Esme's POV

"How exactly do you treat a sick vampire?"Alice asked

"I'm not sure Alice. I just want him here and lying down, also I want him to have some blood in his system, and it might help." I answered hopelessly. In my years of being a vampire, Carlisle had always dealt with these problems, if they –however unlikely- were to occur. And now the doctor of the family was the sick one. At least if he was still conscious this would be way different, he could at least tell us what he wanted done...

"Esme... Esme... ESME!" Alice snapped me out of my thoughts. I didn't even realize that she was shaking me to get my attention. Then she told me what I thought was the best idea that any member of the family had thought of for a long time... What if we were to contact Aro? Even though his brothers were not the best of friends with Carlisle, Aro was sure to want to help his old, dear friend.

"OK Alice can you take care of things down here and then call me when Jasper gets back with Carlisle? I'm going to go and contact Aro." I said

"Sure Esme, you can count on me." She responded and I swore for a moment that I could see real hope and happiness in her eyes. Like she had seen that this was the way to Carlisle's well being.

Jasper's POV

Everyone left to get to their assigned jobs. Mine was to carry Carlisle's limb body back to the house. It wasn't the best job but as a step to repay what Carlisle had done for me, Alice and the rest of the family, it was nothing. I lifted him up, bridle style do I would have no way to limit his breathing, even though he didn't necessarily need to be breathing, it was just something to help myself deal with this.

As soon as I lifted his head off the ground, I could swear I heard him say something, I thought it sounded, wait no I could swear it sounded like he was calling Esme's name, he sounded desperate, like she was all that he needed...

"Did she just call Esme's name?" The voice made me jump, almost dropping Carlisle. I turned around as fast as I could, who would have been here this time in the morning? I turned around to see the one and only leader of the Volturi, Aro, although even for a vampire he seemed pale and out of breath, what was he doing here?

"Esme called telling me what happed and I got here as soon as I could. Come on Jasper, let us go back to the house and see how and if I can help my dear friend in need."