Rex: There seems to be only one way to handle this mess.

D.S: You don't mean?

Rex: Yep. Get me Bullseye!

Mr. Hell: Got to do that movie reference, don't you?

Rex: It gets me paid, so I don't degrade!

D.S: Look, Dr. Seuss, just get the guy on the phone already!

Rex picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Courage was looking around in the shadows, nearly falling over a broken camera. Sonic was here all right, but why?

A few minuets later, a motorcycle was heard roaring outside the building. Bullseye walked in.

Rex: I thought Daredevil had you for good man, what happened?

Bullseye: Let's just say that Kingpin is the best insurance ever!

Rex: I thought he though you were dead.

B.E: He did, that's why I stole his credit card from his arse! I got a lot of shoit on his bill!

D.S: What's with the Irish accent? He never talked like that in the comics. And where is the degrading blue tights?

Rex: They did to him the same they did to Green Goblin, made him look cooler for the movies.