the many mesas that rose from the Nevada desert. My mind was dragged back to the Bots. How would they react to us being gone. Would they be able to Bridge to Remnant? I had so many questions I couldn't ask.

"Oh" Mom said. Her eyes met mine in the rear view mirror. "Do you see that long, thing case next to you with the bow on it?"

I looked at the case in question. It was about four foot long, two foot long and ten inches thick, made of polished silver metal. There were three latches on the side closest to me, with a padlock on the center one. It looked like I could knock a guy out if I swung it. Wrapped around it was a neon pink bow.

"Happy Birthday honey," Dad said, passing me the key.

I gently took it and pulled the case into my lap. I pulled slightly on star burst shaped bow (there was a specific way to untie them or they'd knot and you'd have to cut the ribbon) and untied the delicate ribbon. I ran my hand over the polished metal of the case before sliding the key into the padlock and twisted. The sound of it unlocking seemed to echo in the car. I pulled the lock of and unlatched the case. Slowly I opened it and gasped.

Inside was a beautiful electric guitar. It was an 'Ultra V' shape like I'd seen at a Slash Monkey concert, with a neon pink body, white pick guard, white tuning knobs, and a long, thin, silver neck with strings that seemed to glitter. On the main body was an unfinished patch, like it was waiting for a decal to be added.

"Oh my god," I whispered in awe, finally finding my voice. "It's beautiful. I love it, thank you so much!"

Mom and Dad smiled at me, like they had another suprise.

"It's called Stormbreaker," Mom said. "We made it specifically for you."

"You made it?" I gasped. "For me? Why? Why not just get one at a store?"

Dad smiled. "Because Stormbreaker is more than just a guitar."

I looked at Stormbreaker warily. I undid the velcro straps holding it in and gently pulling it out of the case. It seemed much heavier than a normal guitar. "What?"

This time Mom answered and I heard the crazy smile in her words, "Every Huntress needs a weapon. Stormbreaker is yours."


"It's a MFDGR," Dad said. "Multi Form Dust Guitar Rifle."

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. "It's also a gun?"

"And an axe." I studied Stormbreaker closer, noticing near invisible seams where the metal probably shifted and rotated to form the gun. No wonder it felt so heavy. I imagined the damage I could do with it, how easy it could be to kill the Grimm.

"Cool!" I cheered. "Where'd you get the designs from?"

"You of course," Dad said, he passed me a worn piece of paper. I recognized the design. It was a childish design I'd drawn when I had my big superhero phase at age seven. Of course it was only a guitar in the drawing, but it still resembled the actual Stormbreaker in the colors and shape. "BBut we added a few extra details."

My hands stumbled onto the rough patch on Stormbreaker's body. "Why's this section unfinished?"

"That's for your symbol Nova," Mom said. "Everyone has a symbol unique to them. I have my hammer emblem, your Dad has his lotus. Ruby has her scattering rose. Yang has her flaming heart. Weiss has her snowflake, Coco has her crosshairs, Pyrrha has her shield and spear emblem. It's mostly unique to each person, but some take on symbols from parents or family."

It took me a second to realize Mom hadn't called me by my name. "Nova?"

"You were born in Remnant," Dad said. "In Remnant there's a tradition to name a child after a color that was often based on things like hair or eye color. You were actually born with much brighter pink highlights. We named you for that. Your real full name is Nova Lie."

I tossed the name around in my head for a second. I'd been in Jasper for so long that the harsh desert sun had dulled my highlights. How Jack and Mrs. Darby (Ms. Rose?) still had black hair after so many year I have no clue. I thought about how different Ms. Rose and Ms. Belladonna were from Mrs. Darby and Ms. Knight. How the mannerisms, reactions, and clothing changed. Could I remake myself in Remnant?

"Besides," Mom continued. "We can get you some new clothes or something in Rmenant. Since you might want to make a new image or something."

"That'd be nice," I said. I ran my fingers along Stormbreaker's strings, strumming the strings lightly. As I looked out the window again I saw a "Now Leaving Nevada" sign.

Bye Bulky," I whispered. Goodbye Miko Nakadai. Hello to Nova Lie.

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