found this in my NaNoWriMo 2017 google doc, so um. here we go!

written for the prompt "I don't wanna screw this up", requested by an anon! sorry for the wait sweet anon...I somehow forgot I still had this...

Judal hops from rooftop to rooftop, jumping in and out of the shadows for protection. He's got a backpack full of fancy spray paint and a vision for the new building downtown. It needs some sprucing up and he's the perfect guy to do it.

He jumps down into an alley when the buildings thin out and dashes down them for a few blocks until he can bounce back up the side of one. Shit like this must be such a pain for losers without magic.

Good thing he's not one of them!

Judal lands in front of his building of choice with practiced ease and immediately pulls out his paints to get to work. He knows he has a limited window of time before someone notices him and he has an elaborate design in mind. He's gotta get this shit done and fast.

He turns drab concrete into a dazzling display of art, with harsh black lines and geometric shapes broken up by carefully measured splashes of color, until he's just about done. Just a few more additions, and-

"Drop it," a voice says calmly from behind him, and Judal can feel the threat behind the words. Damn it.

He sets the paint can down carefully - this shit's expensive! - and turns to face his judgmental witness. Hakuryuu glares back at him and Judal relaxes. At least it's just his normal guy. "Hey, sweetcheeks. It's you again!"

"I see you're still causing problems," he says, somehow managing to frown even more.

"I like to consider it 'beautifying the city,' but sure, call it whatever you want," he says. A can finds its way back into his hand as he reassesses his situation. He can still make this work.

"You're defacing property, trespassing, being a nuisance-"

"Hey, can you be quiet for a sec? I don't wanna screw this up," Judal interrupts, trying to finish the last few swipes of color in his design. His blatant disrespect silences Hakuryuu temporarily, leaving him free to complete and sign his piece without further interruptions. "Okay, what were you saying?"

"You're under arrest," Hakuryuu says firmly and Judal chuckles. It's cute how he thinks that'll work.

"Come on, like that threat actually stops me," he says, tossing the last of his paint into his backpack and hoisting it over his shoulders. There's a particularly dark shadow between two buildings and it looks like the perfect start to a shortcut home. The dark is welcoming, he's sinking into it, and-

Thick vines wrap around his wrists, stopping him. Fucking hell, why did Hakuryuu finally decide to grow a spine tonight? He groans, pulling at the restraints in frustration, but they don't budge.

"Where do you think you're going?" Hakuryuu snaps as he makes his way over to Judal.


He can feel Hakuryuu's displeasure, but he can also feel the moment that Hakuryuu steps into his domain. Perfect. Judal whirls around to look at Hakuryuu, obviously proud of himself for finally catching Judal. Rude.

"You should be more careful, Hakuryuu," he says teasingly, drawing out each syllable of his name, before Judal kisses him.

Hakuryuu freezes but doesn't push him away, and Judal revels in it. He's wanted to see if he could get under the pretty cop's skin and oh, it feels so good to finally do it. He tastes like life magic and untapped potential, and Judal wishes he could keep kissing him all night. Maybe he could tempt him into switching sides. But he feels the vines on his wrists loosen as Hakuryuu's attention falters, so he takes that opportunity instead.

Judal pulls back and tries to imprint Hakuryuu's soft, needy face into his memory before he slips his hands free and puts them on Hakuryuu's shoulders. "Thanks for the kiss, but I gotta run. We should do it again sometime," he says, shoving Hakuryuu out of the shadows and escaping further into them.

He licks his lips, pleased. Now he's almost looking forward to getting caught by Hakuryuu again, if only so he can steal another kiss.