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Ever since arriving at Earth, something's been bothering Light, no matter how long it had been since the incident. L had noticed and asked once when Light looked troubled, getting out the toilet of their shared bedroom. "What's wrong, Light-kun?"

Light didn't wether he should tell his roommate or not. Remembering that doctors from various hospitals couldn't find anything wrong with him, he finally gave out a resigned sigh. "It's rather embarrassing, but…" he started, averting his eyes, trying to not blush too much.

"But I seem to be unable to… Uhh… Ehm… P-pee…"

L blinked. Could it be because of the egg in his bladder? He thought. Misinterpreting L's reaction, Light added, "A-and… M-my urethra seems to somehow stretched really wide, and even the doctors say that it's not normal…"

"… May I…?" L asked. Light looked surprised, then eyed him suspiciously. "No, I mean, may I have a look at your… Ehm…" L said, a faint blush tainted his pale face. Light didn't notice it. 'I might as well just give it a shot,' Light thought and entered their bedroom. L followed.

Light took off his pants and under wear, revealing his member with a somewhat gaping hole. L remembered that he did put in a finger into that hole once. He kept himself composed.

"It sure is a widely stretched hole," L said, putting himself in a level position with Light's member. "I know. But despite the wide hole, and the volume of water in which I drank, which is a lot, I still couldn't take a piss!" Light huffed.

"And what about your bladder? Does it feel full?"

"It sure as hell is," Light said. L touched Light's bladder from outside and felt a hard nudge inside it. Light stifled a moan at the contact. Why, though? Why would Kyuu-kun put in one egg inside Light-kun's bladder, and the rest in his anus?

Why is the one in the bladder so much like an egg, while the ones in his anus doesn't bother him at all?


"Say what?" Light asked, not clearly hearing L's mumbled words. "It could be because of your urine. You know, NH3? Urea? Urine contains a little bit of urea, and its' characteristics are more acidic than base… Nevermind that. That's irrelevant. But NH3 might be the key."

"Haa? What're you talking about?"

"Oh… Right, I haven't told you huh? The fact that Kyuu-kun laid eggs inside you?"


"She laid eggs in you. But… It wasn't only NH3 that she liked, though… For some reason, she also liked semen…. I wonder if it's because of the fructose in the liquid? Or the sperm? No, I doubt the sperm would do much, if we're talking about bladder here…"

"Ehh…" Light could only stay silent at L's mumbling. "I got it, Light-kun! Just wait here a moment," L said, walking out of the room, into the laboratory, which was located at the 5th floor of his private apartment.

Meanwhile, Light waited just like L said. His hand rubbed the place L rubbed, supposedly his bladder. The hardness of it made Light shiver. 'What is it, exactly?' he thought. L returned half an hour later, just as Light had begun to doze off.

In his hands was a tray of things. A bottle with a label 'fructose' on it, a really long straw, some disinfectants and lube. "Sorry, Light-kun, due to a shortage of –ehm- sex toys –ehm- we're just gonna use a straw. Is that alright?"

"What's the straw for?"

"To help inject the fructose into your bladder." At L's explanation, Light backed away slowly, his pace in sync with L's. "Y-you're kidding, right? You want to inject something into my bladder?"

"Exactly," L said without hesitation. "Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you can't just do that!" Light shouted. "I want to help you and you're rejecting my offer?" L said as he set the tray down. "… Shit, fine." Light sighed in resignation.

"Just… Make sure to not make it painful…" Light mumbled. L nodded and brought his finger to his mouth and slickened it with his saliva before carefully putting it inside of Light's urethra, making Light gasp and moan as the finger probed deeper inside.

"Wh-wh-wh-what're you doing?!"

"Ah, right. You said that you didn't want it to hurt, right? I'm doing this as a precaution so that the straw wouldn't scrape the urethra's walls and injure it in the process."

"Ugh…" Light could only try to not moan. L then pulled out his finger once he deem it prepared enough for the straw. He smeared disinfectant onto the straw before slowly pushing it inside. Light tried to not move too much, so that the insertion would be easier. Doing so proved to be a lot more difficult to do than to solve the highest level of calculus.

L stopped when he felt the straw nudge something hard inside him, leaving around 3 cm of straw left outside of the urethra. "Light-kun, having you get a hard-on isn't exactly helping," L said, reaching for the bottle of fructose.

"Well I can't help it! Anyone would get horny from being stimulated!"

'And to top it all off, the one who's doing this is you!' Light wanted to add, but he didn't. The reason should still stay in the dark for now, at least.

L took some dose of fructose into his mouth before transferring it into Light's bladder via straw. Light couldn't help but moan as the feeling of something entering his bladder from the outside was something very unusual for him.

L's breath which hit the crown of Light's member as he kept on blowing fructose into his bladder was a completely stimulating kind of experience for Light, making him have a dry orgasm. L pulled away and poked at Light's bladder.

"L-L! Don't push that part! S-something's gonna come out…" Light pleaded whilst trying to get L away from his member. L complied and took out the straw which he inserted into Light as he watched white, nearly translucent liquid gets expelled from Light's bladder.

"Huh?" L said quietly, starting his train of thoughts. If it's an egg, then where's the baby? Or cub? Or whatever you call them?

Light fidgeted as he felt something squirm inside his bladder, but he dared not to tell L. "W-with this, we're done, right?" Light said, trying to build up a façade. "Nope, not yet," L said, flipping Light and pulling his hips right in front of his eyes.

"E-eh?! There's still more? I feel fine already though!" Light shouted in an attempt to his his second erection. "No, if I remember correctly, Kyuu-kun also laid eggs inside your anus," L said, a finger teased the ring of Light's rear entrance. "Huh?! But I'm defecating properly, though?!"

"No, it's probably because of the lack of NH3 and fructose that the ones in your anus hasn't developed at all."

"So what? You're gonna fuck me and come inside me?" Light said both fearfully and hopefully. "You read my mind, Light-kun," L smiled. Light felt blinded by the sweet, childlike smile on L's face. He hid his face in a pillow to hide his blush. "Then, just get it over with!" he said, his façade crumbling.

"Yeah, after I loosen you up a bit more," L said, pouring lube into Light's rear entrance. Light shivered at the contact and suppressed his moans as L started stretching his hole and leaving it stretched to see inside. As he expected, a few small, egg-like balls were deep inside Light.

He then nudged his tip into Light's rear and carefully slid it inside. Light moaned loudly as L's member filled him up and he screamed out L's name before releasing. "You came just from my entering you? How weird," L whispered into Light's ear, making him shiver. "Last time, I had to ram myself inside you first before you came?"

Light shivered. "Wh-whose fault did you think it is?! Making my body go sensitive like—Ah!" Light never got to finish his sentence because L had pulled out until he found Light's prostate gland before shoving himself inside him again, careful of Light's moans for any hint of discomfort.

A hand grasped Light's already dripping member whilst the other pinched his nipple. L nibbled on Light's earlobe as he kept up the pace. "Listen up," L said, panting in heat, "I'm gonna come inside you, and then piss inside you, to make sure that the eggs will get out, okay?"

"Y—ah! Y-You're gonna piss—Aah! Ha… Ins-s-s-side me?" Light asked. A bite on his neck was his only confirmation. "Sorry, Light-kun, but this is for the best," L whispered in a baritone, which made Light shiver.

L inserted one finger into Light's urethra, preventing him from coming too fast. At that, Light's hole tightened up around L's member, getting him closer and closer to release. With a few last powerful thrusts, he climaxed inside Light, and at the same time, he also unplugged his urethra, making it a mutual climax.

Light felt the need to defecate, but before getting a chance to tell L, L had wrapped his hands around him as he pushed himself deeper, until it was the deepest he could go, which is pretty deep. Light gasped at the feeling of L filling him so, so much that he clenched his rear some more.

L grunted and shivered, a satisfied face on him as he pissed inside Light's rear hole. Light felt light-headed, but he knew that that was gonna be one of his firsts; His first time feeling so complete. They both passed out from exhaustion, L's member still inside Light.

- Next day –

"Ugh… I feel so sore…" Light grumbled as he soaked in the bath tub with L behind him. L's fingers were on Light's bladder, in L's mind still curious where the baby tentacle might've been. "L, stop that! I can't handle another erection at, like, 8 in the morning!"

"That'd be okay, though," L said, still massaging Light's bladder, which made Light shiver. "It's not! If you abuse my back any more than you have, I might not be able to give you pleasure anymo—" Light stopped himself. 'What have I just said?!'

"? Why would my pleasure matter so much to you?" L asked. "Urk…"

"Light-kun… Don't tell me… All this time, you've had a crush on me?"

"… 'Twas supposed to be a secret," Light pouted. "Ah, I see."

An awkward silence dawned upon them. Then, there it was; the wriggling feeling. Light gasped, and L went alert at the tentacle feeling that met his finger through Light's skin. "L-L-L-L… I-it's… Something's coming out…." Light panicked.

"Don't worry. Take deep breaths. There, that's it… Now, let them out… Good boy. Now, take another deep breath…" L instructed as one hand kept on massaging Light's bladder lightly, whilst the other was stationed right in front of his member's hole, waiting for the small tentacle baby to get out.

Light shivered once the baby tentacle reached the tip and latched its' tentacle onto L's finger. L carefully pulled it out, and Light's shoulders slumped in relief. "Whoa… That…" Light said, his head rested on L's shoulder, and L's finger had had the tentacle grip it and stuck to it like glue.

"That was weird, I'll admit."

L nodded. "I agree."

A moment of silence.

"Oh, yeah. You do remember that a hell lot of these are gonna come out of your anus if we do another intercourse, right?" L said matter-of-factly. Light went silent and then sighed in defeat. "I'll be in your hands, now, so take care of me," Light said quietly.

"Leave it to me," L said, smiling.


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