"PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" jayfeather ordered then a light brown kit squirmed out "thats one 2 more to go" squirrelflight pushed and than an orange kit with golden eyes amd white spots squirmed out "last one!" squirreldflight pushed and than a brown red kit whith brown with brown eyes and with paws slid out squirrelflight panted and closed her eyes when she woke up she saw her kits sleeping next to her belly she smiled and turned around to see bramblestar holding a rose "here you go my love" he said warmly "have you thought of the names for your kits yet?" he asked "yes i have actually but what are there genders?" she asked "this kit is a tom" he said nuzzling the red kit "this kit is a she-kit" he said nuzzling the orange kit "and this ones a tom" he said finnally nuzzing the brown kit "okay thank you i want this kit to be named redkit" she said nuzzling the red kit "this kit will be petalkit" she said nuzzling the orange kit "i want you to name my last kit she said flicking her tail towards the brown kit he smiled and said "i think we should call him branchkit" she smiled and soon the both fell asleep.