Yep. I'm doing this. I'm actually writing a Naruto harem-story. Why?

Well, for one, I'm a fan of Naruto, and I have no shame in that. Problems aside, I think it did a lot of things right that a LOT of anime - especially Shonen anime tend to get wrong.

Secondly, I have an easy time writing for Naruto. Namely because I've followed the series for (I think) over a decade now and therefor simply no these characters by heart. And as such I can put them into situations pretty easily.

Finally, This series is going to be what I write whenever I have writer's block for Strike Witches Assault, which will still be my main thing. This will be my writers Drain-o, if you will.

Now, as for the characters, I promise the following characters will be involved: Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ayame, Sasuke, Karin, Rock Lee, Kin, Kakashi, Tayuya, Kabuto, and Tenten. Now, do take note I did not reveal what order these characters will appear in, how often they appear, nor how important they are to the plot (yeah, there will be some resemblance of what most people call a story in this… story). I can only promise they will pop up, and I didn't include everyone I plan to use in that list.

Plot-wise, this takes place ~1 year after the Fourth Great Ninja War, and the events of Naruto: The Last will not occur (namely since it doesn't benefit whatever story trying to be told), and we'll be ignoreing the filler unless stated otherwise, even even them some fill will be altered. Also this story will have lemons in later chapters, just saying.

Me and one of my old online friends, NinjaW, are working together on this. This will go on my DeviantART and accounts, and on his .org and Ficwad Accounts. So, with all of that being said, let's get this thing started.

Chapter 0: Plan set in motion (Prolog)

Inside an unfortunately familiar orange building, dark and unsettling laugh fills the air over a subject that was no laughing matter.

"Orochimaru, please tell me you don't still hope to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village." This concerned man was none other than Kabuto himself, showing that aside from so cracked skin was back to his normal self. "There's really only five of us left, and you're in no mode for combat."

Coughing up some blood, Orochimaru laughed a bit more. "Yes, I'm aware of my status and that you're not going to take part this time. But-"

"Okay, yeah, our plan can stand on it's own. I've heard that speech every month for the past year." Kabuto turned away from his reanimated former lordship to face a hallway. "Should I get them? I believe you're running low on time, and you DO want to-"

"Yes, Kabuto, feel free to get 'em." As his former student walked out of the room, the tale pale… freak thought to himself. Those two have made some impressive progress in just a year. It's certainly not enough to defeat Sasuke or even Naruto on their own, but luckily I'm not aiming for an all-out invasion.

"So, what does that old fuck want?"

"Tayuya, must you always swear?"

"Fuck you, Kin"

"Okay. A simple 'yes' would of been enou-"

"Fuck off!"

"Quiet, both of you." Kabuto said as he walked into the room with two women behind him. "It seems their ready. Provided they don't kill each other."

"No matter. They won't squander their second chance of life. Especially with my offer." Kabuto was almost more interested than Kin and Tayuya were. "For you see, should you two ladies get your job done, you're welcome to do as you please." Orochimaru then took a good look at the two girls as those two thought about what he said. Kabuto made changes to the ladies by Orochimaru's own request; Kin had the most changes, as she now looked like a young adult compared to her old child self, being about Sasuke's age now. Wearing an almost skin-tight black jumpsuit, her new assets stood out more (for those who need clarity, their better than Ino's, but just blow Hinata's). Because of her all around growth, her hair now just reached the bottom of her torso. Finally, her headband was the sound headband with a mark through it.

Tayuya, on the other hand, looks remarkably similar to how she used to, her horns were completely gone (along with her curse mark), and she wore a more generic version of her outfit that showed Besides that, she's just like her old self.

"Okay, I think you're ready."

"Damn fucking straight we're ready." Tayuya said with smugness and arrogance while twirling her flute. "My Genjutsu completely shits over whatever I could do in the days of the Sound Four."

Kin pulled out her senbons and bells. "I've become pretty fluent in Genjutsu as well. We could bring down an army if need."

"Which sounds like we're going to need to if the hidden leaf village is going to fall." Tayuya drily added.

"Because of that… I have my doubts that you mission is that." Kabuto ignore the look on the girls that could be summed up as 'what the fuck' to turn his attention to Orochimaru. "What are you really playing at?"

"Hehehe… As spot on as always. You're right, I'm not going to send these two lovely young ladies to do a job that ultimately the God-like Pain could achieve. So, I'd like to ask these vixens to accomplish something more… plausible. For you see, I'd merely like to get back at the one person who truly crushed my original dream… Sasuke Uchiha!"

"That little Uchiha shit?!" Tayuya was starting to get a red as her hair. "OH, GIVE ME A CHANCE, AND I'LL RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!" Kin was wondering why exactly Tayuya was that made.

"Kin, Sasuke isn't why you died-"


"Then hear this, sweetie. Were not going to kill him." Dead silence and confused eyes surrounded Orochimaru as he went on. "Rather, we're going to kill his will to live." Tayuya was acting like a child given the promise of her favorite candy. Kin throughout all of this, was not so pleased. "You see, this world has taken everything away from him. Everything except for his brother, and it is he whom you must assassinate."

"But you told me that the Uchiha clan was dead a year ago." Kin added.

"Yes, but my Kin, you aren't going to be going after an Uchiha. No, you're going after Sasuke's spiritual brother. You mission…"

Tayuya was determined.

Kin was nervous.

Kabuto was blank-faced.

Orochimaru was smirking.

"Is to assassinate Naruto Uzumaki."