A/N: I've wanted to write a story where Harry was a vampire for a long time, so I finally sat down and started it now that I have Christmas break ahead of me. It starts rather oddly, but it gets to Harry pretty soon. This story will be slash, Harry/Severus (the best couple in the world! Yay!) Enjoy everyone!


Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay

"All of life is a transformation, a grand alchemy that extends beyond human understanding. Each time knowledge is gained, a transformation occurs in the mind. Thus, we are all alchemists transforming our own minds into gold.

When we understand that everything surrounding us is connected to us, either through touch, light, or energy, we are practicing yet another kind of magic. We are weavers of a great loom that connects us to one another, objects, and ideas. And, as we are all connected, we have no reason to fear our other parts. In fact, we may control them.

Cycles in life are mere transitions. Death is the mother of birth. Birth is the mother of growth. Growth is the mother of death. There are no boundaries, so there is no need to halt for them. Every reality is a continuous loop; we are merely able to choose which way we spin.

The voice of nature speaks in a different language to each of its children. It understands everything in its grasp. It knows the magic of the wizards, the weavers, and even the vampires. All creatures constantly feed it, and in return it gives them life again.

All of this operates on the single concept of balance. Nature is not immune to this. For the ultimate understanding and good, there is the ultimate chaos and evil. It, too, understands all the magic that makes it up, but it has no regard for balance and harmony. It wishes to sway and tempt the loops of balance into discord. It draws creatures into its maw like a ravenous beast from the depths of hell. It is a man thirsting for water but never satisfied in his drink."

All this played like a broken record in Harry's mind. It calmed his racing heart and screaming lungs. It gently took him out of his mind and cradled him above it, safe from the shock ripping through his fragile brain tissue like live wire. He could clearly see his prey. It was twitching and convulsing as his own hands squeezed its throat like overripe fruit. He attacked it in a frenzy, lashing its loins with inch long black claws that punctured the toes of his shoes. His face greedily sapped at the dark blood spurting from his messy slashing. It held a twisted semblance to a toddler getting more food on himself than in his mouth. Harry wanted to cry, but his out-of-body-state left him with no outlet.

Sensing his distress, the calming voice soothed his sadness out of him, gently removing it and continuing to cradle him. From then on, Harry merely watched the scene unfold. His body seemed satisfied after two corpses were mauled and drained of blood. His body took a few stuttering steps backwards, as the claws shrank and the foggy red eyes became a verdant green again.

And then he was gently lowered back into his body. He could feel the dried blood on his skin, and the gaping holes in his shoes and socks. The consumed blood thundered through his veins and pumped his heart. It forced air through his lungs. He felt as though his muscles were taught elastic, ready to spring him forward at any moment. In fact, his entire body was impossibly tense with muscles that simply couldn't be there.

He was a scrawny seventeen year old, not a muscle builder.

But there they were. His chest was defined, his stomach chiseled from stone. Each thigh was still long, but now was padded with heavy musculature. His lanky arms had become impressive; practically humming with the energy that ripped through them.

"You will not always feel this way. It is merely the rush after eating your fill. It will remain with you for an hour or so, and then you will begin to loose your energy and strength. It is a warning you need to feed again." A voice shouted in his ear. He spun wildly, instinctively slashing black claws that seemed to spring out of his hands. The voice laughed at him.

"No, Harry. I am standing outside, quite far from where you are. It will take you awhile before you can control and adjust your hearing. If I spoke to you in the same room I might pop your ear drums."

Harry didn't know what to say, so he remained silent. He was in a small storeroom. It was completely black, but his vision adjusted accordingly, scaring him with the display of his new ability. Scraps of what appeared to be two muggles hung from the ceiling and the walls. Harry wanted to vomit.

"Do not throw up, Harry!" The voice hissed at him angrily, commanding in every letter. Harry dutifully held his stomach.

"You will only loose precious blood, and it is inconvenient to find you more at this time." The voice explained in a calmer tone.

"You may leave the storage room now. Behind you there is a door. Go through it." Harry had to escape the sight of the carnage, so he spun and made to sprint for the door. Before his first foot could fall…he was at the designated door. The voice chuckled again.

"You will find that a vampire is the ultimate escape artist."

Harry decided not to accept what the man was implying, and instead opened the door. It was yet another room in the warehouse, but this room was filled with dangerous looking machinery and black shadows. The ceiling was easily fifty feet high. He waited for further instructions.

"Above you, to your right, there is a window at the top of the wall. Do you see it?"

Harry did. It was small, no more than a yard long and two feet wide. And it was at the top of the fifty-foot wall. He took a deep breath that seemed to shoot to his very toes, and opened his mouth.

"I…I see it." He replied, surprised when his voice was clear and strong, slightly lower than its normal register.

"Yes, of course you do. Jump to it." Harry realized the voice was becoming softer. Whether it was because he had adjusted his hearing or the voice has adjusted his, he didn't know. He only knew one thing.

"You're fucking crazy."

The voice remained silent. Harry angrily crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the window. It was where the voice was coming from. Minuets passed, and finally his resolve broke. He hesitantly approached the wall, tentatively pressing his hand to its jagged, brick surface. He shook his head at the absurdity of it, looked one last time at the window, and crouched down.

He jumped a foot, maybe a little more.

The voice laughed at him. Angrily, Harry kicked the wall.

"You do not remember what I said to you while you fed. A vampire's power comes from his ability to release all his inhibitions. You jump a foot because you think you can only jump a foot. Tear down those mental walls and you can jump to the window." Harry absorbed this, looking at the window dubiously. How was he supposed to tear down his mental walls?

"Think about it, Harry. If you do not put a barrier between yourself and the window, you have nothing to jump over. You need to escape those rotting corpses. There are large rats in that warehouse, rats the size of your arm. They are rousing because of your noise. They will not hesitate to attack you. Escape them, Harry. You are a vampire! A jump like this is mere sport for you. Now jump, and mean it!" The voice commanded again. Harry heard a scraping sound suddenly come at his back. His vision clicked into place and there were more rats than he'd ever seen creeping towards him. Their beady eyes glowed red in the darkness, yellow teeth glistening. A shot of fear that did not feel like it was his own made him take a step back, and he instinctively ran towards the wall. Barely conscious of his own actions, he put a foot on the wall and then another.

Soon he was grasping at the window ledge, flinging it open with the force of his need to escape. He wiggled his torso through it and finally collapsed on the grass outside. He'd never been so grateful in all his life to see stars above him.

"Hello, my little prince. It has been a long time since I've seen you." The voice said, filled with an emotion Harry had never had directed at him. He stood gracefully, it seemed his new body was incapable of awkwardness, and met the face of the voice.

His breath caught in his throat. A regal man stood in front of him, every ounce of him screaming importance. His wild gray hair was peppery with black, his eyes a friendly brown. Harry felt like he was looking into a mirror and seeing himself thirty years in the future.

"You…you look…"

"Like you?" The man finished with a smile revealing straight white teeth. Harry nodded dumbly. "The resemblance is understandable. I am a Potter as well." Harry felt his jaw drop a bit.

"But you can't be. My family is all gone. Even…even my aunt and uncle, and my cousin. There's no one left except me." He protested weakly, having trouble denying the obvious proof to the contrary in front of his eyes.

"I'm your grandfather, Harry. And, after sixteen years, I have come to claim you as my own, and re-awaken your vampire blood. Tonight is a special night for you. It is your awakening, yes, but more importantly, we have both found each other again. Come, it is late and we should get home." His claimed Grandfather said, placing a strong hand on his shoulder.

And it hit him. Images of his father as an infant, growing and learning. His father was always in the company of a pretty woman with soft black hair and loving eyes. He saw James Potter the day he got his acceptance letter, jumping up and down in happiness and hugging his mother…hugging his father. It was the same man that now had his hand on Harry's shoulder. The memories sped up. There were wonderful Christmas celebrations in a beautiful mansion. He saw the day that his father introduced Lily to his grandparents, felt their pride and love for Lily and James.

And then the memories darkened. The mansion was being burned! The woman with the black hair and loving eyes, his grandmother, was still inside. He could hear her screams, but he couldn't get to her. He couldn't move at all. There was blackness for a few seconds, and then the scene changed. He was hunting, using powers Harry had never even imagined. Other vampires were bowing to him, asking him to make important decisions. It continued in a whirl of memory and emotion, until it came to a screeching halt.

He was looking through a window in a familiar little house. His mother was inside, holding himself as a little baby. She cooed at him, playing with his little hands. His father entered the room and kissed his mother on the top of her head, wrapping his arms around her and smiling at the baby. His father turned and looked at him staring through the window, his expression suddenly clouding with fury. He pulled out his wand, rushing in front of Lilly and the baby, but by the time he shouted the spell, he was gone from the window.

With a jolt he was back in his own body again.

"Come Harry, we have much to talk about."


A/N: Crazy huh? Well it'll get even stranger. Next chapter is for explanations. Further more, Harry finds out that he's pretty well respected in the vampire world, in fact…he's considered royalty.

And even better, he has complete dominance over a certain subject that we all know and love…

I pity Sevvie already.

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