Hey! NEW STORY! This a modern day mondler AU. Monica's a YouTuber and Chandler stumbles across her videos. That's basically all there is to say. Set in Monica's POV. Hope you enjoy this story and make sure to tell me what you think!

It was another long day of filming. I filmed about 5 videos in advance for the upcoming weeks because I like to have videos prepared for the day I'm going to upload them so I'm not rushing to film them that day.

I walked over to my bed and grabbed my laptop. I went to go read some of the comments on the video that I uploaded earlier today.

About 30 minutes later I was checking some of the comments and messages on my social media profiles. I was checking to see if there was anything interesting in my FaceBook messages and for some reason I was drawn to this one message for some reason. I opened it and started reading it.

Hi. You don't know me, but I stumbled across your videos about a month ago and ever since I've been hooked. My names Chandler Bing. I really love your editing style and your videos are really entertaining. I also realized we share the same sense of humor. This is probably a huge long shot but I'm gonna say it anyway. I think your really pretty and I would really love to meet you. I live in New York too and I was wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee sometime. This probably sounds really creepy and weird like I'm stalking you but I promise I'm not. Thanks for reading this if you did. Respond if you want.

Surprisingly I didn't find that creepy at all. I actually found it really sweet. I don't know why but something hit me by reading it and I started to respond.

Hi. Thank you for everything you said. It means a lot to me. As far as you basically asking me out. I actually didn't find it creepy at all. I found it really sweet. I would really love to grab a cup of coffee sometime. If you have a Skype you could give me your username if you wanted and we could talk more kinda face to face.

I've only seen this guys profile picture but for some reason I feel like I really like him. I mean I've never even met him person, we've hardly even had a conversation. So I figured maybe if I video chatted with him at least we would have some background on the other before we go out. I started to hear my phone ringing in the kitchen. I got up to go see who it was. It turned out to my friend Phoebe.

"Hey Pheebs!"

"Hey Mon!"

"What's up?"

"Oh, I was just calling to see if you needed anything from the store. I was gonna go grab some groceries." Phoebe happened to live in the same apartment building so if I needed anything sometimes she would pick it up for me and I would do the same for her.

"No, I'm good. Thanks though."

"Oh okay. So what'd you do today?"

"I just had a conference call this morning and then the rest of the day I was filming."

"Cool. Sounds like you had a pretty busy day. Hey, did you happen to check the comments from the video I was in?" The video I uploaded earlier today I asked her to be in if she wanted.

"Yes I did, everyone loves you Pheebs!"

"Yeah! So any that stood out?"

"No. Not for you anyway."

"Huh?" Oh crap! Should I tell her...Eh, what the hell. I mean its Phoebe.

"Oh there was this really sweet message this guy sent me on FaceBook."

"Oh really? What'd it say?"

"Here let me send it to you. Just gimme a sec."

"K" I sent her a screenshot of the message.

"Ok I just got it. Gimme a minute to read it." It was silent for about a minute until Phoebe finally spoke up, "Uh Mon. It sounds like this guy it stalking you."

"No it doesn't." At least to me it doesn't.

"Uh, ya it does! Did you reply."


"What did you say."

"Uh..I just said that I.."

"'That I' what?"

"That I would...love to go grab a cup of coffee with him."

"What! Monica, for all you know this guy could be like a killer or something."

"He's not! Plus, I asked him if he had a Skype and if he did to give me his username so we could talk, kinda face to face. Plus, who knows if he'll even reply."

"If he's a killer he will."


"Sorry. I'm just still worried. Hey here's an idea. Do you wanna bring my gun with you just incase if you end up going on the date with him."

"Do I wanna bring your what?"

"Um, nothing! Anyways, just please keep me up to date."

"I will. I promise."

"Okay. Also I'll probably stop by your apartment when I get back."


"Alight, bye Mon."

"Bye" I hung up the phone and went back to my bedroom. I sat back down on my bed and grabbed my laptop to see if he had replied. Surprisingly he had.

Wow. I'm seriously shocked you replied. Ya, I do have a Skype. It's cmb9404. And by the way I love the idea of kinda talking face to face.

Phoebe is totally, 100% wrong. If he was a killer or some creep he wouldn't have agreed to Skype with me.

Well thank you. Mine's meg13.6. I'll call around 9 tonight if that works for you?

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