Too Much Sun

Carl cried. He couldn't help it. His skin was uncomfortable. He felt like he couldn't move. Every time he did the pain came back. He was almost itchy. Not quite though, not enough to scratch. But he was cold. Every breeze felt like a blizzard. He shivered under his blanket. He cried. He wanted it to stop.

His mother tried to warn him. His friends tried to warn him. George took him to a water park. They all brought sunscreen. His mom tried to put it on him. Carl refused. He hated the texture of lotion. He hated how it felt. Sunscreen was lotion. It was special lotion but lotion all the same. He didn't want it.

He regretted that decision now. He wished he'd put it on. He was too old for this. He was 16 now. He'd learned to deal with life. He could handle some loud noises. He was getting better with crowds. Lakewood High brought him friends. He'd gotten used to their hugs. He had gotten over so many things. Why not lotion? Why not sunscreen?

Carl cried now for a different reason. He was mad at himself. He wished he wasn't autistic. He was having bad thoughts.

His mom appeared. She heard the changeover. She knew he'd think like that eventually. Setbacks sent him there. Setbacks made him regret.

She told him she loved him. He taught her so many things. His interests were her interests. She never thought they would be. What girl was into models? He took her there. He taught her to open her eyes. He was her role model.

She'd never told him that before. Carl's tears stopped. He sat up. Had he gone so far over a sunburn? He had. His mom rescued him. She was his life preserver. She was his everything. He hugged her.

Tears came to her eyes. He'd never done that before. Her tear hit his bare shoulder. He tensed. She apologized. She brought in some aloe. He hated lotion. He decided to endure. Pleasure filled him. The aloe soothed the burn. He could put on his shirt. He could go to dinner. He smile to his mom. She smiled back. Life was good again.

theme 26-sunburn. theme from darkangelsnapelover's infinite theme list challenge. see her for details.

piece for my "slice of life" series. see our community, Arthur collabs, and our dA group, Arthur-collabs, for more series.