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Recap of TAS because most of you probably don't remember much: Screechthroat is crazy. When she was a kit, she and her kit friends went to WindClan to spy, but on the way back there was a storm. It's later seen that Poolkit was never found and presumed dead. Screechthroat went kinda insane at that and had a voice in her head that claimed to be Poolkit. Her mentor, Ruffleslash, and Wolfpaw from WindClan have been helping her through it and she is romantically connected to both of them, but can't really pick who she likes more. When Screechthroat went to RiverClan with some others, including Ruffleslash, to help fight a battle, she found that Poolkit had actually survived and was living in RiverClan because she'd lost her memory in the storm and couldn't remember her life in ThunderClan. She was living her life now as Streamwhisper, a RiverClan warrior, and had secretly been in love with Flamelick from ThunderClan, Ruffleslash's brother. That's just about it, I think *thumbs up*

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. . . ….. . . .

"They worked together in a perfect sort of harmony, as if they couldn't exist without the other. Almost as if they needed each other to even exist at all. There was something beautiful about it…."

~Screechthroat, thinking

. . . ….. . . .

Screechthroat inhaled slowly through her twitching nose, breathing in the scents of the rushing river. Then, slowly, she let the air out through her mouth, sighing as the breath rushed from her lungs.

She opened her eyes, which dully fell upon the grey water which moved past her paws, sloshing by without excitement. A few fish swam their way downstream, the silver light flashing off of their scales and creating a shimmering pattern on the surface of the river. Then they were flowing past, falling into the greater lake, never to be seen by the ThunderClan cat again.

Screechthroat slumped to the ground, groaning as her eyes flashed to yellow and back to their normal blue green shade. She was really getting tired and exhausted of the dead she-cat.

I just wish, Screechthroat thought, that you would tell me who you are.

Ah, but Screechy, the voice countered. Where's the fun in that?

Look, I get that I apparently "killed" you or whatever. That sucks. But why in the name of StarClan does that mean that your identity is suddenly secret? Why is there a necessity that it must be a mystery?

The voice tutted in exasperation. Oh, that should be obvious.

Alright, fine then. What is the oh so obvious answer?

I keep my identity from you because it drives you mad with anger.

Screechthroat sighed. I should have known.

Yeah. You really should have.

Her eyes were closed again. She didn't like it when they were closed. It only ever amplified the voices.

And yet here she was with her eyes shut. She felt that if they were open, things may become too chaotic for her to even function.

Screechthroat sighed, stretching out in the grass. It felt good under her paws, soft and almost spongy. There weren't many things in her life that she could truly appreciate, but she found that enjoying the ground beneath her body was no shame.

Her eyes were shocked into opening, however, when she felt a pelt brush her own. They blinked opened immediately, staring straight into the emerald depths of her once mentor. He gazed back steadily, smiling slightly after a moment.

"Hey," he said, almost too quietly in the rush of the wind and trudge of the water.

"Hey." It was hardly a breath of a response.

There was a silence. It was too tense, and she really didn't know why. Maybe it was because too much had happened. Maybe it was because not enough had.

Ruffleslash stood, not even a full minute after lying down. He looked back down at here, a question on his face.

"You coming?"

Screechthroat frowned slightly, turning back to watch the river. It was peaceful, beautiful, but it would always be here. She didn't have to make sure of that to know it.

Instead, she turned back to him. "Where are we going?"

"We are going," he started, face lighting into his signature half smile. "to forget."

She liked that.

Smiling, Screechthroat got to her paws, following him as he made a pathway through the reeds and grasses of RiverClan territory. The wind lessened considerably as they trekked further and further away from the water, as if the two parts of nature were reliant on each other for existence. There was something nice about that thought.

She had no idea where they were going; she hadn't let herself become too familiarized with the territory because she knew she'd be torn away from it soon. Torn away from this place and Streamwhisper and everything she stood for. Like Screechthroat's pointless insanity, originated from a lie and a promise of hatred.

Was that a good thing, that she'd be leaving? On one hand, at least she'd be away from the reminder that it was pointless, that everything was pointless, that life seemed stupid and fruitless and entirely too exhausting to even exist. But she'd also be away from Poolkit, the real Poolkit, the embodiment of the wide-eyed kit that she could hardly even remember. She was a reminder that whoever the cat was in her head, at least she wasn't someone who had once loved her.

Ruffleslash looked over his shoulder at her, and Screechthroat gave him a shaky smile. She didn't need him to go coddling her, though she was sure he'd do it anyways. She'd put up a front, but there was always a part of her that ached for someone to comfort her, to sympathize with her and tell her everything would be alright.

She felt weak for having such a mindsight; for StarClan's sake, she was a bleeding warrior! She shouldn't be so pitiful.

Then again, given the circumstances, it wasn't entirely inappropriate.

They'd hiked quite a way, and were finally on the outskirts of the territory, far enough away from both WindClan territory and ShadowClan for Screechthroat to breathe easily. If they'd been ambushed, there was no way the two cats could win on their own. Two on four or five was a death sentence.

"Ruffleslash," she meowed, finally giving voice to her confusion. "Where are we going?"

He smiled and gestured ahead with his ears. "There."

Peering around his body, Screechthroat gasped to see a pile of logs beyond where the territory ended, but not by much. They balanced among each other, creating an almost artistic sort of masterpiece of crisscrossing wood and beams. It was fairly large, but not intimidatingly so. As she grew nearer to it, Screechthroat found that she could hardly resist the childlike urge to explore it.

And clearly, neither could Ruffleslash, for he bounded onto a nearby log, leg poised as he looked down at her with an expression of amusement on his face. He purred, head nodding to the structure.

It was clear what he meant by it.

Obliging, Screechthroat jumped onto a beam of wood, climbing along it and catapulting herself towards one a good foxlength above her head. Her paws reached upwards towards it and her unsheathed claws sank into the soft material. She pulled herself up, muscles straining from the effort and excitement of it all.

The pile reached far above her head, farther than she thought it could've possibly. Across from her, Ruffleslash was hurrying along it, hardly stopping to breathe as he launched himself higher and higher.

It finally connected in Screechthroat's mind: this was a race.

A look of determination on her muzzle, the black and silver tabby let out a growl. She jumped again, haunches striving as they powered her on. She could feel the wonderful wood under her paws, so alike to the trees on ThunderClan. Oh, how she missed the trees, the brush, even the burrs.

The squirrels. What she would give in that moment to sink her teeth into a squirrel. It was almost anything.

Ruffleslash was still ahead. He was about two thirds of the way up, while Screechthroat had just made it halfway. She would not be so easily beaten.

She screamed at her legs to pump faster, to work harder. They listened, screaming back in retaliation though they obediently did her bidding.

Jump, attach, pull. Jump, attach, pull. Jump, attach, pull. Occasionally, run along a log and repeat it all again.

There was no room in her mind to do anything other than this.

Distantly, Screechthroat realized that the structure smelled too familiar for it to be a coincidence. There were two distinct scents that had already thrived here, two that mingled on her fur now that she was jumping along them. One of a ThunderClan cat and a second of a RiverClan. She didn't have to think hard to conclude that they belonged to none other than Flamelick and Streamwhisper. After all, who else could it be?

It made sense, after all. If they were meeting, it would have to be somewhere outside of the territories. Still shocking, of course, that they had started seeing each other as it was, considering the situation of it all.

But in that moment, as Screechthroat gained on Ruffleslash, all of this information processed in a split second and she couldn't heed it much. Maybe later, maybe not, but now was for racing, for winning.

She could see the top. He was almost there. She, additionally, was almost there. The topmost log was so close, so close, and she could almost reach it, for it was at the edge of her reach.

It reminded her of the sky. Sitting in the Great Oak, gazing at the large expanse of stars overhead and mulling over how it could be as close to her as the branch beneath her paws yet so out of reach. If she only reached out a claw…she should be able to touch it.

Which was the same with the top of this pile. She shot Ruffleslash a glare, who shot her a smirk, as they both gave one last powerful leap and skidded to a halt at the top.

They were nose to nose, quite literally, as they panted in exhaustion as their weary lungs fought to maintain breath, to serve their purposes and replenish the oxygen pulsing through their veins. They breathed in time, as if they were one, moving as if they were the same.

In that exact moment, Screechthroat seemed to realize something. They were like the wind and the water, so dependent of each other that it seemed to be impossible. She needed him, and she had a feeling that he needed her, too.

They were reliant on each other. She needed him to help her, needed him to coddle her, to be there for her when the winds got too rough and the water too deep. He needed her, maybe only because he needed her to need him. Like the water needed the wind to run across it and create the satisfying ripple of content that he felt within his chest.

They worked together in a perfect sort of harmony, as if they couldn't exist without the other. Almost as if they needed each other to even exist at all. There was something beautiful about it, and it took away Screechthroat's breath.

She gazed into his emerald eyes, which stared back into hers, and they stood there for what felt like eons, panting and heaving as the wood held steady beneath their paws.

Finally, he smiled slightly. "I won."

Screechthroat rolled her eyes, purring nonetheless. "If it makes you happy, then sure. You won."

In that moment, because he'd brought her so much joy, all he truly wanted was for him to be happy. That was all she wanted.

. . . ….. . . .

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