BlackLynx17: I'm sorry if you wanted more, but I think this is so perfect I didn't want to add anything that might ruin it or make it seem run on. Thank you so much for reading though and I'm so happy you all liked this story despite the sadness! I hope you continue reading my stories, thank you so much!

*Please read this after you finish the story - if you're wondering about the ending, this is the universe where they finally get it right and end up with each other. I always wanted the universe for them to get it right to be the Fairy Tail universe since it's where the manga takes place and yeah, I didn't think any of you would get it. This time they do get it right and hopefully Hiro will draw the right ending or else I'm going to have to add a new chapter to this story at the end of Fairy Tail writing the correct ending for them!


Lucy blinks softly and looks over at Natsu, raising her eyebrows at him. Natsu is staring at her with wide eyes, his jaw slacking a little bit.

"What is it Natsu? What's with that expression?" She asks titling her head at him.

Natsu reaches out his arms and wraps them around her waist, pulling her in close to his chest. She gasps lightly and stands there stiffly.

"Na-Natsu? What are you doing?" She asks trying to push him away.

"I don't know." He answers placing his chin on her the top of her head.

"Stop it- you're smothering me." Lucy groans trying to push him away.

Natsu finally let go, his blood feeling cold underneath his skin as soon as he did. He started blinking several times over and over again, reaching out for her again. Lucy frowned, thinking he was simply playing with her, and grabbed his hand with a scowl on her face. As she grabs his hand though something... it feels strange. Her anger leaves her inside and all that's left is just... sadness.

"Oh," she whispers lightly holding onto his hand tightly.

"Natsu? Lucy? What's getting into you two?" Happy asks flying back around them.

The couple both flinch back, as if his voice awoken them from their trances. She blushes and he rubs the back of his head, the two of them refusing to look at each other.

"Aye, you guys are weird." Happy chuckles flying ahead of them again.

"You were weird first, I think you spread it to me," Lucy mumbles looking the other way.

"Really? Sorry about that, it's just-... it was like a spirit possessed me or something, I don't know. Maybe I was just hungry? Hahahaha!" Natsu started laughing.

Lucy sighs and rolls her eyes, "I'm glad that weirdness is gone."

"Come on Luce, Happy's going to leave us in the dust if we don't hurry!" Natsu yells grabbing her hand.

Lucy yelps as she's dragged behind him, struggling to keep her footing.

"Natsu! Hold up!" She screams.

She's mad, but she can't help smiling as she keeps up with him. He thinks he imagines her squeeze onto his hand, but he just imagined that he was desperately in love with her and wanted nothing more to kiss and hold her, so that can't be true. It's all in his imagination, or because of their weirdness he suddenly caught. Right now he feels normal, nearly normal, his blood is back to being warm and Lucy-

Natsu peeks behind himself and smiles to himself; Lucy's right where she belongs beside him.