by piper

I was sitting, late at night, alone.

I am not sure what time it was.. Perhaps three or four in the morning. It didn't matter. This book was truly worth the lack of sleep. I didn't want to go upstairs, anyway. Not yet. That would mean I'd have to clean. I don't like cleaning.

I turned the page. It was the last, to my extreme disappointment, though it had been a wonderful story - a mystery filled with turns and twists the whole while till I was sure they must all be the accused. Something Yami had picked for me on my way home. We had past a bookstore and I pointed a few books out. He immediately deemed them 'silly,' dragged me into the store, and had me read aloud the summaries of every single book in the fiction section till he deemed one satisfactory for my consumption. Of course, I had been lying when I told him that this book contained massive orgies and blood but.. It was one of the few things I ever did receive from him. I cherished it.

As I did him. He was mine.


I looked up in the lamplight, staring over the rim of my book at seemingly nothing but air. My breath was starting to get heavy. There's nothing there! There's nothing there! I had to keep telling myself when the shadow started to play themselves on the wall, dancing like flames as the dagger came down. Over and over. The echoes of the screams still rung true in my ears.

Then there was nothing there.

I decided I needed to sleep. I was starting to see things. Placing the book down with the uttermost care, I reached up at clicked off the light before heading up the stairs. It was completely dark, except for the gentle bask of the moon that made it's way through the upstairs' windows. It was peacefully silent and I ignored the dry feeling in my throat from the alcohol. I remembered now why I never drank before.

The first thing I knew when I opened the door was that I had left my window open. It was freezing, not to mention very windy, and all of my papers had been blown carelessly to the floor. With an anguished sigh, I ran to catch them, delicate in the wind. It would be a feeble excuse to try and blame the wind for a lack of a history report. As soon as the papers had been firmly settled, I made my way to the window, shutting the two panels closed. I had a sort of a window that seemed more a French door and the lock was weak. It would have been no surprised if it had sprung open on it's own.

When I was sure everything was closed, I turned around and admired my room. My eyes had adjusted to the dark earlier and I could at least survey the shadows under the pale blue moonlight. My desk, my dresser, my bed.. my yami.

I remembered I needed to clean.

I approached his figure, prone and motionless. He looked so pretty with his eyes opened like that. unfazed. Unseeing. A cloud was moving over the moon in the background, cutting off the dream like shimmer of his silver hair that lay fanned about his body like waves. So pretty. So perfect.

Oh, how he would laugh at me later! Call me foolish or something like a silly romantic, always with my head in the clouds and dreaming up words more flowery then necessary. I said love, he said fucking. Hard.

I got caught up in my own thoughts, momentarily forgetting my purpose. The cloud had left it's friend and the light returned. It was then the sheen returned to the blood and returned my attention. I forgot about that. My yami had caused quite a mess. The red substance was everywhere. Dripping down onto my floor, staining my sheets..

I wished he hadn't screamed so loud.. I had to make him quieter. At first I had been really scared when he stopped moving. Had I..? But.. no! Yami would never leave me! After all, he was mine. Mine. This thought had cheered me up greatly.

He would never leave me.

I smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips. They were cold. I'm sure it was the open window that caused this..

Then I began to clean.

..the end.