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It was a cool, October morning, the trees already started to change colors, pumpkin spice was back at Starbucks, and the holiday many children were waiting for, was just around the corner. It was a time for change, not just for the weather, but for a group of witches and warlocks that reside on this New York coast. A dark hair girl grabbed the last box in the moving truck, a smile crept on to her face. She was happy her friends were finally making this big commitment to buy a house together. Granted she wasn't living with them anymore, but who knows, she may move back with them someday, she just needed to work out some personal issues before she could ever think about that. She went into the house and placed the box of her friend's clothes in their room.

She went downstairs to tell her friends the moving truck was ready to make its second trip into the city to get the rest of their stuff. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw her two friends kissing, she mentally rolled her eyes at them.

"Be back soon, okay," the tall, slender, black hair woman told the light haired built man after they parted from their kiss.

"I'll be back soon babe," he said, as he tucked a loose hair behind her ear. He gave her a peak on the lips and head out the door. "Bye Nyssa," he yelled out to the girl at the bottom of the stairs.

"OW!" the dark hair girl screamed in pain, holding her left cheek.

"Nyssa what's wrong?" her friend ran over to her.

"It hurts so much. You two were so sweet, it gave me cavities," she smirked and crossed her arms. It took the other girl a moment to understand that her friend was joking with her.

"You jerk," the taller girl playfully punched the other girl on her arm. "Come on, help me put up this stuff. I want a nice chunk of it done before Derek comes back." She started caring a box of dishes to the kitchen. Nyssa loved her two friends, and she was happy for them that they loved each other, it just it's been weird for her this past month. It wasn't because she was single and a big part of her time were with her two friends, but everything that happen that past year felt so surreal. She looked down at her phone, half expecting a text from one of three people who she knew that was not going to text her. Maybe that was the reason she felt this way, she lost so much in so little time.

"Actually, I wanted to visit my Aunt Joanna really fast. Remember she's leaving today," she went to grab her wallet.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot," Aria placed the box on the kitchen isle. "I'm coming with you. I like your aunt." She grabbed her keys and started walking out of the front door with her friend. The two girls walked down the street to the younger girl's aunt's house. Nyssa was glad her friends got along with her family. It might had been a bumpy start with some of them, but in the end it all worked out. It would had worked out anyway, Nyssa and Aria had been friends since they were eleven when Nyssa moved to New Orleans with her mother and her twin about ten years ago. The two hit it off instantly and had been thick as thieves since then. They had been through a lot together, divorce, death, boys. Aria use to be a big flirt when they were growing up until she met Derek in New York. He changed her, but in a good way, she was no longer that girl that would flirt with everyone, she was calmer, and committed. Granted when there was party going on, she could be crazy, but she valued her relationship with her boyfriend more and wouldn't do anything she would regret; she has come a long way since high school.

The two past numerous amount of houses decorated with jack-o-lanterns and fake spider webs when they finally reached the Beauchamp house. Nyssa secretly thought her friend bought her house because it was in walking distance of her aunt's house. Nyssa got out her keys and opened the door.

"Hello, anyone here," she called out as she put her keys back in her jean pocket. The two heard footsteps upstairs.

"Hey, I thought you two were coming in later," a beautiful brunette came down the stairs with jeans and a black tee on.

"We said we would be done unpacking later Freya. Get with the program," the taller girl put her hands on her hips and laughed.

"Is your mom here?" Nyssa asked.

"Nope, you just missed her," Freya said as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Dang it. I wanted to see her before she left."

"She'll be back in a few days." The three headed to the kitchen. To be honest, Nyssa was really hungry, the only thing she had that day was a Danish and hot chocolate from Starbucks.

"Yeah, after Halloween," Aria inputted. "I can't believe she won't be here. Isn't Halloween is like a sacred witch holiday?"

"It is, that why she wanted to celebrate it in a traditional Asgardian way. Away from a lot of people who thinks that's weird with other witches and warlocks who celebrate it that way," Nyssa grabbed a banana and peanut butter and made her a sandwich.

"Freya why didn't you go?" Aria asked.

"Because I had enough craziness this past month, I think I'll pass on talking to the dead," she took the milk Nyssa was pouring to go with her sandwich and grabbed a box of cereal.

"What are you going to do for Halloween anyway?" Nyssa took a bite of her sandwich. Aria phone got a text, she grinned like a crazy person, and Nyssa rolled her eyes.

"I don't know yet," she took a bite of her cereal.

"Oh my god, Nys looks who's messaging me," Aria shoved the phone to the other witch. She looked at a name she hasn't seen in forever.

"Is that Summer? Oh my god, I miss that girl," Nyssa smiled.

"Who's Summer?"

"She is one of our friends back in New Orleans. She went to Houston after we graduated high school because she got a full ride scholarship for the college of business. Aria what has it been, three years since we saw her?" Nyssa gave the phone back to her friend.

"I think so. She says she's going to be in New York and wanted to hang out with us on Halloween. I don't know about you girl, but I'm not going back to the city," Aria finished texting back their friend. "It's too crazy over there."

"I know what you mean. Maybe we can do something here," Nyssa went to put her plate in the sink. "Freya do you know anything fun that happens here on Halloween?"

"No not really, I would usually go to the city to go have fun. But I agree with you, I'm not going to the city this year."

"Maybe we can do something here," Nyssa said.

"Hey Freya, doesn't your boyfriend own a mansion?" Aria asked.

"Yeah, "the older witch replied.

"Freya can you ask your boyfriend if we can have a Halloween party at his house. Please you owe Nyssa," Aria threw in that last part, in hope that would persuade her friend's cousin to ask her boyfriend. It would be a perfect place to have a Halloween party, it was huge, beautiful, and Aria believed there was some creepy story about the house that she could tell the guest, she didn't know, Aria did not believe in ghost.

"Don't look at me," Nyssa noticed that her older cousin was looking at her. "This is between you and Aria." She dried her hands on the towel and sat down with the other witches.

"Either way, it could be fun," the dark hair girl said, still trying to sale the idea to Freya. "Think about it, we'll be in a house full of witches."

"I don't think you, me, Nyssa, Kilian, and Ingrid count as a house full of witches."

"No, but Summer is one too," Nyssa said.

"And she always wanted to meet Alex."

"You mean your vampire friend back in New York?" Nyssa asked. She may have not hanged out with the vampires back in the city, but Aria did. It was practically part of her job description. Aria use to work at a modeling agency back in the city. She still work with the agency, but she does more work at home than at the office.

"Yeah, but she's one of the good ones," Aria came around the table to Freya. "Come on Freya, please just ask. Please."

"Okay, okay. I'll ask him," she finally agreed.

"Thank you thank you thank you," Aria gave her a bear hug and ran out the room.

"You know you just create it a monster," Nyssa grabbed her jacket. "She big on parties," she head out the door. Freya shook her head, she was glad she and her cousin could finally have a civil conversation. Granted, it might not have been the same on when she first came to East End, but she was glad they were talking again.

In the deep part of New York City, a woman in her late twenties, early thirties, staring at the wall. Papers, sticky notes, pictures hung on the wall with red thread connecting them in one way or another, as if it was part of a police investigation. However, this woman was not a police officer nor detective. She was far from it if one would look into her past of mischief and mayhem. Especially within the last few months when she kidnap a father and daughter and end up killing the girl's father. Isis wasn't bad, she just wanted to go home. She hated here, she wanted to go back with her family back in Asgard, with her brother; but that would never happen. She felt her brother died, before she left their prisoners to die, when he went to meet an old "friend." Some friend, he was the one that killed him, Isis was glad good old Freddy meet his demised soon after that.

But it wasn't enough for her, she wanted revenge on the Beauchamp family, she wanted her brother. It was because of them her brother was dead, if they weren't selfish and gave them the key to go home, none of this would happen. Isis had been planning this for month, her plan was almost complete; she was just missing one key ingredient. A person with the ability to speak to the dead, when the veil between this world and the spirit world, these witches with this special ability can do more than just talk to the spirits. She have been tracking one of these warlocks. She almost got him a few times, but for some reason or another, he would allude her, but not this time. She needed this weekend, that Saturday was the day the veil was thin and she wouldn't be able to go through with her plan till next year. Soon though, soon, the Beauchamp family will get what is coming to them.

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