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Leader: Blazestar—black tom with ginger chest and paws and yellow eyes (Emeraldsong's mate and Batkit and Poolkit's father)

Deputy: Smokeleg— white tom with smoky grey foreleg and green eyes (Glacierfire's mate and Aspenkit, Shinekit, and Whiskerkit's father)

Medicine cat: Wingfeather—white and cream she-cat with amber eyes


Tailstripe—plain brown tom with striped white tail and yellow eyes

Pepperheart—light silver tom with black underbelly and yellow eyes

Saltytooth—dark grey she-cat with lighter splotches and amber eyes (Geckostripe's mate and Skypaw and Fangpaw's mother)

Shadowpelt—black tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Cardinaltail—tortoiseshell tom with ginger tail and green eyes

Toothshade—white she-cat with ginger muzzle and tortoiseshell legs and ears and amber eyes

Shimmersoar—long furred black and white she-cat with green eyes (Heatcloud's mate and Rufflepaw, Flamepaw, and Wonderpaw's mother)

Geckostripe—white and brown tabby tom with yellow eyes (Saltytooth's mate and Skypaw and Fangpaw's father)

Dapplefoot—light silver tabby she-cat with tortoiseshell paws and green eyes

Rockpelt—dark brown tom with brown patches and blue-green eyes

Heatcloud—ginger tom with amber eyes (Shimmersoar's mate and Rufflepaw, Flamepaw, and Wonderpaw's father)

Sweetfang—light and dark brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes


Rufflepaw—long furred dark ginger tom with black splotches and green eyes

Flamepaw—bright ginger tom with white paws and amber eyes

Wonderpaw—light ginger she-cat with black and white patches and amber eyes

Skypaw—brown and gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Fangpaw—dark brown tom with grey stripe running down back


Glacierfire—beautiful black and silver tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes (Smokeleg's mate and Aspenkit, Shinekit, and Whiskerkit's mother)

Emeraldsong—white she-cat with green eyes (Blazestar's mate and Batkit and Poolkit's mother)


Aspenkit (Screechkit)—silver and black tabby she-cat with silver ears, paws, and tail tip and blue-green eyes (Glacierfire and Smokeleg)

Shinekit—silver she-cat with green eyes (Glacierfire and Smokeleg)

Whiskerkit—smoky gray and white tom with blue eyes (Glacierfire and Smokeleg)

Batkit—black tom with ginger stripe running down back and yellow eyes (Emeraldsong and Blazestar)

Poolkit—white she-cat with black ears and tail, ginger paws, and green eyes (Emeraldsong and Blazestar)


Woodshade—dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Snowvine—white she cat with grey stripe running down back and yellow eyes


Leader: Thornstar—tabby brown tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Willowbreath—heather she-cat with darker markings – yellow eyes

Medicine cat: Branchtail—tortoiseshell tom with green eyes


Windytalon—cream and brown tom

Cutfeather—yellow and tortoiseshell she-cat

Burnpelt—russet tom with white stripes

Lizardshine—light brown tom

Ropetail—dark brown tabby tom with black tail

Owlsoar—dark grey and brown tabby she-cat

Strawpelt—light brown tabby she-cat

Beeflight—silver and white tom

Hedgeleaf—brown tom with grey patches and green eyes (Goldspark's mate and Wolfkit and Spikekit's father)

Brownclaw—brown tom with white tipped ears and paws


Cornpaw—cream tabby tom

Nettlepaw—dark cream tom with brown tail

Freezepaw—cream and brown tabby she-cat


Goldspark—gold and silver tabby with blue eyes (Hedgeleaf's mate and Wolfkit and Spikekit's mother)


Wolfkit—grey and brown tabby with silver paws and ears and blue eyes

Spikekit—golden tom with brown stripes and tail and green eyes


Hazelfoot—silver tabby she-cat with darker spots

Grapeskip—grey and cream tom


Leader: Palestar—long furred light grey she-cat with blue-green eyes

Deputy: Stripechest—silver tom with dark stripe running along chest and belly – orange eyes

Medicine cat: Glidepelt—ginger and silver dappled she-cat with yellow eyes


Jaggedtalon—scruffy brown and grey tom

Furbranch—brown tom with black neck fur

Avalanchetail—light cream she-cat with black underbelly

Swiftbrook—silver tabby she-cat

Meadowheart—cream and tortoiseshell she-cat with black ears

Antwhisper—dark grey and brown tom

Windtail—brown tom with grey tail

Rippleshade—silver tom with black tail and forelegs, bright amber eyes

Wavelight—light silver and tortoiseshell she-cat, yellow eyes


Salmonpaw—silver she-cat with white paws

Shrimppaw—dappled silver and white tom


Flowershadow—silver she-cat with cream, brown, and black patches


Stormkit—dark grey and brown tom

Berrykit—cream and silver tabby she-cat

Lilykit—black and silver she-cat


Petalthorn—silver and grey tabby she-cat

Lightheart—yellow and cream she-cat

Nutbreeze—brown tabby tom


Leader: Moonstar—black she-cat with white dappled pelt and blue eyes

Deputy: Rustclaw—dark brown tabby tom with dark amber eyes

Medicine cat: Soilfoot—brown tom with black paws and tail – grey eyes


Misteyes—dark grey tom with black rings around eyes

Sunleap—she-cat with pelt that fades from grey to white

Sharpfang—brown tom with black and white chest and neck

Darkclaw—light brown she-cat with black paws

Scorpionwing—black and brown tabby with white ear tips and paws

Clawpelt—black tom with silver forepaw


Lightningpaw—light brown tabby tom

Bluepaw—black she-cat with blue eyes

Falconpaw—dark grey tom with white stipe along back


Fruitstep—tortoiseshell and black and white she-cat


Applekit—black she-cat with tortoiseshell chest

Pinekit—white and black tom with tortoiseshell forepaws

Blizzardkit—tortoiseshell tom with black ears

Scratchkit—tortoiseshell tom with white chest and paws


Hailcloud—black and white tom with silver ears

Treewhisker—silver she-cat with black underbelly

Gorsefall—tortoiseshell she-cat with silver ears

. . . ….. . . .

Light filtered into the den, resting on the two queens resting peacefully with their small families. The only movement was the calm and steady up and down of the cats' chests as they breathed, deep in sleep. A quiet murmur came from outside where the warriors and apprentices were being sent on patrols, the new day having had started. It was just another day in ThunderClan.

"WindClan is attacking!" a tiny voice yelled loudly in the nursery, startling one of the queens into jumping in surprise. The other kits in her nest mewled pathetically, awake now and hungry. The other queen, a bright white she-cat with green eyes, looked up sleepily from her two kits and snuggled up closer to them; thankfully they had not woken up. They needed their rest.

"Aspenkit!" the first queen whisper-yelled at her kit. "Quiet down! Your brother and sister are still sleeping!" The mewling from the nest continued. The black and silver tabby sighed and rolled her eyes. "Well, were sleeping I guess." She narrowed her blue green eyes at Aspenkit. "You really shouldn't go doing things like that, at least in the morning when everyone's sleeping."

The kit's head drooped sadly and she looked at the ground, then back at her mother with round eyes. "I'm sorry, Glacierfire."

Glacierfire looked at her and sighed in defeat. "Oh, it's okay. You know I can never stay mad at you when you pull the pouty face move!"

Aspenkit grinned and hopped up and down. "But you still have to be quiet in here," her mother added.

Aspenkit sat down again but looked up at Glacierfire. "Then can I go outside?"

"No," her mother replied. "You know you have to wait until Whiskerkit and Shinekit open their eyes."

Aspenkit looked disappointed but didn't argue. Her mother wouldn't change her mind on that. "So what am I supposed to do?"

"I don't know," Glacierfire said. "But just do it quietly. Emeraldsong kitted yesterday, so she needs as much rest as she can get." They looked over at the new queen, who was already sound asleep. "So either do something silent in here or go back to bed."

Aspenkit grumbled and decided on the latter. Glacierfire stepped into her nest and curled around her family. Already, after only a quarter moon, they were proving to be a handful, but she knew they were worth it. She looked at each of her kits in turn. Shinekit, the plain silver she-cat, was the smallest of the litter and she had her mother's build and silver fur. Next was Whiskerkit, the largest of the litter, who was smoky gray and white. He had the strong, broad shoulders of his father and she knew he would make a great warrior. Neither had opened their eyes yet, though, and Glacierfire was hoping that at least one of them would have his eye color. The last kit, Aspenkit, was almost an exact replica of her mother. She was a beautiful, silky furred, silver and black tabby she-cat, only differing from her mother with her silver ears, paws, and tail tip. Other than that, though, they were identical.

Glacierfire looked up as the shadow pattern on the ground changed dramatically in the way it did when someone walked into the nursery. She immediately grinned and purred at the sight of the strong white tom with the grey foreleg, Smokeleg.

"It's nice to know the deputy can take some time out of his busy schedule to visit his family," she purred as he bent his head and rubbed her cheek.

"How are they?" Smokeleg asked, his green eyes alive and bright at seeing his kits.

"Good," Glacierfire answered. "But Aspenkit did wake up at dawn and yell that WindClan was attacking." She searched her mate's gaze in pretend question. "Did that actually happen? Is everyone okay?"

Smokeleg purred and rolled his eyes. "No, it must have been a false alarm!" He nudged the now sleeping form of his daughter with his nose and smiled. "This one's going to be a trouble maker, isn't she?"

"She already is," Glacierfire groaned, but looked at Aspenkit lovingly. "Maybe she'll change, though." She licked the top of her head slowly. "But I don't care. I love them all just the way they are."

Smokeleg nodded as he watched. "Are you sure you don't want me to move in here with you?" he asked, concerned. "I know how much work it must be and I don't want you to have to—"

"I'll be fine, trust me!" Glacierfire exclaimed, exasperated. "Now go, don't you have a patrol to be on or something?" Smokeleg sighed and nodded, looking at his family one more time. "I'll visit you later, okay?" He said turning to the entrance. "Okay, have fun on the patrol!" She called, curling back into the nest as her mate left, calling for a few other warriors.

She looked down at her three kits, happiness filling her up until she felt she would spill over. She sighed contentedly as she settled in, feeling the three heartbeats next to her as she closed her eyes.

This is perfect, she thought to herself before she drifted into sleep. I hope my family will always be this carefree and happy.

. . . ... . . .

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