Clean (cont.)
by rya

I killed Yuugi-kun. I don't know why. Perhaps I couldn't stand his eyes staring up at me anymore.

Innocent Yuugi-kun.

All I seem to remember was the blood dripping down the front of my shirt... Dripping. Dripping. It was so warm, like taking a shower and I think it splattered onto my cheek. He hadn't even screamed. Kind Yuugi-kun. Gentle Yuugi-kun.

Till the very end he was convinced it was my yami.

The pharaoh didn't expect of course, and as I lowered his body against the floor, I extracted the Sennen Puzzle from around his neck. It was so cold to the touch... Surprisingly so, as it was covered in fresh blood, still hot from his once living form. Even as I held it up to my eyes, the kisses of crimson delight dripped like water from it's golden surface, the wadjet eye seeming to grin. To smile. It was oh so funny!

And how proud Yami would be.

I walked out the door, it's hinge still broken from where I had kicked it inside. It seemed to cry in pain as I past, a protesting shriek of busted metal vibrating beneath my fingertips as it swung open. The back door. No one ever came in the back door anyway... It was obvious for it was in poor shape and rusted to the core.

The Sennen Ring clanged against it's newest companion, this new friend to play! Oh, the Puzzle was overjoyed! It always was. Even in the pale moon light of the night, it grinned at me. Eyes shouldn't grin... Should they? Oh, but this one did! And it was laughing... hysterically. It was so joyful, so maddening... I had to join. Our chuckles echoed through the empty streets.

I started running then. Down the alleys and up the fire escape to my room. Tou-san was still away. I pushed open the window with all the gracefulness of a cat. I'm proud of my own leanness... Very few are as graceful as me. That is, expect for him.

He was waiting for me. As if he'd known what I done. I laughed joyously.

"Yami! Oh, Yami! You'll be so proud of me!" His lifeless eyes seemed to smile as I fell on my knees beside his slumped form. I had left him in the chair that evening. He must have enjoyed being out of that bed... He had been there for days. "Look! Look what I have for you!" I shoved the Sennen Puzzle into his hands, grinning madly. Joy was overwhelming me... I could feel his praise. He didn't have to speak.

"Oh, Yami..."

I let out a content sigh as I rested my head in his lap. He was always so cold lately. Cold! No matter how I dressed him. I looked up with a frown. "Oh, Yami... You should have told me... Told me you were cold!"

Like a rabbit, I sprung to my feet. Ha! I was so many different animals tonight! Next I shall be an elk, I should think! I thought no one ever was an elk. I should be one. I flung open my closet door, finding one of the few extra blankets I love since stored in there. I was never cold... I hated feeling stuffy blankets. Though I supposed that if the time should arrive I would be cold, I'd be prepared.

"Here," I said with a smile and wrapped it around his shoulders. His head lolled over to the left into my hands. I giggled. He was always so affectionate! As I reached to embrace him, he released the Sennen Puzzle and it rolled from his fingertips on to the floor. I stared down at it. It stared back.

"Isn't it so funny, Yami? It laughs! Come on! Laugh with me, Yami!

.... Laugh with me!"

...the end(?)

AuthorÕs Comments: This fiction and others may also be found at The Mystery (located at:, an archive created by my friend, Loren Leah ... As to whether I should continue this fic or not, I will leave it up to the reviewers. Some have been curious as to why Ryou snapped as he did, which may be further explained if I continued. It then also become much more pairing oriented, albeit one-sided. Should I continue?