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Carlisle's POV

"I don't know where they are. They should have been back by now" I told Alice trying to keep my voice steady

"Stop worrying Carlisle. She's alright. She's with Edward, Emmet and Rosalie. Besides if something was to happen, I would see it." She tried to calm me down but I couldn't help feeling that something was wrong. VERY wrong. I sat down, tired from pacing. I looked at the clock, it was 1:05 AM. She said she would be back by 12. She is never late. From the corner of my eye I saw Jasper come into the room. For a moment I felt relaxed but no I couldn't try to enjoy myself or calm down.

Finally I had had enough, I grabbed my jacket from the hanger and ran out the door, Alice tried to stop me but I was already halfway down the street.

Esme's POV

"Honey, we should start heading back" My lover whispered in my ear. As always, I melted just hearing his voice. Proving that he was real, that he was mine

"Do we have to? I don't want to leave"

It was a pain to keep our relationship a secret. It wasn't really a secret though. Our family already knew about it, all accept Carlisle. Carlisle would kill Edward if he know we were together. The only reason why we had agreed to play this game to the best of our ability. Edward was pretending to have a "thing" going on with the new kid that just moved from Phoenix. Bella, I thought of her name again. Feeling guilty that she had to be put through all of this just to protect me and Edward.

Oh Edward. Even the thought of him made me light headed. To think that we waisted all of those years pretending. Hiding our feelings for each other, when we could have been together.

"The past is the past. Now I know how you feel and we can be happy forever. Don't worry about Bella either, my love. She is nothing but a pawn. As soon as we run, she will move on with her life. But for now... we really should be moving. Carlisle would be worried and he might come looking for you."

I kept forgetting that my thoughts were not just for me. He would know what I would say before I said it. That is how he discovered my feelings for him. I'm so glad that he did. If he didn't I would be stuck with Carlisle for the rest of my life.