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A week has passed since Mayaka's parent's tragic accident, Satoshi moving in with her and helping her getting through this and also sorting out the funeral things.

Mayaka woke up one early morning before Satoshi, she didn't want to disturb him and she was going to school early, needed to catch up with school work she's missed while she's been off grieving for her parent's death, that is when she bumped into Hotaro.

"Oh my god, are you ok?"

Mayaka suddenly found herself sprawled across the floor. She tried to pick herself up with immense effort but it was no use. She was too stunned to react. Looking around frantically, she saw people walk briskly by. Some stared at her and some stopped to look and then walked quickly away as if they hadn't seen anything.

She then saw a hand shoot out at her. Without thinking she grabbed it and allowed it to pull her back to her feet. She couldn't quite find them and wobbled again but another hand wrapped around her to make sure she didn't meet the pavement again.

"I… I'm so sorry. I literally am an idiot. I saw you running earlier and then I mustn't have been paying attention and got in your way!"

The voice was definitely male but it was lightning fast. She couldn't make out most of it.


She suddenly snapped out of her daze and immediately saw a familiar face yelling at her.

"Hotaro? Oh my… I honestly didn't know that was you!"

"That was a pretty nasty fall! Are you sure you're ok?"

"I'm fine! Just bruised. Nothing is broken!"

He let her stand on her own after being reassured she was ok. Guilty thoughts still pecked at his head.

"Again… I'm so sorry I…"

"Honestly it's ok! It happens!"

Her words calmed him down and a smile slowly spread across his face.

She wasn't smiling.

He couldn't figure out why. Did something happen?

Then he remembered.

"So, uh… what are you doing here?"

"I need to catch up on school work."

"But… you know… your teacher said to take a break until- "

"After the funeral? I know. I'm not in class. I just don't wish to fall behind. When I've caught up I'll take a few days off."

"Oh… cool!"

Something was off. Cogs spun inside Mayaka's head.

"Wait… hang on!"

It hit her.

"Never mind me! What are you doing here?"


He didn't see that coming. He struggled for an answer.

"Oh… well… you know… I was just…"

His face went bright red. To Mayaka, that was the giveaway.

"You're going out with Eru aren't you!"

His eyes widened. Mayaka giggled. He couldn't say anything!

"Relax! I knew for a while! You blush every time you mention her!"

He relaxed a little.

"I guess that explains it. Uh… yes, I do have feelings for her. Like between you and Satoshi… How's that going by the way?"

Mayaka sighed.

"He's been amazing to me. I couldn't ask for anyone else."

"I'm glad."

"Yeah… so thanks for the talk but I really need to go. The sooner I get this stuff done then the sooner I can return home!"

"Oh yes! Sorry for keeping you! Hey if you need any help, we're here for you. Again… sorry about- "

"Stop worrying about it I'm fine! I will see you soon!"

She started to walk away but she couldn't resist the urge to embarrass him one more time. She spun around to face him once more.

"Say hi to Eru for me!" She yelled back at him, giggling.

Hotaro just stared as she walked away. He realised he was still blushing.

Hotaro went to meet up with Eru and Mayaka went to the library to finish her school work.

An hour and 40 minutes later Mayaka finished the work she need and left to go back to Satoshi before school starts, Mayaka managed to get back home and change from her uniform to her Pjs before Satoshi wakes up and started making breakfast, once she was finished she went up stars and woke him up.

"Fuku-chan wake up breakfast is ready" Mayaka said

Satoshi woke up and saw his beautiful girlfriend waiting.

"Ok, ok I'm up" Satoshi said.

Satoshi got out of bed and got dressed in his school uniform, then went downstairs to the kitchen where his girlfriend Mayaka was making breakfast.

"So, what's for breakfast, this morning" Satoshi said siting down at the table

"Egg on toast with a bowl of fresh boiled rice and a glass of orange juice" Mayaka said with a smile

"My favourite breakfast, thank you Mayaka" Satoshi said

"It's not a problem but you better hurry or you will be late for school" Mayaka said

"I'm not so sure I should leave you by yourself, are going to be ok" Satoshi said

"I will be fine, I still got some funeral stuff to do before tomorrow, so don't worry about me today ok" Mayaka said

"Ok, right I better get going see you later ok and if anything happens call me" Satoshi said with a worried look on his face

"Ok I will call you if anything happens, go and have a good day, love you" Mayaka said with a smile that brightens up her face

"Love you too" Satoshi said

And kissed Mayaka on the cheek and left the for school. After Satoshi left for school, Mayaka started to clean the house to keep her busy that is until an unannounced phone call started ringing, she then stopped what she was doing and went to answer the phone.

"Umm…. hello this is Mayaka Ibarra speaking, who is this" said Mayaka

"Hi, Mayaka this is Yamato Kaiymia, we spoken on the phone about a week ago" said Yamato

"Oh, hey Mr Kaiymia, is anything ok, what's up" said Mayaka

"Oh, everything is fine I just wanted to call to see how things are after everything has happened this past week and the plans for tomorrow" said Yamato

"Yes, everything is fine and it's all sorted for tomorrow, are you coming it would be an honour for my parents if you can come" said Mayaka

"Yes, I will be there to honour your parents, see you tomorrow, bye" said Yamato

"Bye mr Kaiymia" said Mayaka

After the call With Mr. Kamiya, Mayaka got back to her cleaning.

At school Satoshi is in his last lesson of the day Maths with Hotaro

"So Hotaro, what's going on with you and Eru, are you official now." Said Satoshi

"Well not just yet, I've not confessed to her yet, I'm waiting for the right time." Said Hotaro

While Satoshi is at school, Mayaka is clean her father's office and came across an old letter addressed to her.

"hum, a letter to me, from Jin Ibara. Who's that" said Mayaka, while opening the letter. It reads;

"My dearest sister, you probably have forgotten me, all these years and not knowing I'm your brother, as I was shunned by our parents for something I'm not going to tell you over a letter, if it's possible I would like to meet up with you but I'm guessing mother and father haven't given this letter. One day I hope we meet again, love always your brother Jin Ibara" read by Mayaka, crying at the reveal of her long-lost brother and a flashback from when she found a picture of a young boy with the same name, but never bothered to ask her parents as they were working.

Then its cut back to the school where Satoshi and Hotaro are.

(Bell ring)

"Class, don't forget to do your homework for next week" said the teacher

Satoshi and Hotaru gathering their things to leave the classroom, outside of their classroom was Eru waiting for Hotaro and Satoshi.

"Hotaro, want to walk together?" said Eru

"yeah I would love to" said Hotaro

"So, what are you guys up too" said Satoshi before he could listen to their answer, he was distracted by a text message from Mayaka.

The message reads; "hey Fuka-chan, could you ask Eru and Hotaro to come over to dinner tonight"

"guys, want to come over to Mayaka's for dinner" said Satoshi

"Yes, I would love to, can we Hotaro" said Eru

"Let's go" said Hotaro

"Ok let me message her back, that we're on her way" said Satoshi

While Mayaka is cooking dinner, she gets a message from Satoshi saying Eru and Hotaro are coming over. Then about 20 minutes she hears the door opening.

"Mayaka I'm home" said Satoshi

"Welcome home Fuka-chan, hi Eru and Hotaro. How are you?" said Mayaka

"We're fine, how are you doing" said Eru

"I'm doing fine, thank you. Oh, and dinner is nearly ready Fuka-chan could you set the table please" said Mayaka

"Yeah sure, no problem" said Satoshi

Later after diner everyone were all sat down in the living room and Satoshi notice something is bothering her.

"Hey Mayaka what's up?" said Satoshi

"Erm well, when I was cleaning my father's office, I found a letter addressed to me saying I've got an older brother and I've got know clue where he is" said Mayaka

"Why don't we find him I will make a call to someone who might help" said Satoshi and wen in the kitchen for a call

While Satoshi is calling someone to help, Mayaka calls Mr Kaiymia

"Hello, who is this please?" said Yamato

"Hi Mr Kaiymia, is Mayaka Ibara, I have a favour to ask, do you know I have a brother?" said Mayaka

"Well yes, but I was told not to speak of him even though he doesn't know about his parents?" said Yamato

Then Satoshi comes back from his call and reveals some good news

"Ok well, got to go. Bye" said Mayaka

"Ok, bye" said Yamato

"Well have some news, I've your brother and he live near the area" said Satoshi

"Well, where is he" said Mayaka

"he lives around the corner from here I'm going to meet him for you" said Satoshi

"Ok don't be too long" said Mayaka

"I won't, I promise" said Satoshi

Satoshi left Mayaka with Hotaro and Eru and met up with her and get the bottom of the thing he got shunned out of the family, as he left the house he follows the directions from the call to meet Jin Ibara and he showed up in a small café where a young man looks like the boy in the picture sat near the window and Satoshi walked towards him.

"Hi, are you Jin Ibara?" said Satoshi

"Yes, I'm Jin and you are?" said Jin

"Oh, I'm Mayaka's boyfriend Satoshi, its nice to meet you. Can I sit down here?" said Satoshi

"Oh, it's nice to meet you too and yeah sure sit down. I bet you want to hear why my parent shunned me when Mayaka was younger" said Jin

"Well, yes if you don't mind of course" said Satoshi

"Well, it started when I got back from university one day and I told them something they didn't except and they decide to kick me out of the family but the would send me a picture of my sister every year so I don't forget my sister" said Jin

"What was is, they didn't except" said Satoshi

"Well, I told them that I'm gay and they didn't want to except it" said Jin

"Is that it, they shouldn't have done that you were being you, anyway your sister is waiting to see you lets go to the house" said Satoshi

Satoshi and Jin left the café and went back to Mayaka's house, when they arrived they saw Mayaka crying as if she remembered something from when she was younger as she stared at her brother.

"I remembered who you are now, why did mother and father shun you out?" said Mayaka

"I came out to them and they didn't like it so they kicked me out of their lives, speaking of them, where are they?" said Jin

"Wait they kicked you out because your gay be that's wrong I don't understand why they would do that, and about where they are. Do you not know what happened?" said Mayaka

"Know what?" said Jin

"Well, a week ago I got a call saying there has been a plane crash and they died, I'm sorry you had to find out like this and also their funeral tomorrow and I'm hoping if you would come for me" said Mayaka

"(crying about their deaths) Sure, anything you need" said Jin. Mayaka and Jin hugged each other and grieve of the loss of their parents.

That night Mayaka's brother stayed the night and when it was morning everyone in that house knew what day it was today.

"Hey, Mayaka are you up, Eru and Horato are here. its nearly time to go" said Satoshi

"Ok, I'm coming down now, (walking down the stairs" said Mayaka

"Everyone ready?" said Satoshi

Everyone nodded and it was time to go to the funeral of Mayaka's and Jin's parents

"We are gathered here today to celebrate the lives of Souta and Sakura Ibara, Parents of Mayaka and Jin, let take a moment of silence (while the coffins are lowed down into their graves)" said pastor Jones.

Later that day everyone from the funeral goes to Mayaka's house for food and drinks, while in the kitchen Mayaka is washing the dishes, when Satoshi comes in to check on her.

"Hey, are you ok?" said Satoshi

"Yes, well I will be, can I ask you something?" said Mayaka

"Yeah sure anything" said Satoshi

"Please don't leave me alone in this world" said Mayaka

"I promise you that will never happen" said Satoshi and they lean in for a warm hug.