Well, it's a new year folks. 2003 is here and 2002 is gone. So what is in store for Courage in this new year? What freaky horrors await? Well let us see.

The ball dropped and 2003 rang in. Dick Clark got a New Year's kiss, and Courage was ready to sleep. But there was a couple of people in the shadows that planned to drag out the new year party. Armadillo Rex and Dark Sonic were lurking about and ready to cause some chaos.

"These fireworks should wake him up!" Dark Sonic proclaimed, lighting a fuse with the end of his finger.

"Naw! I got better! We will kidnap the lady and make Courage come to her rescue. What a way to kick off the new year!" Rex said.

They slipped in, tied Muriel up, and slipped out. Courage awoke with a start, and sighed. He smacked his lips and went to get a drink. He came back and noticed Muriel gone again. He screamed so loud the glass he had shattered.

Courage ran out the door, ready for a new year of problems.

[Sorry it's so short, but it will keep you coming back for more. And don't worry, everything else is coming in behind, and I have not abandoned it! So be ready as a million ideas converge into "Nightmare King", and "Resident Courage" will get a rework true to the games. It is as if they were there and you just didn't see them!]