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Summary: Things are looking for worse in Middle Earth and Legolas Greenleaf is summoned to Lothlorien. His younger sister travels with him and there they meet Haldir, the March Warden of the Golden Wood. He's cocky and snooty and cares nothing for love...or does he? (This fic is based on both the book and the movie, along with my own ideas added into it giving it a new twist).


Those You Love

The Woodland Realm

by Celebrian

About Sixty years before the War of the Ring.

"I'm going with you, you know that don't you?" A young Elven woman said sternly as she placed her hands on her hips and looked to the Elven man that rummaged through a dresser drawer.

"Lutheriel, I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say this before it sinks in. No, I will not take you with me." Legolas told the girl as he placed some fresh linens in his bag.

"Please Legolas?! I have wanted to see the woods of Lothlorien ever since I was little." Lutheriel whined as she sat down at the foot of the bed. She looked back up at Legolas. "Please? Pretty please?" She begged.

Legolas huffed, putting his bag down. "No." He spoke in a stern voice. "This is not a vacation. I was summoned to Lorien by the Lord and Lady, and that can only mean that something is not right. Why else would they have called upon me? Orcs have been seen more than often these days and I refuse to risk you by taking you cross country."

"But you'll protect me, big brother!" Lutheriel smiled hopeful that her brother would change his mind.

"I am not going to baby-sit you. I don't have the time for that." Legolas said as he made his way to the door.

Lutheriel balled her fists up tightly. "I didn't ask if you'd baby-sit me!" She spouted angrily. " I am quite capable of taking care of myself! I thought all brothers liked to protect their little sisters."

Legolas walked back over to his sister and placed his hands on her shoulders, looking into her blue eyes. "I am protecting you by not having you go with me." He said in a stern but gentle voice. He straightened back up. "Father requests me." He said as he turned back for the door."

Lutheriel sat in silence for a moment. "Wait!" She shouted as an idea formed in her head.

Legolas sighed deeply. "What sister?" He asked without turning back to look at her.

"Ask father if I can go. If he says no, I will never ask of anything of you again." She said as she stood up, hoping that her brother would agree to those terms. They were in his favor after all.

"Fine." Legolas smiled to himself, knowing that their father would never agree to send his only daughter out into the wild in times like these. "Let's go then, father is waiting."

Lutheriel grabbed her brother's hand and the two of them headed down the stairs to their father's throne room.


King Thranduil placed his hand on his forehead. "No, no that will not do. We'll need more reinforcements than that if these things come to pass...."

"It's all we have, My King." Thranduil's advisor said as he looked over his papers again. "I doubt even if we joined with all of Rivendell and Lothlorien we'd have enough."

The door to the throne room opened slowly, and Legolas followed by Lutheriel walked in. "You called for me father?" Legolas asked.

Thranduil looked up and motioned for his son to come forward. "Are you all set, my son?"

"As well as I ever will be." Legolas said bowing slightly to his father to show respect. "Can you tell me why Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel are calling on me?"

"You will find out once you get there. All I will say is that Middle Earth will be under assault as it were in the Dark Days. The Lord and Lady will tell you the details, for I do not even know them myself." Thranduil said as he took his son's hand and squeezed it gently. "If you leave now, you can make it to Lorien in five days."

Legolas nodded and turned around. Lutheriel cleared her throat and gave her brother a stern look, mouthing 'Ask him.' Legolas sighed and turned around to face his father again. "One thing. And I already know the answer but she needs to hear it from you or she will never stop pestering me about it."

"What would that be?" The King asked raising his eyebrow.

"Can Lutheriel travel to Lothlorien with me?"

"Yes." Thranduil said without any hesitation.

"I knew you'd never agree to th- wait? What did you just say?" Legolas asked in disbelief.

"I said yes, Legolas." Thranduil smiled slightly at his son's reaction.

"You're joking?" Legolas asked back, seeing Lutheriel wiggle out of happiness out of the corner of his eye.

"Does it look like I'm joking?" Thranduil asked his son raising both of his eyebrows. "Lorien is the safest place for her to be right now . Getting there will be the hardest part but if you do come under attack, I know that you'll protect her...That's what brothers are for."

"Thank you father!" Lutheriel said as she came running up to him, giving him a hug. "I have wanted to see the Golden Wood for so long...."

Legolas's mouth hung open slightly. He still couldn't fathom that their father had agreed to letting her go. It's not that Legolas didn't want her to go, he just was concerned about her well-being. The again if Lorien was the safest place for her to be, then Legolas wanted her to get there. "The hour is late and you still need to pack to leave." He told his sister.

"I'm already packed and ready to go!" Lutheriel grinned.

Legolas furrowed his eyebrows. "You already knew you were allowed to go, didn't you?!"

Thranduil laughed. "Your sister came to me two days ago asking if it was alright to travel with you." The King looked at his children, wishing that they didn't have to leave under these treacherous conditions. "Now hurry you two, while it's still light out, you can travel a great distance."

Lutheriel hugged her father again. "I'll miss you." She said with a voice filled with sadness. "Don't worry about me. Legolas will look after me well."

Legolas nodded and gave his father a loving look and then slowly took his sister's hand. "Good bye father. We will return as soon as it is possible."

Legolas and Lutheriel turned around and headed towards the door. Four Elven escorts awaited the Prince and Princess, they would be accompanying them to Lothlorien. "The horses are ready, Prince." One of the escorts said.

Legolas nodded. "Thank you." He said as they all headed out into the afternoon sunlight.

Lutheriel closed her eyes, her heart raced with excitement and terror. Today would be the first time in all her life that she'd ever stepped a foot out of the Woodland Realm. Legolas helped her mount up on her horse and then proceeded to get on his horse. Two escorts rode ahead of the Prince and Princess and two headed up the back. Legolas turned and looked at his little sister and gave her a smile and then they began their journey out towards Lothlorien.


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