Hermione's List

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR. Except the plot (unless I've subconsciously pinched it from someone, in which case credit goes to them). I'm sure you'll all let me know if any mistakes are glaringly obvious. If anyone can let me have more info on Susan Bones, I'd be grateful. Enjoy.

Chapter 1 - The list

Hermione Granger, top student of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sat cross-legged on her bed in the girl's dormitory of Gryffindor house. It was the beginning of her seventh and last year at the school, and she was, as was usual (for her) at the start of each year, making a list.

She made a list every year - "Ten things to do before end of Summer term". She wrote them in a brand new diary her parents gave her each year as she boarded the train on 1st September. It had become a ritual with them, a normality to combat the unreality of the last three years since Voldemort had risen at the end of her forth year.

This year had been different though, Voldemort had been defeated in a final battle just before the summer term had ended. Harry, Ron (she smiled) Dumbledore, McGonegall, Snape, Sirius, Remus, and herself had dealt the final curse (she still shuddered at that) that had destroyed him completely. All the remaining Deatheaters had been rounded up, Sirius was finally cleared and the celebrations had been going on all summer.

Now it was back to the real world; NEWTS were looming, and she had to decide on her list. She brushed the end of the quill across her throat and bit her lip, bent her head again and started to write.

1. Tame hair without the aid of magic.
2. Learn to ride a broom properly without danger of falling off.

These two had been on her list last year, but events (obviously) had overtaken her. It had been a constant source of irritation to her over the summer that she hadn't completed last year's list, and she was determined that this time these two tasks would be completed. She would enlist Harry's help with the broom situation; after all, what was the point of having the best flyer in the school as a best friend if you couldn't ask him a simple favour? She snorted inelegantly. Simple favour? She was well known as a disaster when it came to flying. Even the owls took cover if she came within ten feet of a broom. But this year she was determined, and never let it be said that Hermione Granger was not determined.

The hair was a slightly different matter. It should be easy enough to come up with a stronger version of muggle shampoo and conditioner. She was top of her year in potions, after all. The only difficulty she could see would be to get Snape to allow her to use part of the classroom after hours for her experiments. The other alternative was Myrtle's bathroom. She frowned. Myrtle's bathroom it would be.

3. Help Neville with Snape.

It was beginning to wear a little that Neville Longbottom, disaster extraordinaire, was still a bag of nerves when it came to potions. How many cauldrons had he melted last year? Five, at least. And it was all due to nerves. He was just scared silly of Professor Severus Snape. Granted, he was enough to scare anyone, but this year Hermione had too much to concentrate on to nurse Neville through potions classes. She'd make Neville top priority, starting tomorrow.

4. Get a tattoo

That could wait until the Christmas break, after she was eighteen.

5. Learn to Apparate

Ditto above. She didn't break rules (well, not often, and then not without provocation)

6. Become an Animagi

This would probably take most of the year, and only with extra tuition from Minerva McGonegall. She had already agreed in principal, and they had corresponded over the summer, scheduling the extra lessons.

7. Get highest amount of NEWTS ever.

This should be simple enough for the schools top student, without false modesty.

8. Get Ron to realise that we are not made for each other.

Houston, we have a problem, was an understatement. Since the disaster of fourth year, Viktor Krum, had unleashed Ron's hitherto unknown "dog in the manger" persona, things had been slightly tense between them. Hermione had ignored it (or tried to), but she realised that it may take more that to get it through to Ron's stubborn brain. Hmm, a sledgehammer came to mind. She had also seen his eyes straying in the direction of Susan Bones, who Hermione thought was a perfect match for him.

9. Match up Ron with Susan, and Harry with Ginny.

Easy really. Harry and Ginny had been dancing round each other for the last two years. All they needed was a little push in the right direction. Perhaps she could enlist Ginny's help with the broom situation.....

10. Seduce Severus Snape

Whoa! Where did that come from?!!!!