Just a warning to you guys, this is an AU of… whatever I'm about to make (up to this moment, I still haven't decided what fanfic this should be…) which contains tentacles as the… OC. And all sorts of fetishes are in here and all those whatnots and bahhh…. Let's just start.

P.S. This is extreme hardcore, so if you don't like it, bye~

"Damn~ Look! This genius guys invented a freakin' portal!"


"Yeah! Look, they're entering now!"

"Which channel is it?!"

"Channel 5!"

"Thanks big bro!"

The reporter kept on and on about how Ryuzaki and another guy, running into the portal after him, Light, are travelling into another dimension. That was true, because on the two genius' side, they gawked at the view.

There were creatures they'd never seen before, plants that grew up to a billion meter, shortest one, Light estimated, was about 60.000 meters. "Hey, L, let's report this to the head scientist firs—"

Before he could finish his sentence, the portal hole they'd came in through had exploded. "The—ugh… Are we stuck here now?"

"Well, this enigma dimension is still an, well, an enigma, so how about we search the place first before something happens to us… I have… a weird gut feeling about this place…"

"Well, okay then," Light said as they walked around in the eerie-looking forest, the bright, glowing colours on the plants and other creatures intensified their fear—it usually meant that they were poisonous. "Oh," L said, noticing something. "What is it?"

"Well, I figured that since the creatures here look like they're sleeping, maybe it's nighttime?"


"Well, maybe we should sleep now."

"But… It's still morning in our bodies' internal clock… I can't just sleep whenever…."

"Then try," L said and began preparing a bed for himself, inspecting every material before using it. After pondering about it for a while, Light agreed reluctantly and followed L's example and conjured a bed made of stuff. He laid the bed next to L's and laid down beside him.

L had slept rather quickly, yet Light still seems to be unable to fall asleep just yet. He decided to count the pores on L's smooth face, because ever since he was little, he could never count the sheep of his imaginations, so he counted stuff like light intensity, speed of light, etc.

For the first time in his life, he noticed the dark bags L had under his eyes, and his stable breathing made him look a lot, LOT younger than when he's awake. 'No wonder he could sleep so easily…' Light instantly gave up when the lights around them dimmed and there was a shift in the air.

Cautious, he got up, and tried to reach for L's sleeping figure. When he found L's arm, he pulled at it slightly, calling, "L! Oi, L!" in a whisper. L didn't move, nor make a sound. He was in a deep, deep sleep. Light shuddered when something cold and wet touched his neck.

It was too dark to see anything, but he felt a slight coldness slither under his shirt, wrapping around him like a snake. He then was pulled away from L.

*I wanna wink…*

When he stopped, he couldn't feel the familiar feel of fabric on his skin. The darkness made him feel blindfolded, and the feeling of something wrapped up around him intensified greatly. 'Maybe it really is a snake…?'

He freezed in place. 'Don't move and the snake will think you're just fire.' Something brushed against his nipples. He noticed it when it started poking on it, playing with it, as Light assumed. He couldn't help but gasp. He held back a cry when something got into his nipples, wriggling its' way through. 'Don't tell me that it's actually a worm-like creature?!'

He could feel it slithering under his skin and then it went out again. He sighed in relief when I did. Something tickled his feet, and he couldn't help but giggle at the feeling. Yes, giggle like a girl. It liked the soft vibration of his giggles, trying to make him make more of it.

L, on the other side, woke up. He noticed some things missing around him. Including Light. "… Light?" he called out, but he seemed to have left long ago. L became suspicious. He found an irregularity within the untouched forest, and followed it…

Something poked at his member when he was still giggling. It touched him everywhere. He left out gasps and moans as the creature slid itself under his under skin, travelling all over his length out of curiosity. Light's member suddenly became hard, which surprised the creature, making it pull itself out rather roughly.

It poked at its now-hard form. Something grabbed hold of it, and Light could faintly hear sounds. Something went into his urethra, making its way into his bladder. It touched lukewarm liquid. The creature stirred it inside, foreign to the liquid. It absorbed the liquid to inspect it.

It had a weird taste to it, but the creature didn't dislike it. After it drained the liquid, it went further to search for more. "Wait! No! Wait, what?! Aah!" he felt it traveled further inside. He then felt something nudge at his rear. "Oh, god… don't tell me I'm…"

Yes he was. It stretched his entrance carefully and something went in. Something with a lot of bulges. It released the rims of his hole when the whole bulging thing was entirely in. He dreaded when he left that nothing was connected to whatever was inside his hole. His worries dissolved when he felt that thing exit him. But he felt something else.

Eggs. It laid eggs inside him. 'Bu-but it's not fertilized, right? I-it won't hatch if it's not fertilized, right?!'

"Hey, Light…"

"! L! Hey, L! Help! I can't see anything! It's so dark and… Wait, L?" L had gotten there a while ago, before the creature entered Light's urethra. He was the one whom directed the creature how to pleasure him. Something nudged at his rear entrance. "Wait… L, this is not the time to—Aaah!"

L thrusted himself into him, his tip hitting the nearest egg. Light felt his urethra hole get stretched carefully by the creature, and a familiar finger plunged into it. "Dammit, L! Don't! Stop it!"

"Don't stop it? I wasn't planning to," he whispered in a deep, sexy voice, right into Light's sensitive ear, making him cum. But it was stopped by L's finger, which was plugging up his member. Feeling his cum at the tip of his finger, he plunged it in some more, until his whole finger was inside. "Sh… L! Stop! IT HURTS!"

"Hnn…" he hummed in reply and thrusted into him so hard that Light felt as if his whole breath had been knocked out. He felt dizzy, and he felt something nudge at his nipples, again. It stretched the small opening on it. L stuck his tongue in and caressed his untouched parts with it, making Light beg for release.

L rammed himself so deep that the eggs hit each other and pushed themselves deeper in. L came inside him, fertilizing the eggs, which vibrated at the contact of cum. "Hhhhiiiiiiii!"Tears roll down his face when L pulled his finger out of his urethra, letting him find release. The gaping hole of his newly stretched urethra, as well as his nipples, showed L the most erotic sight he's ever seen.

Light panted heavily, his consciousness slipping away. "How do you feel?" he heard L ask in his slipping state. "Extremely… intense… plea…sure… I'v….e…. ever…. Fel….t….." He went limp in his arms. From Light's stomach, he could feel the vibrations of the fertilized eggs within him. He smiled to himself a mischievous smile.

"Don't worry, Light-kun… That was just the beginning… Your training is far, faaaaaar from over…"


Dang~ that was… uh… whatever. I'm too embarrassed to say it anyways. How did you enjoy it? Was it good? Maybe I'll make a chapter 2 of this if people actually read this… ^^ Meanwhile, thank you for reading~